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The Life Of Nitin Khanna

Being an entrepreneur can be a pretty difficult job. Being an entrepreneur in a country that you did not grow up in can be even harder. When you are living in an area that does not have a lot of opportunity leaves you with two options, you can either stay there and just do the best that you can with life or you can leave that area and find a way to do better for yourself. Nitin Khanna decided that he needed to leave his hometown in order to find a better life for himself.

Nitin Khanna left his small town in India to pursue a better career path and educational path. He knew that by leaving bigger doors would be opened to better opportunities. He was excited for this opportunity. Nitin Khanna wanted to be successful in his life, but more than that he wanted to be an inspiration to others to show them that they can do anything that they set their mind to.

Nitin Khanna is an entrepreneur that a lot of people look up to. He is proud of that fact. He wants people to know that if they have any questions about the work that they are doing they can reach out to him to find the answers that they need.

Nitin Khanna has no plans of getting out of the business. He is going to work very hard and he has big plans for his future. He is determined to make all of these plans become realities. If he continues to work very hard then Nitin Khanna will continue to do very great things. He knows that the future is not promised, but he is excited to see what the future is going to bring. There is no telling just how far this man is going to make it.

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Nitin Khanna Keeps “Executing the Plan”and Achieves Major Success

Nitin Khanna is an enigmatic business figure in Portland, Oregon having successful ventures from many industries including film, wine, and cannabis.

Khanna was born and raised in Himachal India, a small Indian village by a family of entrepreneurs. In his childhood, Nitin Khanna was able to see businesses where he observed and developed his business philosophies that lead to his success today. Khanna attended one of India’s best boarding schools the Lawrence School, which has the motto, “Never Give In” that still inspires him today.

For college, Nitin Khanna came to the US and attended Purdue University getting engineering degrees and only a few years later founded his first company called Saber Software. This company was one of his first major successes selling for $470 million back in 2007.

After this initial success, Khanna founded the M&A firm Mergertech and later became CEO of Cura Cannabis, which became one of the largest producers of cannabis oil.

Nitin Khanna believes in having passions outside of work to maintain a work/life balance. Khanna completely merged himself in entrepreneurship by being on several boards for projects like non-profit TiE Oregon. Nitin Khanna’s statement on Oregon has been, “to help as many startups as he can.” He hopes to be someone to look up to and create an atmosphere of growth for the community. He also continues to support local non-profit organizations.

Khanna is someone to look up to with his eclectic business ventures making him a cultural figure in the business world. He focuses on execution rather than ideas, and says his success comes from “executing the plan”. Khanna is a hard worker with a wide range of unique entrepreneurial pursuits, he’s had involvement with both film and wine and even owned a Portland nightclub where he was a DJ.

His ventures in the wine industry have lead to making the labels Four Handle and Pinot Noir. His involvement with wine doesn’t end there, he is also on the Board of Classic Wines Auction, a charity with annual dinner party he hosts and continues to be involved with many prominent wine events.

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Maarten De Jeu Discusses the Prevailing Differences between Residential and Commercial Real Estate Investment

Maarten De Jeu is a known international strategic adviser who has been at the helm of various organizations in the world. He is a corporate development specialist who gives insight into how various organizations can strategically position themselves for growth. He has enabled various companies to achieve success in both the United States and in the European countries. He is a knowledgeable person who has had training in various areas of finance and investment. This explains why he is mostly interested in investment opportunities.


In a recent analysis, Maarten De Jeu highlighted the significant differences between residential real estate and commercial real estate investment. Thousands of investors have remained indifference in this area because they did not have a clue on which type of investment works. It is also worth noting that a significant number of real estate investors have been choosing either residential or commercial real estate without really knowing what to expect. Maarten has cleared the air for many investors, and they can now invest their resources worry-free.


In his analysis, Maarten De Jeu indicates that residential real estates are the property that is specifically used for housing. These are the buildings that are located in rural areas where people live with their families. However, in the last few years, millions of people have moved to urban areas so that they can easily access employment opportunities and other social amenities. The movement of people from rural areas to urban settings has led to the growth of residential real estate properties in major cities around the world.


On the other hand, commercial real estate properties are the types of buildings that are specifically constructed for profit creation. People invest in commercial real estate properties because they want to generate revenues within a short period. Some of the common types of commercial real estate properties include office buildings, restaurants, cinema halls, and shopping malls. Commercial real estate properties serve thousands of people every day. They host various types of businesses that offer various services and products to their customers. Learn more:


Maarten De Jeu continues to highlight that there is a significant difference in the amount invested in commercial and residential real estate properties. For residential units, the house is small and does not include many fixtures. It is meant to meet the needs of the family. The maintenance of such properties is also simple. However, commercial properties such as warehouses and industrial parks demand considerable amounts of money for investment. Much labor, technical expertise, and materials are needed. It is also expensive to maintain commercial properties.


