U.S. Money Reserve Is Thriving With Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service

U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. wants consumers to buy with confidence when they make a gold purchase. Hundreds of thousands of customers have already placed one or more orders with the Reserve over the last 10 years.

With its award-winning marketing in place, the company reaches many new and repeat shoppers across the country every day.

When they call in, these customers can expect to receive an exceptional level of service. Angela Koch, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, goes to great lengths to reach this goal. She ensures that the customer experience is positive and informative every time the phone rings.

The company is a national online retail source for precious metal coins. The U.S. government minted coins are available in gold, platinum or silver.

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There are individual coins, coin sets and limited edition sets. U.S. Money Reserve offers a gold buying kit for new customers who want to learn more about buying precious metals.

The kit is free for the asking on the firm’s website. Customers who call in will be greeted by a knowledgeable, friendly representative. Training is extremely important to Angela Koch. Employees at U.S. Money Reserve receive extensive industry training, so that they are fully prepared to assist their customers.

Angela Koch believes that investing the necessary time and money for the purpose of training will more than pay for itself in ROI. It is her goal that the staff learn and understand the importance of building a relationship with a customer. They accomplish this in a number of ways that help to put the caller at ease.

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They learn the art of conversational skills such as asking questions to better get to know their potential customers in a highly professional manner. They are earning the trust of the customers, and ultimately the customer is getting closer to making an educated decision.

Angela Koch is the first female CEO in this industry, and she has brought her own leadership style to the organization. She did not finish college and came into the workforce after marrying and having a child. It was her determination and a great deal of on-the-job training that forged her ahead in her career.

Angela Koch took a series of jobs that taught her what it takes to build business and drive sales, and she is applying her proven theory each day at U.S. Money Reserve. She oversees all facets of the firm’s operations.

The organization is one of the largest distributors in the retail precious metal market. The corporate headquarters of U.S. Money Reserve is in Austin, Texas.

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