Jana Messerschmidt joins Lightspeed Venture Partners

Since 2008, Jana Messerschmidt has been working as the partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners. She has been working in different types of companies before joining the Lightspeed such as twitter and Netflix. Jana Messerschmidt spend much time in giving advice to young emerging companies. Her roles included tasks involving business, engineering, marketing among others.

One of Jana Messerschmidt first investment was #ANGELS. She founded this company with an objective of empowering women to reach their success. To ensure smooth running of her investment, Jana Lightspeed embarked on experienced personnel’s in management of her business. she holds a profession in computer engineering. With knowledge and skills in this field, she demonstrates conclusive running of every organization she gets involved in.

Jana Lightspeed logical strategy in creating new ideas keeps her moving. She begins with determining what she is aiming to achieve. Deciding on the best option to implement follows to achieve her set goals follow to ensure she achieves best in her set goals.The impact of future transportation in cities and culture of people is some of the emerging trends, Jana Messerschmidt spends time in. due to this, Jana Lightspeed has managed to big angel investment as an angel investor. This gives her chance to bring her mind in as well as focus on the culture of future cities.

Jana Messerschmidt mingles with many people with different entrepreneur ideas. She pays attention of new ideas which she takes down for later manipulates to see use in business running. With this, Jana Messerschmidt is well known for note taking ability which is believed to be one of the attributes which has made her to emerge a successful entrepreneur. In business, it believed to be a culture in making new patterns as well as trends in investments as it gives one opportunity to revisit what was shared later.