According to Maarten De Jeu, investing in commercial real estate has been difficult and expensive for individual investors. Much capital is needed to construct a shopping mall that meets the building standards in most cities. However, the current changes in-laws are giving commercial investment opportunities to various investors. The fact that equity ownership has been introduced in commercial real estate investment is a welcome benefit to millions of investors. People can now invest in commercial property after pulling resources together.

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Peter Harris Partnerships For Growth

Regional insurer CBL has sold 8.5% of its issued capital, 20 million shares, in an effort to increase its share market liquidity. The shares were discounted 11% from Tuesday’s AU$3.35 and offloaded at just AU$3.00 per share.

The managing director of CBL, Peter Harris, sold five million shares. Alistair Hutchinson, CBL’s deputy chairman, sold 5.4 million shares. The 9.6 million additional shares sold by senior management brought the total amount that was generated to $65 million.

A number of investors from Australia and New Zealand made the purchases after the shares had bee released from escrow. This was shortly after the company’s 2016 fiscal year results were announced in February of 2017.

Peter Harris, who served as the Managing Director and CEO of CBL lead an international team. The team provided reinsurance and specialty insurance based on financial risk and credit within the contracting, building, and construction industries. He has expressed that the key to growth within international markets is building quality partnerships. By building strong partnerships with world-renowned distributors who were experts in their fields, Harris elevated CBL to an international level.

As the developer of a successful growth strategy that made CBL an international corporation, Peter Harris took CBL from just two Auckland employees to more than 550 in 25 countries.

He lead the company through its listing on both the NSX and AASX. In terms of annual GWP, Harris oversaw the growth of CBL to morph into the largest insurance company owned by New Zealand. Under his tenure, the company achieved an A investment grade rating and a positive outlook for financial strength from AM.

Peter Harris began as a manufacturing executive and investment banker prior to CBL. He moved into finance in 1989. The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority and the Central Bank of Ireland recognize Peter Harris as an “Authorised Person”.


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Smita Shah On Her Career

Not many people can say they went from being a grad student to the owner of their own business in just a few short years but Smita Shah is one of the few who can. As an inspiration to many, there are quite a few people out there wondering how she got her start in the business world which is exactly why she sat down for a nice chat with Steve Cochrane. In this radio interview, she mentions that her academic career began when she first matriculated at Northwestern. It was there that she began excelling in her courses and graduated at the top of her class just a few short years later. Upon the receipt of her bachelor’s degree, she moved to Massachusetts so she could pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering at MIT. 

During her time in grad school, she was lucky enough to be accepted into a prestigious white house internship program where she worked for the office of the chief of staff in DC. Upon successful completion of the internship, she went on to graduate and accept a job offer at a company known as SOM. She only worked there for about a year before making the conscious decision to become the founder and CEO of Spaan Tech, a business that is now over 20 years old and has been flourishing since 1998. When she first opened this new organization, she wasn’t that invested in its success but now she realizes the importance of ensuring the company thrives for years to come. 

This is especially true because of the fact that she now has a significant amount of employees working under her so she recognizes the need to support them and their families. When she first started this new business, her primary goal was to bring together a bunch of talented people to create exciting new innovative projects and help the community at large. She has now succeeded in this goal but she still asserts that females have quite a way to go in the workplace as women are heavily underrepresented throughout the field of math and science. This is why she stresses the importance of women helping each other in order to get ahead in their respective fields. She’s also happy that the female student population is 47% at MIT. Learn more:

When she first started her own business, she wasn’t sure if this company was going to be a big success but decided to go for it anyway. She knew if she ended up failing, she could always go to work at a different company, and if she happened to turn this small business into a thriving enterprise, many young women would look up to her for generations to come. One of the main goals of the company is to work with local communities to build highways, bridges, and railroads to keep the community thriving. They also specialize in providing lighting for towns and cities such as stoplights, airport runways, and various emergency lights.

