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Nitin Khanna Providing Long- term Health Solutions

Nitin Khanna is known for his investments in the Cannabis sector, music, and even in the consultation sector. Over the years he has served at Saber Corporation, Merger and even at Oregon Company providing his skills and knowledge. Nitin Khanna service in these companies has led to his recognition across the globe.

Also, Nitin Khanna serves at CuraCannabis; this firm deals with the provision of various Cannabis products such as Oil and Cartilages. Since Khanna invested in CuraCannabis, there has been an extensive expansion in terms of land used for growth and the number of employees. His primary objective is ensuring that CuraCannabis is the largest supplier of Cannabis products across the United States.

CuraCannabis has already established offices in Nevada, California, and Oregon serving thousands of clients with Cannabis oil and other products. According to Nitin Khanna, this is the best time to provide CBD consumers with high-quality products that will meet all their expectations.

Nitin Khanna has taken the initiative to work closely with the employees, ensuring that they have planted Cannabis plant organically with no chemicals; hence, the final products have no psychoactive high. The expansion aims of Nitin Khanna are becoming a reality since the company has managed to gain trust and confidence of their customers across the world.

Benefits of CuraCannabis

Nitin Khanna has partnered with many retailers to supply Marijuana across the world, ensuring their customers benefit greatly. Nitin Khanna has guaranteed to provide painkillers and solutions for people in need to relax.

Through the CBD oils, consumers can deal with sleeping issues, anxiety, inflations, and pain killers. The solutions are for any time of the day. In the morning CBD provides peppermint, and in the afternoon there is grapefruit for revival for the evening they use Lavender which aids in relaxation.

Nitin Khanna has provided solutions to his customers using natural products; hence, there are no side effects. He is devoted to creating a better world where people can rely on plants as medicines and long term solutions. All CBD products are tested, and before being sold to the customers, they have to be approved by health-related companies. Khanna`s legacy prevails across the world for his long-term contributions.

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Tim Ioannides’ Focus Is On the Whole Patient

Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. Before founding his company, he worked in the private sector and concentrated on cosmetic fillers and procedures. He realized that his interest was more in helping people with medically induced conditions of the skin, helping people avoid and deal with skin cancer and treating tumors. Aside from being an accomplished dermatologist, Tim Ioannides has also shown a talent for entrepreneurship, and his practice has been very successful and has expanded to 5 locations.

Tim Ioannides feels strongly that building relationships with his patients puts them in the best frame of mind and allows them to talk ahout their illnesses and their hopes for treatment. Concentrating on building a strong relationship with patients is part of the process Ioannides sees as necessary for successfully dealing with the medical issues. He believes in treating the whole patient, and that includes their emotional needs. This emphasis on building a good relationship with his patients is what makes his practice different from so many others. In the same way that he values his relationships with his patients, he feels that having a team that is in harmony and focused on guiding patients though the whole process with empathy is paramount. Computers are not used during patients’ visits in order to make the process more personal. Ioannides credits much of the success of his practice to the dedication of his team and their work ethic that matches his own.

The goal of eradicating skin cancer is a driving force for Tim Ioannides. In the meantime he gains great satisfaction from removing skin cancer successfully and educating patients about how to look after themselves in a preventitive way.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Highlights the Significant of Technology in Production Companies

Having been in the business for many years, Bhanu Choudhrie understands that the world of technology has significantly changed. Most of the businesses are now incorporating the current technology to handle operations. One of the standout aspects of technology is that it has brought about efficiency aspects that most of the businesses around the world have all wanted.

Most of the companies around the world have considerable challenges when it comes to dealing with inefficiencies in the production line and manufacturing facilities. One of the major causes of increased inefficiencies in the production line has been caused by obsolete machinery and equipment. Bhanu Choudhrie notes that a considerable number of companies around the world know issues to do with efficiency are also caused by poor and untrained employees who have little or no knowledge of handling various business processes.

Bhanu Choudhrie continues to indicate that there has been a gradual increase in the quality of products and services due to the advancement of the machinery. Ten years ago, most of the activities in production were handled by individuals who are prone to errors of judgment and other inconsistencies that can cause changes in the quality of products under consideration. However, all the services offered by individuals have now been replaced by advanced machines.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, technology has also been very useful in reducing operational costs. One of the ways through which technology helps in reducing operational costs is by replacing human power. Employees demand increased salaries and other benefits that increase the overall costs of running a company. It is essential to highlight that the cost of the industrial and advanced machine could be higher, but it is profitable in the long term.

