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Whitney Wolfe’s Rise with Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is a women with a passion that sets her apart from the male competition. She previously worked for Tinder, where she had a heavily involvement in building the platform. Unfortunately, following a sexual misconduct scandal, she left to pursue her own solo ambitions. Whitney Wolfe had the idea for a new dating app platform, and through a series of lucky breaks, it was lunched just years later. The success and longevity of her career is further elaborated in a pair of online articles.

In a recent Forbes article, Whitney Wolfe discusses how see went form Tinder to creating her own dating app service. It all began when she partnered with Andrey Andreev, and he immendiently saw the potential in a female-centric app service. However, the game changer came during one of their regular meet-ups. The idea of women making the first move in contacting an individual. This was basically unheard of in the modern dating scene, and perfectly fit the brand she was trying sell. Soon after, Bumble launched with high fanfare. See more of Whitney Wolfe at Business Insider.

Bumble has become ever increasingly popular in the time since its launch. In a another Forbes article, they describe how quickly Whitney Wolfe’s Fortune has risen with Bumble. The company is mostly run by female workers who share the vision of an alternative female-centric app service. Bumble has even expanded their capabilities to include a function to locate friends called BFF, and a professional function for networking. The apps’s unique female appeal is how it stands out from the competition.

Whitney Wolfe is a beacon of hope for women in the business industry. She proves that passion and drive is all it takes to compete toe-to-toe with her male counterparts. Her history at Tinder, and experiences during the fallout are what culminated in Bumble. The app has grown to over 5 million users in just the few years its been active. Whitney Wolfe doesn’t want to stop here. She wants to continue refining the service, and make it into a true safe heaven for women. There is a clear audience for this kind of app service.

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Whitney Wolfe and Bumble are more than just Click Bait

When most people here the word “bumble” they start thinking about bees or getting stung. Unless they know about “Bumble” the dating app, they will never understand what “Bumble” is about. First, let’s explain what Bumble what Bumble means to the online world of dating and to feminism. Bumble is a lady’s first dating app where women make the first move.

Whitney Wolfe created Bumble feminist perspective. This is why women are first on the app. Wolfe no longer wanted men dictating when and how they meet women online. Now the fellas have to wait till a woman approaches them. Apparently, this “approach” works because there are millions upon millions of men who use Bumble to find love. The bottom is that they have to wait until a woman finds interest in them. Otherwise, they simply will not make a connection on Bumble. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe

When many people here about and see Bumble, they will usually experience something bright and inviting. When they see the site’s owner Whitney Wolfe, they’ll immediately notice how pretty she is. They will then start to think that Bumble is just another site where people want to hook up and find a quick connection. However, they’ll quickly discover that Bumble is more than just click bait.

While the site has a lot to offer in terms of visual style and its appeal. There is a lot of substance to Bumble. Bumble stands for the feminist agenda. Whitney Wolfe also uses her site as a haven for females to make a connection as colleagues, acquaintances and as friends. They can also network with one another through the site or join an online group. Wolfe also uses her company to help further the cause of feminism.

Whitney Wolfe is more than just click bait because she makes Bumble a legitimate outfit. This dating site is more than just eye candy and a good time. When people visit Bumble, they will be treated to a respectable and first-class dating site. Bumble is definitely a popular place to find love and so much more.

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Steven Hicks – The CEO of Southridge Capital

Steve Hicks is an investment Renaissance man who has managed to effectively and purposefully drive a business that continuously grows as it helps various investors to move on such a critical age that involved economic instability and consistent job movement. He is the Principal and the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital and runs a vast portfolio of responsibilities. Apart from setting the entire strategic fund direction, he also controls business development and execution. This helps the company that he established in 1996 to maintain its sharp leading edge. Steve Hicks brings about incredible credentials to Southbridge Capital following his extensive experience in this company, and he has served in this company of it for 30 years. Hicks pursued his education in Kings College based in Briarcliff Manor, New York and achieved a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. He then joined New York City’s Fordham University and attained an MBA. Visit for more details.


