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Nitin Khanna Keeps “Executing the Plan”and Achieves Major Success

Nitin Khanna is an enigmatic business figure in Portland, Oregon having successful ventures from many industries including film, wine, and cannabis.

Khanna was born and raised in Himachal India, a small Indian village by a family of entrepreneurs. In his childhood, Nitin Khanna was able to see businesses where he observed and developed his business philosophies that lead to his success today. Khanna attended one of India’s best boarding schools the Lawrence School, which has the motto, “Never Give In” that still inspires him today.

For college, Nitin Khanna came to the US and attended Purdue University getting engineering degrees and only a few years later founded his first company called Saber Software. This company was one of his first major successes selling for $470 million back in 2007.

After this initial success, Khanna founded the M&A firm Mergertech and later became CEO of Cura Cannabis, which became one of the largest producers of cannabis oil.

Nitin Khanna believes in having passions outside of work to maintain a work/life balance. Khanna completely merged himself in entrepreneurship by being on several boards for projects like non-profit TiE Oregon. Nitin Khanna’s statement on Oregon has been, “to help as many startups as he can.” He hopes to be someone to look up to and create an atmosphere of growth for the community. He also continues to support local non-profit organizations.

Khanna is someone to look up to with his eclectic business ventures making him a cultural figure in the business world. He focuses on execution rather than ideas, and says his success comes from “executing the plan”. Khanna is a hard worker with a wide range of unique entrepreneurial pursuits, he’s had involvement with both film and wine and even owned a Portland nightclub where he was a DJ.

His ventures in the wine industry have lead to making the labels Four Handle and Pinot Noir. His involvement with wine doesn’t end there, he is also on the Board of Classic Wines Auction, a charity with annual dinner party he hosts and continues to be involved with many prominent wine events.

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Peter Harris Partnerships For Growth

Regional insurer CBL has sold 8.5% of its issued capital, 20 million shares, in an effort to increase its share market liquidity. The shares were discounted 11% from Tuesday’s AU$3.35 and offloaded at just AU$3.00 per share.

The managing director of CBL, Peter Harris, sold five million shares. Alistair Hutchinson, CBL’s deputy chairman, sold 5.4 million shares. The 9.6 million additional shares sold by senior management brought the total amount that was generated to $65 million.

A number of investors from Australia and New Zealand made the purchases after the shares had bee released from escrow. This was shortly after the company’s 2016 fiscal year results were announced in February of 2017.

Peter Harris, who served as the Managing Director and CEO of CBL lead an international team. The team provided reinsurance and specialty insurance based on financial risk and credit within the contracting, building, and construction industries. He has expressed that the key to growth within international markets is building quality partnerships. By building strong partnerships with world-renowned distributors who were experts in their fields, Harris elevated CBL to an international level.

As the developer of a successful growth strategy that made CBL an international corporation, Peter Harris took CBL from just two Auckland employees to more than 550 in 25 countries.

He lead the company through its listing on both the NSX and AASX. In terms of annual GWP, Harris oversaw the growth of CBL to morph into the largest insurance company owned by New Zealand. Under his tenure, the company achieved an A investment grade rating and a positive outlook for financial strength from AM.

Peter Harris began as a manufacturing executive and investment banker prior to CBL. He moved into finance in 1989. The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority and the Central Bank of Ireland recognize Peter Harris as an “Authorised Person”.


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TigerSwan Gives Military Officials a New Career

The world of business is a place that is open to anyone of any background. When it comes to success, the only thing standing in the way is a personal drive to push forward. James Reese entered the business industry in 2007 upon leaving a 25 year service in the military. As a Lt. Colonel, the lives of his teammates and the reputation of his country was always on the line. He believes that his abilities as a good listener and leader made him a natural born company CEO. The website for TigerSwan recently published a blog post about how James Reese evolved during his career.

James Reese believes the biggest difference between being a commander and a CEO are the expectations of those who serve underneath you. Instead of being in a life or death environment, the employees want to have long-term security. TigerSwan boasts an operation spanning numerous countries with over 300 employees in the system. The company is labeled as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), where disabled military workers come to gain work experience. It creates a group space where each person is there for the same and can relate to each other on a personal level.

The skills for becoming a military commander are simple, while running a business like TigerSwan requires overcoming a high level learning curve. James Reese never imagined the amount of technical knowledge it would take to run a business. TigerSwan overseas a lot of operations and many moving parts. He had to learn about managing a budget, determining price tags, and taking into account the individual skills of each person under his wing. The recruitment and advancement process is more fluid at businesses like TigerSwan

TigerSwan is proud to have a diverse workforce where anyone from anywhere can get the skills they need to get back on their feet. The company has people from the community and other local officials passing through the office on a daily basis. The result is a business is focused on the future and bringing the TigerSwan name to more places around the world.