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Maarten De Jeu Has Profound Advice On Areas That Are Important To Those Working In The Corporate Development Field:

Maarten de Jeu knows a great many things about the field of corporate development and the respected business advisor, and founder of SVM Business Advisory, recently spoke candidly about some of his suggestions for those who work in the corporate development field. The work that Maarten de Jeu has done in this field is extensive and he has an elite list of clients that he has worked with over the years. Beyond leading his SVM Business Advisory since its 2012 creation, he has also done important corporate development work with well-known operations such as TVDK Management Consultants and the respected Aviva firm. The work that Maarten did with these firms served to further add to his impressive wealth of knowledge in international business as well as providing him with further points of professional experience. He now continues to pass his knowledge on to his clients through his SVM Business Advisory. With SVM, Maarten de Jeu serves some of the world’s business leaders and helps them in areas such as corporate development. In terms of his tips that he has for those working in the corporate development field, Maarten has three key points. 


Innovation sits at the top of the list provided by Maarten de Jeu in terms of tips for those working in corporate development. He points out the fact that every industry out there has an inherent need for innovative thinking and innovation in general. Innovating in the area of corporate development is a great way to consider new models for doing business and thinking outside of the box on how a business can be grown. A big part of innovation within the scope of corporate development should include the ability to acquire firms that can bring new things into a business model. Learn more: 


Another point that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes is the importance of building strong relationships as a component of corporate development. Building relationships is such an important part of the business world in general and doing so in the area of corporate development is no exception. Successful professionals within the sphere of corporate development can demonstrate strong confidence but they are also able to inspire other individuals as well.


Staying on top of the game and remaining current at all times is a third point that is made by Maarten de Jeu in terms of the field of corporate development. It is necessary to succeed in any corporate endeavor to stay well aware of all recent trends in your industry as well as having a strong reputation of where your business’s competitors are currently.


Following these sound principles is a recipe for success that has been utilized by Maarten de Jeu over his career. He highly recommends these concepts for others that are working toward high levels of achievement in the field of corporate development.

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TigerSwan Gives Military Officials a New Career

The world of business is a place that is open to anyone of any background. When it comes to success, the only thing standing in the way is a personal drive to push forward. James Reese entered the business industry in 2007 upon leaving a 25 year service in the military. As a Lt. Colonel, the lives of his teammates and the reputation of his country was always on the line. He believes that his abilities as a good listener and leader made him a natural born company CEO. The website for TigerSwan recently published a blog post about how James Reese evolved during his career.

James Reese believes the biggest difference between being a commander and a CEO are the expectations of those who serve underneath you. Instead of being in a life or death environment, the employees want to have long-term security. TigerSwan boasts an operation spanning numerous countries with over 300 employees in the system. The company is labeled as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), where disabled military workers come to gain work experience. It creates a group space where each person is there for the same and can relate to each other on a personal level.

The skills for becoming a military commander are simple, while running a business like TigerSwan requires overcoming a high level learning curve. James Reese never imagined the amount of technical knowledge it would take to run a business. TigerSwan overseas a lot of operations and many moving parts. He had to learn about managing a budget, determining price tags, and taking into account the individual skills of each person under his wing. The recruitment and advancement process is more fluid at businesses like TigerSwan

TigerSwan is proud to have a diverse workforce where anyone from anywhere can get the skills they need to get back on their feet. The company has people from the community and other local officials passing through the office on a daily basis. The result is a business is focused on the future and bringing the TigerSwan name to more places around the world.

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Smita Shah: How To Promote Empowerment Inside the Workplace

Smita Shah is the founder of SPAAN Tech Inc., and she serves as an inspiration to women across
America who wanted to become an engineer someday. She studied at MIT, taking up an
engineering degree. Some people raise their eyebrows whenever they hear her story – a woman of
color who was able to study engineering – but many are inspired with how she was able to turn
every moment into an opportunity to succeed. Today, aside from managing SPAAN Tech Inc., she
actively provides inspiring talks to women, advising them on how to become more empowered
inside the workplace. These are some of the tips proposed by Smita Shah on how employees can
feel empowered. Learn more:

1. Develop confidence and believe in what you can do. Smita Shah believes that if people will
become more confident and start believing in their capabilities, they can become a real asset for
the company. She also added that believing in one’s self can forge a whole new character for
individuals who were once shy and has a doubtful outlook in life.

2. Familiarize with your abilities. Everyone has a unique ability, and it would be helpful if people
will start to familiarize themselves with the things that they can do. This can increase their chances
of becoming a major player inside the workplace, contributing to a lot of things.

3. Develop a strong presence. First impressions last, and Smita Shah stated that one should
develop a strong presence to give them an advantage. Having a strong presence will eventually
develop confidence.