Lastly, technology has played a vital role in the increasing production of various companies around the world. Bhanu Choudhrie indicates that companies can now produce goods for 24 hours in a day, which was not possible when using the workforce from employees. The increased production of goods and services seems to have coincident with increased consumption of goods due to the increased purchasing power. Efficiency has also played a key role in increasing production.

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James Reese: Vowing to Protect the Public From Security Threats Through TigerSwan

Individuals who are identified with the military are having issues going back to their civilian life. They could not adjust easily, and they are facing different challenges attributed to their military service. However, one man – James Reese – managed to break through all of the problems associated with e-military forces and established a business for him to manage. Based in North Carolina, TigerSwan is becoming one of the fastest-growing firms that offer security services. The company recently expanded overseas, providing security services in an international level. James Reese stated that the reason why he established his company is because he wanted to be an example for service-disabled veterans that there is still life after the military.

James Reese served the United States military for twenty-five years. He also learned different skills and abilities while still in the military, and he was able to use it outside by providing security services to anyone who might need it. His training at the military allowed him to become a commander, and he is using the skills effectively. By creating a business that focuses on providing security to their clients, TigerSwan started to receive more clients, especially with the global security threat increasing day after day. Most of the attacks that are being carried out in the West are making the people feel less secure, and companies like TigerSwan provides a sense of security for those who are living in these areas. James Reese stated that their company is ready to respond whenever a threat to security has been identified, and they have a lot of resources that they can uses to protect the people.

TigerSwan, under the leadership of James Reese, has grown drastically over the years, and today, they are doing their best to inform the public about their existence and the services that they provide. The company is also growing in terms of employment, and as of 2019, TigerSwan have around 300 individuals working under different roles. There are ex-military personnel, people who worked in law enforcement, and civilians who are working together to achieve a common goal – to protect the public from different threats on a global scale.

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Sharon Prince Enjoys The Beauty Of Nature At Grace Farms

The natural beauty at Grace Farms is something that cannot be denied at Grace Farms and it is something that Sharon Prince Grace Farms is proud to be able to protect. Preserving the beauty of nature is one of the central tenants of the organization and they strive to show their community just how important these efforts are. Some of the activities that visitors can do at the location include hiking, bird watching, and educational programs.

Sharon Prince is known for being the founder of Grace Farms, which was first established in 2009 with a noble goal of enhancing the lives of people in its community through nature and a variety of outreach programs that take place around the year in New Canaan. The public space that was created by Sharon Prince and the rest of the team at Grace Farms is different from anything that the world had seen before and has been recognized and honored multiple times for both their architecture and the work that the non-profit organization does for the environment and their surrounding communities.

After graduation from the University of Tulsa, Sharon Prince went on to become 66North’s President after developing the outerwear company until its products were sold in 100 different stores. On a philanthropical side, Sharon Prince has dedicated a lot of her time and resources to helping to stop and prevent children from being exploited as well as ending human trafficking in general. These are themes that have been discussed at presentations and programs at Grace Farms in the past as it is an important topic to the entrepreneur as well as the rest of the world. Currently, she is on the Board of an organization known as Next Generation Nepal that works to reunite the children that have been victims of exploitation with family.

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Richard Liu is No Stranger to Success, Particularly in Business and Dentistry

Richard Liu is an individual who has experienced one success after another and in two entirely different fields, dentistry and business. After working for five years as a dentist during which time he earned a good reputation as a medical provider by performing fillings, crown restorations veneers, restorative dentistry, and dental implants, he became enamored by business and dabbled as a small-time investor, investing in technology and consumer goods startups. Richard Liu, in short time, determined that a career in business was what he wanted and enrolled in MIT from which he earned his MBA. He would go on to find Morningside Venture Capital through which he has acquired a good number of startups in various sectors.

Richard Liu was born and raised in New Hampshire. He was born to two professional parents. His father was a prominent otolaryngology doctor who specializes in issues relating to the ear, nose, and throat, while his mother was a dentist. Since early on in his youth, Richard Liu recognized how important education was and made it a priority to dedicate himself to his studies. Often time, he would accompany his mother when she went to work. This resulted in him becoming originally interested in having a career dentistry and attending the Harvard School of Dentistry.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College, Richard Liu started out his business career as an analyst at CRT Capital. After that, he was employed as an investment banking analyst at Stifel and Thomas Weisel Partners. His next place of employment was at Technology Crossover Ventures as a senior associate. After TCV, Richard Liu became a principal at FTV Capital where he was charged with investment responsibilities for the enterprise technology & services sectors.