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Dick DeVos Helped Put A Stop To A Plan That Would Have Been Very Bad For The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is a hard working entrepreneur who has accomplished quite a bit during his life. In the past, he served with Amway as its CEO for close to a decade, and he is now working with the Windquest Group. DeVos is the man who was responsible for a law getting passed in Michigan that has helped to cover the tuition fees of charter schools for low-income families in need. He also helped to pass a law that changed Michigan from a state where a person was required to be a part of a union to secure employment to a right-to-work state where anyone can get a job.


During the 1990s, Dick DeVos helped to put a stop to a bad plan that was being considered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The plan would see a multi-use convention and sports arena built north of the city’s downtown area. DeVos, who just about to become the chief executive officer of Amway, decided to do something about it. He was concerned that building the arena and convention center would be just as bad for the city as a similar event had been bad for Detroit during the 1970s. Detroit had built its own sports arena for its sports teams, but the Pistons and Lions ended up vacating the city after the arena was constructed. This left the city with a huge empty arena but no sports teams to entertain fans.


Dick DeVos didn’t just put a stop to the building of the arena and convention center, he made a move that has continued to help the city since. He got together with a bunch of business leaders from the region who cared deeply about the well being of Grand Rapids. This group has come to be known as Grand Action, and they have helped to construct many important buildings in the city including the DeVos Place Convention Center, Van Andel Arena, and the medical school at Michigan State University. Grand Action continues to work for the best interests of Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos has also helped to improve the educational sector in Grand Rapids. His love for aviation motivated him to build The West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school started out in a little office inside of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport but is now in its own building. In the beginning, there were just 80 students attending the school, but there are now hundreds of young students who are fulfilling their dreams there.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, and he has always done his best to help improve the city. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration while attending Northwood University. Today, he continues to do everything in his power to make life easier for his favorite city and the state of Michigan.


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James Reese: Vowing to Protect the Public From Security Threats Through TigerSwan

Individuals who are identified with the military are having issues going back to their civilian life. They could not adjust easily, and they are facing different challenges attributed to their military service. However, one man – James Reese – managed to break through all of the problems associated with e-military forces and established a business for him to manage. Based in North Carolina, TigerSwan is becoming one of the fastest-growing firms that offer security services. The company recently expanded overseas, providing security services in an international level. James Reese stated that the reason why he established his company is because he wanted to be an example for service-disabled veterans that there is still life after the military.

James Reese served the United States military for twenty-five years. He also learned different skills and abilities while still in the military, and he was able to use it outside by providing security services to anyone who might need it. His training at the military allowed him to become a commander, and he is using the skills effectively. By creating a business that focuses on providing security to their clients, TigerSwan started to receive more clients, especially with the global security threat increasing day after day. Most of the attacks that are being carried out in the West are making the people feel less secure, and companies like TigerSwan provides a sense of security for those who are living in these areas. James Reese stated that their company is ready to respond whenever a threat to security has been identified, and they have a lot of resources that they can uses to protect the people.

TigerSwan, under the leadership of James Reese, has grown drastically over the years, and today, they are doing their best to inform the public about their existence and the services that they provide. The company is also growing in terms of employment, and as of 2019, TigerSwan have around 300 individuals working under different roles. There are ex-military personnel, people who worked in law enforcement, and civilians who are working together to achieve a common goal – to protect the public from different threats on a global scale.

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Work in the Orthopaedics Unit

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, the Director of Orthopaedic at Bronxcare Health System, has accomplished a lot, has an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ira has specialized in carrying out joint replacement procedure using minimally invasive approaches. As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ira has contributed a lot to the medical field, including inventing new equipment for use in joint procedures. The new devices make joint surgeries more effective and faster. Dr. Ira is a member of several orthopedic groups; these groups include American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, The Orthopaedics Research Society among others. Apart from being a medical surgeon, Dr. Ira is an author of works of literature on process management and process re-engineering in the medical field.

Research has shown that in recent years, there has been an increase in joint replacement surgeries. Currently, more individuals in the United States are having joint issues. The age at which occurrences of joint problems have been noted has decreased from 66 to 65 years. In the medical field, this is a massive decrease and indicated poor overall health of many individuals. The average age of occurrences of other joint-related issues has also decreased; therefore, an increase in the number of people with joint-related problems. For example, currently, people undergoing knee surgery are aged 66 years and above, which is a massive decrease from the previous 68 years.

In an era where most American’s are making excellent use of the sixties; the current decrease in health presents a crucial problem. As a medical expert, it is essential to note that not all joint issues require surgery. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum examines his patients extensively before recommending they undergo surgery. For Dr. Ira, some joint problems can get rectified with the right amount of exercise and the right dietary plans. Exercise and great meals can also assist an individual heal after a joint replacement procedure.

