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Blake Mallen Is Helping Entrepreneurs In New And Creative Ways

Blake Mallen is the founder of ViSalus, and he has been earning a pretty penny from the gig economy before it was as popular as it is today. Over one-third of workers in the United States are serving in the gig economy, which means they are independent workers who serve with companies for shorter periods of time. The gig economy is growing at a very fast rate and is expected to continue growing as more people look to add to their income by setting up side jobs.

Looking back in time, it is clear that the idea of serving as an independent worker has been around for awhile. Baby boomers might have been the first generation to popularize a gig economy, but it is now coming back in an even bigger way. Blake Mallen has been focusing on this kind of work for some time and first began to question his own career path many years ago. He decided to partner up with Nick Sarnicola to create platforms that served the gig economy. Since then, he has helped many entrepreneurs build their own enterprises during their off-time.

Blake Mallen helped to create Vi, which is an international lifestyle brand that focuses on health. He was able to capitalize on the gig economy by offering entrepreneurs a way of turning their side interests into thriving companies. He entered into the direct sales market and was able to disrupt the sector with his innovative ideas. He realized what others didn’t very early on, and this was that Millenials just didn’t feel connected to a direct sales kind of career. He was able to reach these people through social media marketing and other digital marketing methods.

Blake Mallen is now working with Sarnicola on his new project, which is a company named Liv. This is another lifestyle platform that helps people who are looking for a side hustle. Mallen recently commented that the gig economy is exploding right now and that there are many companies that are helping people to earn a living without having to become an employee. It is his love of creating new ventures and helping people in innovative ways that continues to drive him forward.

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Betterworks Paving a Way to Better Communication in the Workforce


Betterworks is a system that assists with continuous performances management solutions. It works mainly in objective and critical results for the engine. OKRs are run by the managers or leaders of the programs and the vital part to the success and provide priorities for each different team to follow the guidelines. The strategy allows the team leader to post a task, explain what the objective is, set schedule for the team members, and giving them the chance to write and complete the goal themselves. The managers can check in on the progress on the given objectives of the team.

Betterworks takes out the need to micromanage the employees. The monitoring on task can go through a weekly basis, an assortment list of the risk and progresses to view quickly and last set up an alert or notification system when the team does something. The alert will go straight to the email when a new notification is made. Betterworks makes check-in go smoother during the progress monitorization. With the system, managers can give the right amount of appraisal to their workers when the OKRs are met. It keeps everyone working and motivated during that time frame.


Betterworks is a program that promotes more interaction between managers and the team members of a company. It has open tools to allow a higher focus on the OKRs to meet the quarterly quotas for everyone in the system. Betterworks uses OKRs to see how every department is going to work and how they can become efficient in the workforce.

The OKRs apart of Betterworks program has a section where companies leaders and workers can have a focus on the bigger picture of the threats, opportunities, and risk that would come with a business. Both businesses, big or small, can use this system to help them prepare for anything.

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Betterworks CHRO Diane Strohfus Interview

Diane Strohfus, or the CHRO of Betterworks was recently interviewed for TecHR. Betterworks is a company that focuses on Continuous Performance Management solutions and software to help achieve that. A CHRO, or Chief Human Resources Officer, is a senior position that is mainly focused on acquisition of talent as well as making sure that the company’s existing employees are working well together. In her recent interview, Diane Strohfus detailed how she got into her career, as well as what her day to day operations usually consist of.


She actually did not envision her career in HR technology, she ended up there by accident from the finance section. In finance, she was a headhunter and acquired talent, but that industry operates in a significantly different capacity. When asked what Betterworks is, Diane Strohfus explains it quite well. She begins by saying that while technology and it’s rapid growth has changed business dramatically, many of the ways human resources are carried out is outdated. This is everything from talent acquisition to performance reviews. Betterworks essentially acts as a modernization of this, as well as a sort of network between a company’s employees.

She also has several pieces of advice when it comes to recruiting. It pays to look for people who are genuinely curious, not just those that have the best experience. Additionally, do not be afraid to use unconventional methods of approach, such as social media. The market for talent is incredibly competitive, so anything that makes you stand out from the rest is a good thing.


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