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Billionaire Isabel Dos Santos Shares Her Support Of The Newly-Ratified ACFTA

Isabel dos Santos is an African businesswoman who has established many companies during her career. She founded a trucking company, a nightclub and restaurant, a telecommunications firm, companies in the global diamond trade, and more. She is a champion of the citizens of Angola and has helped them by improving telecommunications infrastructure and giving back through philanthropy.

She is a fan of the newly ratified African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA). ACTFA is based on the European Union model. This agreement will dramatically increase the amount of trade that is done between 55 African countries. Currently, surprisingly few products are traded between nations in Africa. ACTFA will establish a new trading bloc that unlocks Africa’s economic potential.

As one of Africa’s few billionaires, Isabel dos Santos has made creating opportunities for Africans one of her top priorities. An international businesswoman, she strives to convince the international business community to invest in Africa. The goal is to improve people’s lives, including those who live in the most rural parts of Africa. Read more about Isabel Dos Santos at

Angola had a long civil war that ended in 2002. This left the Angolan economy in tatters. Angola has a lot of potential that development could unleash. Its economy is almost entirely driven by oil, but the government is trying to reduce this dependence. Isabel dos Santos uses her money and business acumen to improve the Angolan economy. She says that increasing people’s access to technology is critical. This access is key to boosting the economies of local communities and then the entire country.

One way she has introduced technology to Angolans is her company Unitel. This company builds telecommunications infrastructure that gives people access to cellular service and the internet. This has opened up many educational and business opportunities. Her educational background includes earning an engineering degree at King’s College in London. She used this background to establish what is now Angola’s largest telecommunications provider. It is estimated that because of Isabel dos Santos, Unitel has indirectly created more than 50,000 jobs.


Nitin Khanna Providing Long- term Health Solutions

Nitin Khanna is known for his investments in the Cannabis sector, music, and even in the consultation sector. Over the years he has served at Saber Corporation, Merger and even at Oregon Company providing his skills and knowledge. Nitin Khanna service in these companies has led to his recognition across the globe.

Also, Nitin Khanna serves at CuraCannabis; this firm deals with the provision of various Cannabis products such as Oil and Cartilages. Since Khanna invested in CuraCannabis, there has been an extensive expansion in terms of land used for growth and the number of employees. His primary objective is ensuring that CuraCannabis is the largest supplier of Cannabis products across the United States.

CuraCannabis has already established offices in Nevada, California, and Oregon serving thousands of clients with Cannabis oil and other products. According to Nitin Khanna, this is the best time to provide CBD consumers with high-quality products that will meet all their expectations.

Nitin Khanna has taken the initiative to work closely with the employees, ensuring that they have planted Cannabis plant organically with no chemicals; hence, the final products have no psychoactive high. The expansion aims of Nitin Khanna are becoming a reality since the company has managed to gain trust and confidence of their customers across the world.

Benefits of CuraCannabis

Nitin Khanna has partnered with many retailers to supply Marijuana across the world, ensuring their customers benefit greatly. Nitin Khanna has guaranteed to provide painkillers and solutions for people in need to relax.

Through the CBD oils, consumers can deal with sleeping issues, anxiety, inflations, and pain killers. The solutions are for any time of the day. In the morning CBD provides peppermint, and in the afternoon there is grapefruit for revival for the evening they use Lavender which aids in relaxation.

Nitin Khanna has provided solutions to his customers using natural products; hence, there are no side effects. He is devoted to creating a better world where people can rely on plants as medicines and long term solutions. All CBD products are tested, and before being sold to the customers, they have to be approved by health-related companies. Khanna`s legacy prevails across the world for his long-term contributions.

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BR-364, and BR-153 among others up for makeover, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens an infrastructure specialist, reports an investment of R $ 44 billion is going to be implemented in 2018. These funds are to be invested into 57 projects spanning a total of 22 sectors, ensuring most of the economy will benefit. Spearhead by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), the investment will be implemented in infrastructure, privatizing government companies, and airport management.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted the bidding on the various projects will take place during the last months of 2018. The Ministry of Transportation announced bidding taking place in the last of the year, is an effort to have the bids during the end of President Michel Temer’s term in office. The Transportation Ministry also announced highways BR-153 and BR-364 are part of the 57 projects. BR-364 is almost 800 kilometers long connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO). BR-153, connects Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO). Find out more at to learn more.

Infraero, according to Felipe Montoro Jens is going to sale some of the airports they currently manage. Infaero owns 49% of the stock, of each of the companies they manage. Felipe Montoro Jens, listed Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro), and Guarulhos (Sao Paulo) as some of the airports currently ran by Infraero that will sold. There will also be auctions for port terminal concessions Belem (PA), Vila do Conde, Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) at the end of 2018.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted although there has not been an announcement on how these are to be sol, but they are schedule to become privatized. The companies to be sold are the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docs of Espirito. The Mint is the enterprise responsible for printing official Brazilian governmental things is being sold sole for the advance of technology. These plans are set to help keep Brazil’s economy moving forward.