Before he became the CEO of Southridge Capital, Steve Hicks used to work in a small New York Hedge fund. This is when he developed an idea for Southridge Capital and found it as a viable project. Hicks was notified that his employer has decided to move to Australia where he used to be and that he would use the following year closing down all the hedge funds operations. However, his hedge fund principal allowed him to continue working as he develops his outfit. In reality, Southridge was launched while Steve Hicks was still on the payroll of his retiring boss. Hicks used to review the portfolio of the funds on a daily basis. He also used to generate a list of each and everyday tasks as well as a list of his staff members. He also used to ensure that his current investments are in line with the goals and objectives of his portfolio. Hicks consistently seeks for new opportunities that will earn his clients more gains and returns. Following his three decades vast experience in the business, he already knew that he should first prioritize with the satisfied clients. This is how he managed to grow Southridge Capital and made himself a big name. For more info you can visit to see more.


Eric Lefkofsky is Having a Great Time Placing His Business Focus on One Thing

Eric Lefkofsky is the Chief Executive Officer at global e-commerce marketplace Groupon as well as the founder of the company Lightbank. This highly successful venture fund places its focus on investing in some highly interesting areas. He is also the founder and CEO of tech company Tempus which focuses on the fight against cancer. Eric Lefkofsky is also highly motivated to make the world a better place and in order to work toward this goal, he established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This organization strives to enhance the quality of human life through advancing initiatives in this realm.

As the CEO at Groupon, Eric’s typical day is one that gets off to an early start, usually beginning at 5:00 am. By 6:00 am he generally finds himself at the office where he tends to work non-stop throughout the day. Twelve hour days are a normal for Eric Lefkofsky as he usually finds himself going non-stop until around 6:30 pm. Eric also freely admits that generally speaking, he has a hard time turning his work side of his personality off when he is at home because Groupon has become such a large company that requires a complete commitment from his as its chief executive.

These days, Eric Lefkofsky is focusing his energy on his business at Groupon and he is enjoying the ability to devote his time primarily to one business. In past years, he has focused on multiple companies at once and though he has enjoyed this, he is also gaining a great deal of appreciation on the fact that he can put his energy primarily into one project now. At one point in time, with Lightbank, Eric Lefkofsky was dealing with as many as seventy companies that were involved with the firm. At the time he was loving the fact that he was kept so busy, but now enjoys putting that same amount of energy into a singular focus. He really is enjoying the process of just doing this one thing, serving as CEO of Groupon, and doing it really well. Eric’s focus these days is on making Groupon as good as it possibly can be. It is his driving goal to make the firm the leader of the e-commerce business world.

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“The Benefits Of Drinking Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water”

Due to the contaminants found in common tap water, many people are trying Waiakea Hawaii volcanic water. First introduced in 2012 by Ryan Emmons, Waiakea is a much safer alternative and was even featured on the 2017 top ten list of Best Volcanic Bottled Waters. Even though they may look alike, the quality of bottled water varies per manufacturer. And Waiakea natural alkaline water, pH level of 8.2 is perfectly balanced with one’s body. Their high quality bottled Hawaiian Volcanic Water does a body good! Known for selling premium drinking water, Waiakea is a company you can depend on, standing behind all of their products 100 percent. For those who are eco-friendly, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is manufactured using fully degradable and recyclable plastic bottles.

Volcanic water benefits everyone who drinks it, providing essential immune boosting free radicals, which help your digestive tract. By drinking Waiakea volcanic water on a daily basis, people are experiencing healthier happier lives. Helping to improve their overall health. Considered to be the freshest of water, Waiakea is filtered directly through the Mauna Loa volcano itself. Consisting of numerous minerals essential for good health. Such as, sodium, silica, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Since Waiakea water is packed with alkaline it helps to cleanse the toxins out of your body. Therefore, working as a natural detoxification system. Many physicians suggest drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. So why waste the time on any other brand of water? Many people have claimed to feel an instantaneous improvement in their health within several days of first trying it out. Hawaiian volcanic water also is good for treating both acid reflux and heartburn. Helping to reduce stomach acid, soothing it and providing balance as well. Being an environmentally conscious company, Waiakea has been certified by CarbonNeutral®.

It is easy to see why so many people are making the all important decision to switch over to Waiakea true volcanic drinking water. With the numerous health benefits backing it up, anyone would be wise to try Waiakea.

