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Richard Liu is No Stranger to Success, Particularly in Business and Dentistry

Richard Liu is an individual who has experienced one success after another and in two entirely different fields, dentistry and business. After working for five years as a dentist during which time he earned a good reputation as a medical provider by performing fillings, crown restorations veneers, restorative dentistry, and dental implants, he became enamored by business and dabbled as a small-time investor, investing in technology and consumer goods startups. Richard Liu, in short time, determined that a career in business was what he wanted and enrolled in MIT from which he earned his MBA. He would go on to find Morningside Venture Capital through which he has acquired a good number of startups in various sectors.

Richard Liu was born and raised in New Hampshire. He was born to two professional parents. His father was a prominent otolaryngology doctor who specializes in issues relating to the ear, nose, and throat, while his mother was a dentist. Since early on in his youth, Richard Liu recognized how important education was and made it a priority to dedicate himself to his studies. Often time, he would accompany his mother when she went to work. This resulted in him becoming originally interested in having a career dentistry and attending the Harvard School of Dentistry.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College, Richard Liu started out his business career as an analyst at CRT Capital. After that, he was employed as an investment banking analyst at Stifel and Thomas Weisel Partners. His next place of employment was at Technology Crossover Ventures as a senior associate. After TCV, Richard Liu became a principal at FTV Capital where he was charged with investment responsibilities for the enterprise technology & services sectors.

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Richard Liu: Renowned Dentist turned Successful Capital Investor and Businessman

Digital Mode’s website wrote an article about Richard Liu and how he decided to change careers, after already having one successful career, and had amazingly successful results. Liu was born to a father who was an ear, nose, and throat specialist and a mother who was a dentist. Liu used to go to work with his mother and followed her work as a dentist. This later propelled him to his desire to go school to become a dentist.

The article mentions that Richard Liu went to Harvard School of Dentistry to study what would be his first career as a dentist. Liu began his work as a dentist at Evergreen Dental Care after he graduated college. Later, Liu became a renowned dentist and provided exceptional service throughout his dental career. While practicing dentistry, Liu also became involved in teaching about restorative dentistry at Harvard University part-time.

Although Liu was extremely successful as a dentist, he still couldn’t help but wonder about the world of capital investing. He knew he wanted to switch career directions and began studying about capital investing. Liu ended up enrolling in MIT to turn his dreams of being a full-time investor into a reality. After later receiving his MBA from MIT, he worked as an analyst that allowed him the experience to make future plans for his long- term goals as a capital investor.

The article mentions that Liu went on to start up his own company called Morningside Venture Capital. The company ended up gaining very successful employees that then led to the acquisition of successful investments very quickly. The company later ended up with an amazing $1.7 billion in investments. Liu works on the company’s daily operations, while leading many company acquisitions.

Richard Liu’s passion and drive led the business professional to be extremely successful in both careers he decided to pursue in his adulthood. This type of successful career transition, can give hope to many adults who are not sure they are in the right career field and desire a change.

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