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Betsy DeVos Paves Way for School Choice

The name Betsy DeVos has become synonymous with school choice. While you might speculate that this is because of her new position as the U.S. Secretary of Education, she was a force to be reckoned with in this field for decades before that appointment. In terms of attacking this issue from all angles, there is simply no more motivated or experienced force than DeVos in all of the U.S. She has spent years developing a strategic plan for spreading the word about the need for school choice in overhauling the U.S. public education system.


According to DeVos, the lack of choice and way for parents to hold schools accountable for the quality of education received by their children are serious issues with our current system. School choice is the answer to this challenge because it allows the most motivated and interested students to pursue better educational options outside of the zones where they would traditionally be slated to attend public school. Offering families vouchers and tax credits to send their kids to schools that may be located outside their zip codes helps to bring economic and ethnic diversity to schools that would otherwise only be serving upper-class White children. DeVos has been incredibly vocal about the missed opportunities within the U.S. education system to provide children with a diverse and proactive learning environment by clinging to zip codes as the only way that children are sent to public schools.


What put DeVos in an elevated bracket from other activists pushing for school choice is that she saw the need to change public policy. Instead of simply fundraising and donating to schools that she believed could make a difference for all children, DeVos worked with political strategists to form advocacy groups with the purpose of informing the public and legislators about the need to disrupt the current system. The political experience that her family gained when her husband, Dick DeVos, ran for governor of Michigan years ago came in handy in assembling some of the most well-funded and organized political coalitions in Washington, D.C. to support charter schools and school choice.


Now that she serves as U.S. Education Secretary, DeVos speaks out frequently on the need to hold schools and administrators accountable for results in improving test scores and reading levels for students across the country. She sees that as much more than simply rolling out additional standardized tests. DeVos knows that by rewarding the most high-achieving schools, the government will encourage other schools across the U.S. to devote more time and energy to effective learning strategies for helping their students achieve on tests and beyond. She does not want to see U.S. students lose their competitive edge in the world.


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Academy of Art University: Redefining Productivity and Professionalism in the Tech World

In an article by the New York Times, the introduction of AI into the art world of arts has revolutionized how professionals and the corporate world view creative arts. The growth of this vital economy is a product of the Academy of Art University and other few institutes — that continues to inject creativity and professionalism into this sector. According to the management of this institute, investment in this industry is key.

In their YouTube channel, it is clear that the Academy of Art University’s approach to arts and teaching arts is unmatched. For example, they are the first entity in the world of arts to invest in a fully equipped AI department. The investment signifies their commitment in ensuring that students have the best interaction with the thriving arts scene. The other reason for this kind of investment is to give students value for money.

All the videos from their channel also signify their commitment to futurist teaching in these important areas. Academy of Art University is, without a doubt, the first entity to invest in a student-centered system. The system has enabled the entity to redefine the traditional teaching and instead, encourage students to shape their careers — through well-thought projects and more importantly create realistic solutions to different challenges in the tech and arts scene.

Due to this effective approach to learning and research, graduates from this institute have assisted major tech companies in improving their operations. In a recent report on the Apple employees, a significant percentage is from the Academy of Art University. Graduates from this entity are also in other tech companies in different capacities. The main goal of the Academy of Art University, according to the management, is to assist the tech entities in reducing operational costs — through improved productivity and professionalism.

The entity is also one of the oldest arts’ teaching schools in the world. Their experience in this market has assisted them in creating better curriculum — and in accordance with the demands of the global markets. Their experience has also assisted them to merge the traditional arts with new and better technology. For example, the Academy of Art University helps students to merge creative drawing with technology.

OCC Receives Astronomical Donation

Orange Coast College was first founded in 1947 as a two-year school awarding arts and sciences degrees to students who could move on to a four-year university.The 25,000 lucky students who attended OCC in 2016 were located by the beautiful beaches of California.

This two-year college has many famous graduates who have gone on to be successful actors and athletes. It’s unique location, amidst the social buzz of California, and the serene calm of the ocean makes it a perfect start for any student.

The two-year college offers many of the same experiences that four-year universities do. This includes a nationally renowned rowing team, a newly constructed technology and library center This cozy yet progressive college will suit the needs of many of today’s 21st-century students.

Glassdoor that reveals Orange County College is also filled with a lot of heart. A retired professor from OCC recently donated 1 million dollars to her beloved college. Mary McChesney’s donation will go towards OCC’s Planetarium to fund a Foucault pendulum.

This pendulum will be the only Foucault pendulum in Orange County. This generous donation will help to bring more science and enlightenment to the college and surrounding area.

McChesney’s donation is in honor of her late partner. McChesney’s love and dedication to education compelled her to make the 1 million dollar donation. The 91-year-old philanthropist taught English at OCC for 33 years before welcoming retirement.

The impressive new planetarium will seat 94 more people than the old planetarium and include an exhibit hall and NOAA display globe. This impressive addition will serve students from public schools as a fascinating destination.

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