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Isabel Dos Santos Immensely Develops Angola

Isabel dos Santos gets to the list of few black women who are billionaires with the likes of Oprah Winfrey. The daughter of the first president of Angola and a flourishing entrepreneur focuses on improving the lives of the people in her native country and those in Europe. This business mogul is eighth Africa’s richest woman with an accumulated wealth of $2.1 billion.

In her business endeavors, Isabel has entered so many partnerships in Finance, Critical business, and other development projects. She is the key person behind the founding of the largest Telecommunication industry in Angola, Unitel. The company she co-founded, has eased communication among the Angolans and people outside Angola. The rural people of Angola, who felt isolated, are now enjoying the communication courtesy of Isabel. The company also has employed over 50,000 residents in Angola.

Isabel dos Santos also has banks, farms, cable TV stations, and shops. Through these projects, she has facilitated the circulation of electricity and roads. Her first partnerships led to the establishment of the first supermarket in Angola and a series of banks. She is always psyched to help the women in Angola and beyond.

Born in 1973 in Azerbaijan, Isabel dos Santos grew in Angola and studied in King’s College in London, where she obtained an electrical engineering degree. She started doing various businesses after school while using her fame to talk to the world on things that affect Angola and the whole of Africa. In the recent address at the World Economic Forum on Africa, Isabel urged the employers to empower employees and their families so that the community can also grow in return. To know more about her click here.

She encouraged the young girls to be dedicated to their education, for they are the ones who will inspire future generations, get employed, or become future community leaders and entrepreneurs.

As an engineer, Isabel dos Santos develops technologies that are beneficial to the Angolans like she established Unitel to enable communication in both the rural and urban areas. She also uses the company to get investors who can develop infrastructure in Angola. Isabel is trying to find alternative employment avenues apart from Oil and natural gas – which is the primary employing sector in Angola.

Billionaire Isabel Dos Santos Shares Her Support Of The Newly-Ratified ACFTA

Isabel dos Santos is an African businesswoman who has established many companies during her career. She founded a trucking company, a nightclub and restaurant, a telecommunications firm, companies in the global diamond trade, and more. She is a champion of the citizens of Angola and has helped them by improving telecommunications infrastructure and giving back through philanthropy.

She is a fan of the newly ratified African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA). ACTFA is based on the European Union model. This agreement will dramatically increase the amount of trade that is done between 55 African countries. Currently, surprisingly few products are traded between nations in Africa. ACTFA will establish a new trading bloc that unlocks Africa’s economic potential.

As one of Africa’s few billionaires, Isabel dos Santos has made creating opportunities for Africans one of her top priorities. An international businesswoman, she strives to convince the international business community to invest in Africa. The goal is to improve people’s lives, including those who live in the most rural parts of Africa. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at

Angola had a long civil war that ended in 2002. This left the Angolan economy in tatters. Angola has a lot of potential that development could unleash. Its economy is almost entirely driven by oil, but the government is trying to reduce this dependence. Isabel dos Santos uses her money and business acumen to improve the Angolan economy. She says that increasing people’s access to technology is critical. This access is key to boosting the economies of local communities and then the entire country.

One way she has introduced technology to Angolans is her company Unitel. This company builds telecommunications infrastructure that gives people access to cellular service and the internet. This has opened up many educational and business opportunities. Her educational background includes earning an engineering degree at King’s College in London. She used this background to establish what is now Angola’s largest telecommunications provider. It is estimated that because of Isabel dos Santos, Unitel has indirectly created more than 50,000 jobs.


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