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Matt Badilai Pushes Oil Investments with Undervalued XOP

Matt Badiali has been talking up oil investments in recent articles of his Banyan Hill Newsletter. According to Badiali prices of oil internationally are going to continue to increase in 2019. Investors should care because XOP ETF is very undervalued. So much so that if the price surges stop XOP will still increase. If investors play their cards right than they could stand to make a sizable return.

Matt Badiali has been offering investment advice for years. A professional geologist with years of experience working for top-level oil companies, Badiali uses his knowledge to provide actionable projections for mid-level investors. Loyal readers of his newsletters, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits, are well aware that Badiali loves using ETFs to cheaply invest in petroleum as it reduces overall risk. As it is not a direct investment it can yield more and take away less. Read full interview of Matt at

The XOP Matt Badiali has been talking about is a stock market ticker. It represents SPDR S&P Oil and Gas Exploration and Production’s exchange-traded fund (ETF). According to Badiali the XOP is undervalued because it has not increased very much despite oil prices surging. Eventually, the fact that it is undervalued will be noticed and the XOP will be corrected. So an investor who buys into the XOP now will see their investment increase when the corrections are made.

Matt Badiali also believes that oil prices are going to skyrocket in 2019. This projection is the key push behind his Freedom Checks investment. Since 2017 Badiali has been speculation that oil prices will surge and that a lot will be experienced stateside. The cause is both geopolitical and macroeconomic factors. Any investor who buys in early can see their stock values skyrocket.

Badiali is also making the same claim about cannabis. In another series of his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist Badiali has been picturing what full legalization fo medical marijuana in the U.S. could do to current markets. As with oil, he is suggesting investors buy in early to enjoy success later on. No matter if it is oil or cannabis Badiali certainly sees a big year coming.


Paul Mampilly – Helping People Pick the Best Stocks for Investment

Investing in the stock market can be really tricky as there are numerous parameters you need to take into account and consider before putting in your hard earned money. If you are unable to decipher which stock is right for you, following what the experts have to say can be really instrumental in getting the returns you are expecting. One of the top stock market experts in the United States today is Paul Mampilly, who has tons of experience in the stock market and investment banking. He is known for his radical investment strategies that never fail to deliver the expected results to his clients. He is also the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation Award, which he won during the time when the entire world was going through an economic recession in the financial year of 2008-09. Visit

Paul Mampilly spent over a decade working for elite banking and financial organizations and proved his mettle through his performance the results he provided to the organizations he worked for. After working for many years at Wall Street, he switched his career to work for the common people rather than only helping the rich get even wealthier. Paul Mampilly is presently the senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he is designated as the stock market expert. In the newsletters that he edits, Paul provides the effective investment strategies, especially focusing on the stock market, which can be used by the common people to enhance the value of their investment portfolio over a period of time. It may seem challenging for many people when it comes to choosing the right stock to invest in, but Paul does his extensive research before providing stock recommendations in his newsletters that the readers can trust without any worries.

Paul Mampilly keeps himself updated of the latest happenings in the tech industry as it allows people to know what trends are here to stay. It also helps them pick companies that will surely profit in the future so that they can purchase their stocks. Some trends that are here to stay according to him are voice search tech, Big Data, and others. Check out his Facebook page.





Felipe Montoro Jens: The Expert in Finance and Infrastructure Industries

Felipe Montoro Jens is a name known by many Brazilians. He is an infrastructure projects specialist as well as a consultant. Over the years, Felipe has advised many business deals between the government and the private sector-Public Private Partnerships. In 1998, he attended UC Santa Barbra University where he received a Spanish and History degree and later, he did Masters in Kinesiology and Health Promotion in the same university. His desire for business forced him to pursue other two degrees: Bachelors in Business Administration from FundaoGetlio Vargas and Masters in Business Administration from American Garvin School. Read article about Montoro Jens at

In Enel Group S.P.A, Felipe worked in departments of structured finance and project development. Mr. Jens has also worked with other companies like Paulo Oliveiro De Melo and Luciano NitriGuidolin. His exemplary work and experience have made him a popular figure in the infrastructure industry. When asked what he does to make his day productive, Felipe said that he avoids social media, unnecessary talk and tries as much as he can to take fewer hours in meetings.

To bring his ideas to live, this businessman does three things: read the news, watch good movies and interact with smart people. People around you contribute a lot to who you are as a person or what you want to be. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Jens said that being focused has helped him achieve his goals. This infrastructure expert advises young entrepreneurs to do their best, and focus on the future.

Felipe holds different top positions in several companies in Brazil. He is the Chairman of Arboreal and EmpreendimentosImobiliários, a director at Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo as well Fonte Nova NegocioseParticipaçoes SA and an executive officer at Empresa de Generación Huallaga SA. In addition to all that, he is the Principal at MarañonEnergia SA. Felipe’s best quote is ‘just keep walking’. Visit:

David McDonalds and OSI Group

The progress of OSI Group in China and Asia is one that still dumbfounds most people. As an American company, the successes in the east is one to model after. Speaking to David McDonald, he confirms it wasn’t an easy transition and they have made steady progress over the past 20 years. To achieve optimum results, the company had to spend time understanding the needs of the people and what partners actually wanted. The patience shown by his company and employees was key to the growth of OSI in the east. To build longstanding business relationships, one has to understand the culture, mannerisms and business techniques.

