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LocationSmart: The LaaS Provider That Is Changing Cloud Location Computing

LocationSmart is a LaaS company.

LaaS stands for location as a service. It has become one of the top location as a service companies in the world. Being as massive as they are, they have chosen to expand their reach and technologies into Canda.

LocatinonSmart has a specific carrier network that will expand into Canad. They also will be pushing their other technologies that include short message service and consent management. Geo contextual services will also be apart of this expansion. Ninety percent of subscribers in Canda will have access to this platform.

LocationSmart knows this expansion will pay off major in the end for the company. Canada has a large network of locations and SMS services. The company wants to tap into how many wireless carriers there are that offer all of these services.

The company will have to get consent from people using their service to collect data. Once they get consent they will be able to track mobile devices quickly and will be able to do all of this without any software or applications for the subscriber to download. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

LocationSmart has created their platform with specific features that offer supreme security and privacy controls. Subscribers can rest assured they will be safe when using this location service. LocationSmart platform can be used on devices like feature phone, tablets, smartphone and M2M/IoT.

The platform allows for locations to be accessed in real time with no lag. Many people and businesses will benefit from subscribing to the service. Workforce manage, roadside assistance, gaming compliance and toll free call routing are all features a person or business can do with this platform.

The CEO of LocationSmart is happy to know this expansion is taking place. This expansion allows the company’s services to benefit more people. Mre doors of ample opportunities will be available to customers as they allow this service to do more for the country of Canada. Mobile users will benefit greatly by having so much location and privacy services for personal and professional reasons. Expanding is setting the tone for LocationSmart as they step into the stage of becoming a global company.

LocationSmart has become a leader in a short period of time for creating services that allow devices to connect. As a cloud location service provider, they are able to connect devices through a cross carrier system and create applications that are context aware.

They serve individuals, small businesses, young startups and even Fortune 500 companies. They hope to bring innovation to how cloud location is conducted in many countries around the world.

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LocationSmart Appoints AND as It Regent for Location-Based Services

LocationSmart is a technology-based company that allows you to have applications on mobile devices that give you real-time locations while using major wireless service providers in the United States of America such as Verizon, Sprint and T- mobile among many others.

LocationSmart has recently announced that it has entered into a pact with AND, as they aim to make use of their digital world map shoreline along with its international administrative boundaries.

This opinion comes at a time; LocationSmart is on a strategic move to expand its Application Programming Interface (APIs). Even as businesses are working towards expanding geographically, these APIs will help them get location ion their devices of their products in and out a given boundary.

Development of these applications and software will conform to international standards and boundary policies. For efficacy, each device will be fitted with up to date Compliance check — the company projects to have made customer within the first quarter of 2018.

Hugo Van Der Linde, the Chief Executive Officer AND, in his statement during the grand partnership announcement, expressed his gratitude in working with LocationSmart. He said that the latter had been a desirable company that has set the bar high in cloud location services provision globally. The partnership goes a long way to prove that we indeed are offering top-notch mapping products that are relevant to the market today. Read more: LocationSmart | Owler and LocationSmart | Wikipedia

Mario Proietti, LocationSmart CEO, said that the pact would enable the company to make use of AND’s tech acumen in data delivery and management. He explained how the company takes pleasure in providing quality services to their clients that have met the compliance and verification thresholds.

Similarly, he applauded AND for leading in the development of worldwide digital maps and location-based services. AND, an application development company, based in Capelle Aan den Ijssel, Netherlands has made inventions in location intelligence and device automation. It has subsidiary operations in over 200 countries globally offering databased solutions.

About LocationSmart

LocationSmart is a location-as-a-service (LaaS) based company in California. It provides cloud-based and privacy protected applications connect to devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Ideally, it uses various methods to get real-time locations on the device such as Wi-Fi, IP address, landline, SDK, browser location, cellular network location and the global site identification. It is the Fortune 500 companies’ leading supplier of location services among other reputable organizations it sells its products to.

LocationSmart was founded in 1995 as TechnoCom Corporation, the parent company in Los Angeles. This company experienced exponential growth in the wake of technological revolution. In 2012 it rebranded to LocationSmart and moved its headquarter offices to Carlsbad, California. It was founded by Mario Proietti, the current CEO and Massoud Motamedi.

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LocationSmart, Location Services Provider

LocationSmart is a cloud location service Company. The company is worldwide and an overall leader in the market. The sole purpose of the company is to diversify and bring a difference in the way companies conduct business.

The company brings to the table various privacy consent methods for users to adopt among provision of cybersecurity as well as efficiency in operations.

The company boasts of asset tracking such as the capability of finding devices precisely anywhere on earth, protecting valuable assets and also the determination of location when roaming both domestically as well as internationally.

The company has various objectives to meet with its prime focus being to provide world-class services to its customers hence conduct audits to facilitate the meeting of the set objectives.

In November 2018, LocationSmart announced its expansion of platform services. The expansion was expected to be achieved in Canada. The platform services would include short message services, among others, such as consent management. With the expansion of the services, there would be an addition of over 85% of the mobile subscribers in Canada.

Currently, there is the availability of various services such as SMS and network location in Canada for most if not all wireless carriers. Through the consent from Canadian subscribers, it would be easy to identify, locate and track mobile devices without having to rely upon installing soft wares or even downloading applications. This would be done in real-time. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

With the newly expanded platform, there would be security and privacy assurance for the location information by the consent management. Devices that can be located include all that have a cellular network connection. The service would increase the efficiency of operation, and customers’ satisfaction would also be met by giving them a whole new and better experience.

Real-time access to information concerning location is vital. This is important for various uses such as tracking of assets and loads as well as management of work and workers, among others. In a statement by LocationSmart’s Chief Executive Officer, Mario Proietti, he said that the expansion of their services would provide a way for the increase in more opportunities for their customers.

He also added that more beneficial services would be provided for mobile users currently in Canada. In the statement, he went ahead to say that the company would be able to assist their customers better due to the ability of exploration of markets and further better relationships in business.

A beta program by LocationSmart was successfully established and completed in early 2018, and the company has managed to establish several businesses in various industries leading to the utilization of services available in the country.

However, it is evident that through the establishment of the new platform, subscribers have already started using the location services offered to mobile network while others are still in the process of getting absorbed.

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