Meet Dr. Mark Mckenna: A Medical Doctor and an Entrepreneur

Mark McKenna is not only an aggressive entrepreneur, but he is also a physician. He is a passionate community and patient advocate as well. He is commonly known as Mark by his close allies and family members. After earning his medical degree, he practiced medicine for a short time and then changed to real estate business. He really wanted to make a great deal of money and he knew real estate industry can help him get into his dreams.

What you should know about Dr. Mark McKenna

During early stages of his life, Dr. Mark McKenna started a company that specialized in building and designing residential real estate. He employed more than 55 people to work at the company. Unfortunately, the company was struck by Hurricane Katrina and his cash flow became zero. After some time, he decided to shift to medicine which was his 2nd passion.

In 2007, Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta, GA where he started ShapeMed. It provided cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal, Botox injections, and weight and nutritional counseling. At the center, there was a well-trained staff of dieticians, nutritionists, and physicians. These professionals worked hard to provide convenient, affordable, as well as healthy weight loss solutions.

When starting ShapeMed, Mark McKenna promised to provide quality services to patients. He also promised to provide a huge variety of non-surgical aesthetic services. After some time, the center received an award for demonstrating its commitment to excellence, innovation, and quality patient care. In 2014, Life Time Fitness Company bought ShapeMed.

The OVME, a medical aesthetics company, is the Dr. Mark McKenna’s most recent venture. He started it with the ambition of reinventing elective healthcare as well helping patients improve themselves. Being the Founder and the CEO of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna was able to raise about $4 million. The amount helped start a mobile app as well as clinics in places like Atlanta, Las Vegas, and NashVille in 2018.

More about Dr. Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna was born and brought up in New Orleans, LA. He attended Tulane University where he acquired his medical degree. He owns licenses from various Medical Examination bodies. While studying at Tulane University, McKenna decided to move to real estate industry after studies because his medical degree wouldn’t earn him the amount of money he wanted.

Dr. Mark Mofid; The Great Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon who is famous in the cosmetic medical community for many reasons. Some of these reasons being that he trained as a medic at Johns Hopkins and Havard University University. Due to this, people tend to have confidence in him that he got adequate knowledge and skills needed in his field. Mofid is also an industry innovator and has greatly demonstrated his ability in this sector. He has been continuously adhering to the safety practices in medicine, and this has made him earn the trust of many people. In his service to people, he never takes advantage of patients who are usually willing to pay more but instead considers the safety of the patient more important. His approach is that of innovation which is usually scientifically supported and carefully examined in detail. His research has made him deeply understand the body’s skin, muscle systems, and fat and this has therefore given him a different understanding of things.

Dr. Mark Mofid has been performing these surgeries for more than eight years, and when he ventured into the field, he realized that there existed so many opportunities for improvement in the future. He therefore never wanted to do things as they were commonly done but instead sought to see the whole industry reinvented. Dr. Mark Mofid has acquired Board certification in La Jolla and San Diego areas. He has been granted certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and also the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Mark Mofid’s clinic is set up in La Jolla; San Diego County. His wife is a dermatologist who works on a full-time basis in the clinic. At the clinic, they offer laser services and also have an AAAASF/ Medicare accredited surgery center that is connected to the clinic. The type of cosmetic lasers used at the clinic is the Cutera laser for removing hair and treatment of veins. Dr. Mark Mofid has encountered patients who wish to undergo facial rejuvenation but at first, want to experience the pleasure associated with it by first dipping their big toe in the swimming pool. The worst decision that Dr. Mark Mofid ever made was to hire a bookkeeper who was previously a criminal unknowingly.

Shervin Pishevar Predicts That the U.S. Market Will See a 6000 Point Drop

Shervin Pishevar is a respected American entrepreneur of Iranian descent. He receives great reverence because of some of his most successful entrepreneurial ventures. Shervin Pishevar is the co-founder of Virgin Hyperloop One, WebOS, JamCity.. He is also an angel investor in some of the renowned companies including Uber, Airbnb, Didi, and Ipsy among others.

Shervin Pishevar has been silent for long on Twitter up until February 2018. He took to Twitter with a series of 50, 21-hour long tweets regarding the current state of the U.S economy. In his first tweet, Shervin Pishevar expects that the U.S. market will experience a drop. He mentioned that “Some thoughts on financial storms I seeing brewing ahead. I expect 6000 point drop in aggregate in months ahead.” In addition, he backed his predictions with a couple of viable reasons.

