Grump’s and its History


The iconic Gump’s was originally founded back in 1860 by a set of brothers named Solomon and Gustave Gump (hints the name of the company.) The brothers started the company as a simple mirror and frame shop, they never thought that over the decades it could morph into something much more ornate and grander.

Upon following the California Gold Rush, Grump’s went into selling art in order to capitalize on some new opportunities. This would be the start of the companies continued innovation. The original location of Gump’s burned down in 1906 and the company was forced to relocate to Union Square. While yes this was very unfortunate, there were some new growth plans that were to take place from the ashes of the San Francisco fires.

Grump’s had sent several buyers to the far east to gather all kinds of luxury oriental pieces like art, upholstery, silk, furnishings, and even jewelry. They carry top-quality luxury brands including Hermes and Buccellati. After decades the company was able to gain its fame as one of the biggest exotic oriental gift suppliers. To make things even better they were not only located in the west but all over the country. The company even had people like President Franklin D. Roosevelt and actress Sarah Bernhardt as customers.

The more recent history of Grump’s begins in 2005 with John Chachas who was a banker. Chachas had visited Grump’s when he was a boy and he was in awe, particularly with a stature of the Buddha. In 2005 (50 years later) he was able to arrange a deal to connect the buyers with the sale of Gump’s. The deal did not go as planned since no one wanted to pay the $225,000 fee to arrange the transaction. Chachas only asked for that special statue of the Buddha See This Page for related information.


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