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Lawrence Bender – Leader in Entertainment Industry and Philanthropic Community

Lawrence Bender is a 3-time Academy Award recipient of Best Picture Film and nominee of 29 more Academy Awards. His experience spans more than 20+ years producing classic films and collaboration with Quentin Tarantino.

Bender attended the University of Maine where he focused his studies in Civil Engineering. While attending UMaine he discovered his passion for the arts through dance classes at college. Upon graduating, Bender moved to Hollywood to pursue a dancing career. After experiencing an injury, Bender’s career move path geared him towards acting and he ultimately became the successful executive film producer he is today.

Lawrence Bender is credited (as cited on Tv Guide) for being the executive producer of 9 films, producing 21 films, being a guest on 3 TV shows, and acting as a cameo in 9 of his films. My favorite thing to learn about Lawrence Bender is that he plays a small role in the movies he produces, including Lionheart, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, and more.

Out of Bender’s films, my personal favorite is Pulp Fiction. A classic film, the iconic movie poster is a popular entertainment icon featured in later films and TV. The partnership with Quentin Tarantino proves successful with the film being nominated for 7 Oscars and receiving multiple awards for, paving the popularity of independent films. Pulp Fiction today has been considered a cultural iconic film, even being chosen to be preserved for the US National Film Registry held by the Library of Congress.

Beyond Hollywood, Lawrence Bender is also an active member in the philanthropic community. He is a social and political activist that serves as a board member for numerous organizations. He has been recognized and awarded for his contributions to society and continues to remain actively involved with forums and speaking for causes he is passionate about.

More information on Lawrence Bender can be found on his LinkedIn, Instagram, and Alma Mater’s website.

Alex Pall: Upcoming Artist in Music Industry

A few days ago, the “Chainsmokers” band released their long-awaited track called “Closer” which also features an all-time star, Halsey. The current song features Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart doing one-half duo singing. The band explains that they have personalized their brand music, which is unlike other artists who entirely relies on the songwriters to add some taste to their songs. Alex Pall and his colleague are determined to ensure that they are true artists combine their feelings and thoughts from their point and not the crafters of the faceless beats. Alex Pall and his friend are dedicated to reveal themselves to their fans and not remain behind the studios. There are incorporating intimacy in their music while trying to build their original brand and identity.

Through an interview, Alex Pall discloses their journey as well as how they would wish to grow an audience. He narrates that his encounter with Taggart was through his manager in music. Initially, Alex was a deejay in the New York City. He was very passionate about it as well as considering it as a side job. In the process, he began getting engaged in dance music that he found more fulfilling and thrilling. He wanted to settle for it majorly, and that is when he found the company of Taggart through his manager then. That is how they began working together. The meeting is one issue and working together was another matter. It did not take them a hard time trying to establish if they could work together as colleagues. What they did is that they brought everything on the table to find out what each of them was good at regarding music. They continued to air their visions and ambitions, and as they chatted, Alex Pall realized that they cliqued with each other. They had similar aspirations. Taggart was talented in producing while Alex was excellent at deejaying and marketing. This is how the collaboration that has birthed one of the most excellent bands was formed. Today, they have bigger visions and ambitions. To their surprise, they have accomplished more than they dreamt and this makes them more energized.