4. Take the credit for something you did. This is the reality inside the workplace – you worked hard
for a project, and someone else takes the credit. Do not let these things happen – take the credit if
you need to, and show the team how you worked hard to achieve this goal.
5. Focus on your goals. Smita Shah stated that what happened in the past s

hould stay in the past,
and people should not let it affect their performances in the present. She also advised that it is
important to focus on the goals because it will develop into an inspiration to succeed.

6. Do not comply with the stereotypes. When talking about stereotypes, Smita Shah stated that
women should not comply with the stereotypes associated with the gender inside the office. She
said that women are not limited to do secretarial staff, but they can also become the leaders in
their own right.

7. Grow outside your comfort zone. Women from different cultures are always given a subservient
role, but according to SPAAN Tech Inc. founder, now is the perfect time to break this belief.

8. Demand respect from people who are trying to humiliate you. This can happen even to those
who hold higher positions – people will sometimes disrespect them only because they are women.

9. Keeps your private and professional lives separate. What happens inside the workplace should
stay there.

10. Practice effective time management.

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Bhanu Choudhrie’s Journey in Aviation

Bhanu Choudhrie is an entrepreneur that has made a name for himself in the world of business. Named the 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards, he has only become more respected thanks to his many successes. Some of his decisions were met with disdain by less-courageous investors, however the profit of Bhanu Choudhrie’s decisions has made them think twice about judging such a well-educated person’s choices. One of his recent interests has been investing in aviation. He has a passion for Alpha Aviation Group, which is the only accredited school in the Philippines for airline pilot training. This school has an extremely high graduation rate and aims to assist its students in finding the best path for their careers. Bhanu Choudhrie also bought a small airline in India which was called Air Deccan. When he first acquired it, this small airline only had one plane to carry its passengers. Air Deccan is now a major airline that runs 200 flights a day thanks to the wise decisions that its investors have made. An issue that arose during the growth process of this airline was a lack of pilots. In fact, Bhanu Choudhrie saw the lack of qualified airline pilots as a problem that would hold back the entire aviation industry if it wasn’t dealt with. Alpha Aviation Group helped generate new pilots that are highly skilled and able to bring excellent service to the airlines that hire them. With the help of AAG, the amount of Indian airline pilots is now on the rise and will continue to grow into the future. Pilots were able to be trained so much more efficiently partly due to investments made in the environment and materials that they work with. This, along with changes to how airlines outsource their training needs, made the process of creating capable pilots smoother for everyone involved. A broader relationship with the Asian aviation market has also allowed Bhanu Choudhrie to expand his influence and knowledge base. There is also an AAG location within the UAE that runs out of Sharjah International Airport. Related:

HCR Wealth Advisors Offers Advice on Life Insurance

Anyone who is looking to save up for retirement should also need to consider options that can ensure that their families remain financially secure. When it comes to ensuring the future livelihood of family members, getting a life insurance policy is important. A life insurance policy can help to provide funds to surviving family members for a number of things such as funeral expenses and debts. The policy proceeds can also provide the family with a source of income as well. HCR Wealth Advisors can help find a life insurance policy that will ensure a family’s well-being in the future.


A life insurance policy is a contract with a company that offers coverage for a set period of time. During this period of time, a premium is paid which is a monthly payment for the coverage. Upon death, the policy proceeds can help provide financial support to survivors. One of the main benefits of a life insurance policy is that it is not liable for income tax. However, life insurance policy proceeds may be subject to an estate tax depending on the amount of coverage. To learn more about the tax implications of a life insurance policy, individuals should consider meeting with a representative of HCR Wealth Advisors.

There are two types of life insurance policies. One of the types of life insurance policies is term life insurance. This type of policy is valid for a certain number of years. Coverage is for a set period of time. Upon a person’s death, the policy will be terminated and the coverage will expire. The other type of life insurance policy is a permanent policy. This provides coverage for one’s entire life as long as the monthly premiums are paid. HCR Wealth Advisors can help explain the differences between the two policies and which one is best.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that specializes in providing financial services to a variety of clients. The firm was founded in 1988 and has served as one of the most trusted financial planning and advisory firms in California. Today, the firm helps many individuals, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals find the best solutions to meet their financial needs. HCR Wealth Advisors has a group of professionals who are eager to assist clients find the best ways to achieve goals such as saving up enough for retirement, saving up for college and also handling financial matters such as eliminating debt. HCR distinguishes itself from other firms by letting clients set up their investment portfolio and allow the advisors to give them feedback.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.