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End Citizens United File A Case Against Rick Scott

The governor of Florida Rick Scott may receive charges because of financial improprieties due to fraud medicare. It is due to the time he was acting as Columbia/HCA CEO in 1997. Scott resigned in disgrace after the company had paid a historic $1.7 billion which was fine. It was a result of the FBI probe the fraudulent billing practices. Rick Scott, who is a senatorial candidate, was the one who assigned the fraud charges for the responsibility where he later dismissed the campaign accusations that he has violated know.

The proof that Scott refused to agree on the responsibility came after he had invoked the Fifth Amendment right in the court. The civil matter was related to Columbia/HCA fraud case. Form New York Times, they had cited Joshua Namzoff, a business associate and he was a participant in selling several Florida hospitals to the company of Scott and he gave a faint praise to Scott. As Rick Scott is ending his second term as the governor of Florida, the Democratic-learning End Citizen United is there watching his practices because of the offers from the financial benefits so that he can get money to campaign for United States Senate.

In 2010, the Supreme court made a decision against the Citizens United and they established corporations for people willing to spend the untraceable and unlimited amount of money so that they can support the candidates vying in American elections. This is where there is no transparency of donation making wealthy people or groups with interests to influence the election process. The concerns of the people that were opposing favoritism brought the formation of End Citizens United in March 2015 which is a Political Action Committee (PAC). End Citizens United is an organization which is favoring the Democratic principles and policies that are dedicating their efforts by preventing towards the big money.

End Citizens United is aiming to finish the influence of big money in American politics which motivates the organization to elect candidates that are pre-formed. The candidates become the representatives who raise issues on political money to a national level. End Citizens United has been working with ballot measure campaigns and ensure no money during elections. The organization is headquartered in Washington and it has a strong leadership team that helps in guidance.

End Citizens United: Hoping For Change

End Citizens United is an organization created to return the power back into the hands of the people. The organization was created in 2015 to counter another organization called Citizens United, and the have been protesting the streets of the United States for two years now.

Those who believe the causes being fought by the organization are actively participating in each of the protests, and they are also requesting for the government to listen to the people and consider what they are fighting for. The reason why End Citizens United are crying for change and reform is because of what had happened before between the government, the Federal Electoral Council, and Citizens United.

Back in 2010, the group Citizens United filed a protest in the United States Supreme Court. They are stating that the Federal Electoral Council’s decision of blocking corporations and private entities for supporting particular candidate is unconstitutional. The United States Supreme Court decided that it is indeed unconstitutional to stop corporations and private entities from supporting their own candidates, and has allowed them to use all their funds privately to support a particular candidate. The people have seen this decision by the United States Supreme Court as a violation of the constitution, and they filed for appeals. However, these appeals never reversed the decision which is still in effect even today According to the United States Supreme Court, corporations and similar private entities have all the rights to support their preferred candidate. They can spend any amount they wanted without revealing it to the public, because it is their right.


These words coming from the United State Supreme Court have angered the majority of the citizens in the United States, resulting to the formation of End Citizens United. They have been asking for the complete dissolution of the decision, and the return of the power to the hands of the people. They believe that the government and the largest corporation in the United States are conspiring against one another to influence the elections. They stated that they wanted the old, transparent elections to return, and wanted the government to act to make it happen.

There are thousands upon thousands who are member of End Citizens United, and millions are looking up into their cause, donating amounts from a single dollar to hundreds of dollars. Just recently, the group managed to raise an amount equal to $4 million, and according to experts, the group can produce up to $32 million if they keep the rate intact. Many people are believing on what they are fighting for, so it is now difficult for End Citizens United to gain that massive amount of money. According to one of their leaders, the money will be used on the next national elections to bring some change in the system.

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