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Mark Holyoake on Contributing Quality Content to the World

Someone like Mark Holyoake is likely to remain impactful upon the world at large for many years to come, and this is really not surprising when you see how devoted he is to his craft. While many other people within the seafood industry in Iceland see their job as simply a result of circumstance, Mark Holyoake has been involved with this industry for years, and it has been his dream to be for even longer.

Because he holds them in such high regard, he is appreciative that he has finally been able to land a position as CEO of the leading company in the field. Of course, no one within Iceland Seafood International expected anything less than Mark Holyoake when they received the news that a new CEO would be appointed.

The fact of the matter is that when you consider all the individuals who could have taken the position, none of them would have the same level of talent or experience that Mark Holyoake exudes on a regular basis. Because he is so capable of maintaining a consistent stream of quality in his work, people respect him very much.

While other businessmen are worried about the quantity of the work they put out, Mark Holyoake sees the quality to be much more important.

After all, if the product at your disposal is not one that people will take well upon their first view of it, then they are not going to be likely to buy a vast quantity of the good. This is why it has always been a bit of a no-brainer to him to always emphasize quality first, as this is what will determine whether or not the success of the product or service will be a hit among consumers. Quality content is all that he hopes to be able to contribute to the world.

Carsten Thiel’s impact in the world of medicine

Carsten Thiel is an experienced medical professional of no mean repute. His impact in the field of medicine has been felt far and wide. He currently serves as the Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President of Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Thiel’s leadership skills have seen him grow to become a global leader in the world of biopharmaceuticals through the development of effective therapeutic products that have changed the lives of many.

In his bid to make a positive overhaul in the industry, Carsten Thiel has revamped various existing medical protocols. This has seen him win accolades both locally and internationally. However, all did not start here; it goes back to his childhood years in Berlin Germany where he grew fond of chemistry. He would later go ahead to study at the University of Bristol through an Anglo-Saxon Educational System.

Seeing that he was thirsty for more knowledge, Carsten Thiel went ahead to join Max Planck Institute where he studied Biophysical Chemistry. It is here that he earned Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. This period of study equipped Thiel with the necessary scientific skills that would later come in handy in his career.

Carsten Thiel stands out in his practice thanks to his patient-first approach. He draws inspiration from his ethics that come in handy when making important decisions. With this exemplary track record, he can only look forward to better times ahead in his medical career. Carsten Thiel notes that his medical service is driven by the need to make an impact in the lives of those he serves. He achieves a sense of fulfillment by improving lives and pitting a smile on the faces of his patients. He believes that the golden age of biotechnology ought to help solve most of the industry’s challenges thus far for a better future.


Jojo Hedaya Talks The Challenges With Startups

Email has become an important part of our daily lives on both a personal and professional level. While it’s great to instantly be able to communicate with someone across the globe, email has its own problems such as being unorganized and inundated with spam and subscription emails. While there are spam folders that can get rid of the junk that you just never want to read, what about the possibly hundreds of subscriptions that you may have that you may still be interested in? This is where Jojo Hedaya and the company that he co-founded, Unroll Me, come in to help clean up your inbox without getting rid of all the newsletters and advertisements from your favorite stores.

Instead of getting a notification for every subscription message that comes in, Jojo Hedaya and his email management service Unroll Me send all of your favorite subscriptions to a “Rollup” that can be compiled at whatever time of the day that you choose. This makes it easy for you to be able to keep up with these messages that aren’t a high priority. Jojo Hedaya likes keeping his life organized and became frustrated with email when trying to talk to his friends and do business. It was from wanting to clean up his own inbox that Unroll Me was created back in 2011. The subscription service is free and it is helping people who are trying to clean up their digital lives.

With technology changing all the time, there are a lot of startups popping up and Jojo Hedaya is excited to see all of the opportunities. It can be terrifying to take the chance to create a startup as there is no guarantee that it will work. Fortunately for Jojo Hedaya, he took the chance with Unroll Me and was able to come up with a service that people wanted. Nothing can fully prepare you for everything that comes with startups, but Jojo Hedaya says above all it is important to do something that you enjoy and love doing. It takes a lot of passion to get past all of the hurdles you will come across when creating your own startup company.