David McDonald maintains that was the major hurdle they faced at the time. Another one was coping with government rules and regulations. Most times, they have to work hand in hand with the governments to find ways in tackling the problem at hand. Sometimes the government might not even understand what they want. According to David McDonald, this takes time and patience to find amicable resolves to issues. They also tried manufacturing in china, but the regulations and rules they faced was also one to work with. Coping with the politics and other regional issues can come into play, but finding a legal way around is what makes a successful company.

They started this journey by appointing Lavin the chief executive in the 70’s, and that has guided their transition till date. The company has now installed about 3 state of the art plants in Asia, in both China and Japan respectively. Lavin was responsible for opening the group up to different continents, like Asia and Europe. Due to his background in banking, he was the best candidate to lead the firm forward. He did that remarkably, and now the group is reaping the rewards. They have established themselves in the eastern market and have become a force to be reckoned with worldwide. OSI group is now a multibillion dollar company and show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

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Steve Ritchie Approaches to Changeovers in the Food Industry

Steve Ritchie — one of the youngest CEOs in the food market — is one of the most versatile executives in the food industry. He is also one of the longest-serving employees of Papa John’s, and during this period, he has learned a lot about the food company and his abilities as a leader. In the last 24 months, Ritchie has defiled some of the trends in the food market. For example, and he is the first ever CEO to reach a two-digit mark (in terms of growth) in the competitive food market. The following are some of the reasons why Steve Ritchie is a brilliant executive.

First, when he came to the company, he knew that the company needed to re-evaluate its efficiency in the market. As one of the people that have been in the food market for decades, he knew the importance of an effective marketing strategy. In a press release — shortly after his appointment — Steve Ritchie assured the advisory board members that he was going to make the marketing team better and more efficient. One of his first tasks was to create a robust team by bringing new talents to supplement the team members that were already in the department. Brandon Rhoten — who came in as the head of the marketing team — has assisted Papa John’s in reaching more markets.

Second, he knew that the company needed a better online presence and a team that could handle customer complaints. Mike Nettles — one of the most talented digital strategists — was his choice for this important department. Steve Ritchie is now confident that the department will assist him and the management team to give customers better services and more importantly, increase online and offline presence. In addition to adding talents in this critical department, Ritchie has reinvested part of the company’s income to training employees.

Stream Energy, leading by example in the field of philanthropy

Stream Energy is not only known for its success in the energy business, but also for its philanthropy state of mind. Following one of the most devastating hurricanes to hit Houston, Stream Energy was one of the first companies to fund recovery and ease the financial burden of their customers. The company was not troubled by the thought of giving their earned money to help out those in need.

Stream’s involvement in aiding of communities is not a new thing. A major part of the Stream’s vision is to make philanthropy a part of their company. They recently launched their charity foundation, “Stream Cares”. Alongside providing relief in Houston when they needed it the most, Stream Energy has built relationships with many non-profits like Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross.

A particular issue Stream Energy and its associates want to help with is homelessness. They have partnered with Hope Supply Co. to tackle the homeless problem. One of the ways Stream Energy and its associates aid is by covering entrance and meal costs at the annual Splash for Hope. Stream has been in partnership with Hope Supply Co for over four years and doesn’t plan to stop now. They have been apart of this organization that helps provide diapers, school supplies and other necessities for homeless children.

Stream is not only an energy company that wants to grow its finances but also help communities with its success. Stream emphasizes the building up of those less fortunate through its work ethic of giving back. Their success positively correlates with their community involvement. Corporate Philanthropy involvement in America is typically extensively publicized, and combat scandals. For Stream Energy, it is apart of the company’s identity. They are more than willing to provide direct funding to nonprofits, along with their time and efforts. The Company not only wishes to help those less fortunate but also its customers. Stream works to provide the best services to its customers, affordable without scarifying the quality.

Jana Messerschmidt joins Lightspeed Venture Partners

Since 2008, Jana Messerschmidt has been working as the partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners. She has been working in different types of companies before joining the Lightspeed such as twitter and Netflix. Jana Messerschmidt spend much time in giving advice to young emerging companies. Her roles included tasks involving business, engineering, marketing among others.

One of Jana Messerschmidt first investment was #ANGELS. She founded this company with an objective of empowering women to reach their success. To ensure smooth running of her investment, Jana Lightspeed embarked on experienced personnel’s in management of her business. she holds a profession in computer engineering. With knowledge and skills in this field, she demonstrates conclusive running of every organization she gets involved in.

Jana Lightspeed logical strategy in creating new ideas keeps her moving. She begins with determining what she is aiming to achieve. Deciding on the best option to implement follows to achieve her set goals follow to ensure she achieves best in her set goals.The impact of future transportation in cities and culture of people is some of the emerging trends, Jana Messerschmidt spends time in. due to this, Jana Lightspeed has managed to big angel investment as an angel investor. This gives her chance to bring her mind in as well as focus on the culture of future cities.

Jana Messerschmidt mingles with many people with different entrepreneur ideas. She pays attention of new ideas which she takes down for later manipulates to see use in business running. With this, Jana Messerschmidt is well known for note taking ability which is believed to be one of the attributes which has made her to emerge a successful entrepreneur. In business, it believed to be a culture in making new patterns as well as trends in investments as it gives one opportunity to revisit what was shared later.