One of the reasons for this drop is that the market has already given up all the gains of 2018, and this will trickle down to the gains of 2017. There is more. The Hyperloop One co-founder also tweeted “Rising interest rates, increasing credit account deficits and tax giveaways without matching service cuts lead to a descent into panic.” Clearly, these are some of the issues that will see the points drop.

Shervin rants on about the unattractive state of the economy saying that the bond market will also be affected, and it is not the safe haven that people perceive it to be. The current state of the economy leaves no room for safety, considering that every asset class is already overhauled. His advice to those in the bond market is that “Bond market is not as deep as well we think. Everytime bonds move so quickly in any direction, it ripples throughout the financial markets.” Safe to say, Shervin Pishevar tries to advise the American investors to try to look into other ventures and or opportunities. Opportunities that will not plunge the U.S. economy into a sorry state, but one that will help rejuvenate it.

Robert Ivy, FAIA, To Be Honored With Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

It has been announced that Robert Ivy, Executive Vice President and CEO of AIA (The American Institute of Architects) will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

The award is reserved for “Mississippi-connected” individuals in the arts, and patrons of the arts, whose work of an exceptionally high standard. Making the choice of Mr. Ivy even more special is the fact that he is the first architect to be so honored according to Previous recipients include such luminaries as the author Eudora Welty, actor Morgan Freeman, opera singer Leontyne Price, and noted historian and writer of books on the Civil War, Shelby Foote.

Since assuming the leadership of AIA in 2011, the Institute has flourished, its ranks growing to the highest membership in the 160-year existence of this prestigious organization.


Robert Ivy holds the elite designation of Master Architect. His peers are some of the most revered names in architecture. Previous to his position at AIA as CEO, Robert Ivy guided Architectural Record to a place as the worldwide leader in international circulation among architectural journals. Both at McGraw Hill, publisher of Architectural Record, and AIA Mr. Ivy expanded global presence to places as far-flung as Canada, China, and the Middle East.

The recipient of multiple honors, Robert Ivy is also a highly regarded writer, having authored the biography Fay Jones: Architect, the story of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most illustrious protégé. Mr. Ivy is also a recipient of the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas and the Crain Medal given by the American Business Media.

The event for the presentation of Robert Ivy’s Lifetime Achievement Award will be held by MIAL on June 2. It will be a special honor for a native of Mississippi. Also to be honored is stained-glass designer Andrew Cary Young.

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How Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Has Helped Transform Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a husband and a father of three. He is simple calm and soft-spoken, unlike most banking executives. Trabuco pursued philosophy in the University of San Paulo.

In March 2009, Trabuco became the fourth Chief Executive officer Bradesco, the second biggest private bank in Brazil. He replaced Marcio Cypriano who left command after attaining 65 years which is the maximum age limit for the president of Bradesco. He was nominated for this position by Lazaro Brandao, the current chairman of the board at the bank.

By the time Trabuco took this position, Bradesco had just lost the lead to their rival Itau Unibanco. Mr. Carlos meticulously set an objective to run for the first place in the banking industry. In 2015, he bought the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $ 5.2 billion. With this acquisition, Bradesco strengthened the fight for leadership in the private sector.

The career path of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

The executive started working for Bradesco back in 1969 as a clerk at the agency of Marilia where he was born. After two years, Trabuco moved to San Paulo where he worked at the headquarters. He was promoted to become the director of marketing in 1884. From 1992 to 1998, he worked as the executive director and president of Bradesco’s private pension company. He became the executive vice president in 1999 before becoming president of the insurance company in 2003. In addition, he was a member of the bank’s board of directors from 1999 to 2005.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi achievements at Bradesco

Before his 40th birthday, Trabuco had already served in key areas such as marketing and private pension. Under his leadership, Bradesco Seguro’s Market share hiked from 23% to 25% of the total premiums. In the mid-1980s, Bradesco had modernized publicity and openness in the banking industry. At the time he became the president of Bradesco, the bank was about $ 150 billion behind their main rival, Itau Unibanco. To narrow this gap, the new executive started buying smaller banks. Trabuco used the organic growth strategy immediately after taking office. This improved the internal performance of the company. In 2009, the same year he was appointed president, he implemented reduced bank rates to attract more customers and planned to open 211 more branches.