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Aaron Lupuloff Is Happy To Induct New Hall Of Fame Members


The executive director of Gwinnett County Public Schools, Aaron Lupuloff, was excited to be able to induct more students into their Hall of Fame. In total, 6 students were inducted by Nick Saban, Alabama football coach, on May 1st. During this induction, several inspiring speeches were made including one by a young man with Down’s Syndrome named David Saville. He recently graduated from Clemson University and is able to keep a surprisingly positive view on life despite the challenges that he has had to face. The young man has had a very positive impact on his community and has shown the world that the only disability one can truly have is a bad attitude towards life.


Aaron Lupuloff was excited about the attention that the Hall of Fame induction garnered as they were also able to raise a considerable amount of money for the school district. As the Senior Executive Director for the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, Lupuloff has a lot of responsibility and takes his position very seriously. It can sometimes be difficult to switch to new leadership in an organization, but the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation was able to avoid these problems when he stepped into the role. The foundation aims to be able to alleviate some of the inequities between the students based on income in order to offer more opportunities for their futures. The school district is known for their many enriching programs along with their athletics, diversity, and academics.


Fundraising is important for any public school and Aaron Lupuloff states that Gwinnett County is no different. Much of their fundraising is done through sporting events and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony was another great example of that. Aaron Lupuloff was excited to see David Saville be inducted into the Hall of Fame as he is seen as a great person and friend to himself and the rest of the community. While he may have Down’s Syndrome, Aaron Lupuloff states that the real special thing about David Saville is that he is such a hard worker who enjoys being able to help others in his community achieve their own goals. To know more about Aaron visit




“Marc Beer: Renovias Work On Solving Pelvic Floor Disorder In Women “

The development of modern medicine in the 21st century can greatly contribute to better and more effective treating of many diseases. However, what’s is equally important for all diseases is – to be discovered in time. At a time when technology contributes to medicine and healthcare, it is easier to respond better to all the health challenges than it was before. This fact is of major importance, especially if we keep in mind the rising number of malignant cancer or related diseases. Today, modern methods in diagnostics have become the standard and medical services in this domain are far more accessible than they were before. In terms of technological and medical innovations, the last decade has made a big step forward, so today some diseases are treated almost routinely.

In spite of the fact that we live in an era of information, we can not be proud of great knowledge in certain areas. It can even be said that, in some issues, we are still very poorly informed. One of these topics is the problem of pelvic floor disease in women.

For this exact reason, education on these issues is a topic of great magnitude.

The Significant Work Of Renovia Inc.
The company Renovia Inc., headed by Marc Beer CEO, has focused its efforts on solving problems related to pelvic floor disorders in women.

The company located in Boston deals with medical and technological development and has recently been working intensively on developing diagnostic performances. Their focus is on therapeutic improvement in cases of urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders. This disorder that can lead to serious health complications, affects more than 250 million women around the globe.

Partners And Investors Of Renovia In A Joint Mission
The first pioneering venture of Renovia was the LEVA device – approved officially in 2018 by the

FDA. After this major breakthrough in the market, Renovia became interesting to investors. Especially to those who are entering the domain of health care issues. One of such investors – Longwood Fund – has joined forces with two other companies: Ascension Ventures from Missouri and Perceptive Advisors from New York. Four new diagnostic devices will be technologically improved and invested in. That also includes the development of the new generation of LEVA devices.

Showing great satisfaction, Marc Beer the CEO of Renovia believes that this type of cooperation is of great importance primarily for the future benefit of the patients. As Beer claims, the investors share the same enthusiasm and vision as Renovia. They hope that together they will succeed in their mission – to make life easier for women who are suffering from this disease.

The joint research of Renovia and its partners is focused on the development and merging of innovative sensory technology and a new digital health platform. This combination will greatly help in the disease treatment, but also in understanding the pelvic floor disorder in women and thereby relieve the disorders caused by this disorder.

Nevertheless, the Renovia has not yet officially announced the new line of products for this purpose but is keeping that as a secret until the promotion. It remains for us to wait and see the results of joint work and investment. Learn more: