Michael Zomber Has Long Had A Passion For Collecting


Michael Zomber has appeared on TV a few times to discuss his passions as well as some of the deep history he has knowledge of. He is an accomplished author today, and has published several of his own novels, including Son of Kentucky and Shogun Iemitsu, one of his newest works. This shows his obvious interest in the era of samurais as well as his passion for history as a whole and the importance of things that happened in the past.

Michael Zomber also has a strong passion for collecting antique weapons and armors. He owns a huge collection of guns and different weaponry that come from all different time periods throughout history that he has been collecting for decades. He is always ready to show off his collection and share his interest with those that want to know more. With all of his years studying the history and antiques, he has become an authority on much of his collection and other works.

He has also written a number of novels, particularly based on Samurai and the Japanese era. He even owns his own studio that produces small films. It is through his gift of storytelling that he is able to connect with people and share his love of history.

The film company Michael Zomber has started up with his wife, as per to Facebook, is known as Renascent Films. Even though much of his work is on the history of old wars and battles, Michael Zomber is anti-war, and his film studio is dedicated to advocating for peace.
Michael has no plans of stopping his collecting habits nor will he leave his love of history or the samurai culture. Everyone can look forward to the new stuff he puts out in the future as well as the unique and rare antique items from history that he can find.  Find Michael’s books for yourself on Barnes & Noble.