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Steve Lesnard Gives His Take On Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard has a great reputation for having one of the best marketing minds in the sports marketing sector. He has launched some iconic brands for some high-power equipment brands and for three different Olympic games. He also has a knack for building positive relationships with star athletes within all athletic sectors. He Steve Lesnard has a gift of creativity and strategic implementation when it comes to bringing his ideas to life. When he his bringing a new idea to life he focuses on proper preparation, the commitment to success, and hardwork. Mr. Lesnard then brings the idea to life. Mr. Lesnard is also big on setting goals and accomplishing these goals. So when he is doing a project he sets short term and long term goals specific for the project. He then accomplishes each goal one by one until the project is complete.

Steve Lesnard has noticed that with the rise of social media and this new digital dynamic will change the way how companies market their products. This new space has worked great for some brands and not so good for other brands. The cool thing about the new social media platforms is that you can demonstrate a product online and millions of people can see the product. Social media has allowed for companies to run ads for their product on television and on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Using all of these platforms allows the product to reach millions if not billions of people across the globe. Mr. Lesnard follows two key principles when it comes to marketing. The first principle that Mr. Lesnard follows is to make sure the product is memorable and then you have to bring the product to life and make it real.

Mr. Lesanrd can truly see how to market a product and his two key principles are very easy to attain with the advancement in social media. It is very easy to market the product and make it memorable. It is also very easy to bring the product to life with the use of all these social media platforms. These platforms can bring a corporation’s product to life and these same platforms can bring a regular person who has an invention or an ideal to life as well. The power of the internet and social media is amazing.

Richard Liu Talks About JD at Annual Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the entrepreneurs who recently attended the World Economic Forum in 2018. While he was at this forum, Richard Liu talked about the background of his company and what made him start it up. After one of this previous retail businesses closed down, he realized that ecommerce was essential to success. As a result, he looked to start up JD which will offer quality products as well as ecommerce solutions. He also talked about how he plans on getting products to customers in other parts of the world. Richard has mentioned that he is looking to expand shipping routes to the United States and the United Kingdom within the next couple of years. For over two decades, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been active in the business and computing industry.

When he completed his college degree programs, he began to freelance as a computer programmer. Richard Liu would also work for one of the top companies in the technology industry and lead its technology department. With these two experiences, Richard accumulated a lot of expertise in one of the most lucrative industries in the economy. His technological expertise would help him develop ecommerce solutions for his most successful company During the past two decades, Richard Liu Qiangdong spent a considerable amount of time as an independent business owner. He got his first experience in entrepreneurship when he founded his own restaurant. As a restaurant owner, he was able to learn about the food service industry as well as make money at the same time.

This experience would give him first hand knowledge on how to manage employees, acquire resources and market a business. However, he closed the restaurant down so that he could pursue career opportunities in computer programming and technology management. Richard Liu Qiangdong eventually left the technology industry to become an entrepreneur again. Liu opened up a retail store that sold vision products to local consumers. However, the store closed down because it was not using ecommerce solutions to allow people to buy products on the internet. This convinced Richard Liu that he needed to develop ecommerce solutions so that he can maintain a profitable company. He would use ecommerce for his latest company Liu founded JD and quickly built it into one of China’s most profitable companies.

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OSI Group McDonalds Silence Critics

It’s far too easy for anyone to criticize or attack others these days. The online bullying doesn’t stop at teenagers degrading each other. It spills over into adults attacking each other, and companies using anonymous accounts to undermine the competition. Basically, anyone can attack anyone else for any reason.

When it comes to easy attacks, large corporations are the most vulnerable. People instinctively mistrust big corporations, so starting a debilitating rumor only takes a few pictures and a little story. That’s how David Whipple attacked McDonald’s in 2013 and accused them of using preservatives in their hamburgers.

With no real evidence, people jumped down McDonald’s and, by association, OSI Group’s throat. The two companies have been partners since the first McDonald’s opened in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. Anytime one is attacked, they both feel the blow. While many experts have come to OSI Group McDonalds defense, public opinion is not something easily silenced.

The best way to silence the naysayers was to open their doors and allow people to see how their burgers are produced from start to finish. OSI Group McDonalds recently allowed Business Insider to tour one of their factories in Germany to show people how their burgers are really produced.

In factories that use chemicals or other preservatives, the smell of chemicals is most prevalent. When Business Insider entered the German factory, the first thing they smelled was fresh beef. The entire factory smelled of meat, including the reception area.

Throughout the tour, Business Insider noticed the attention to detail every employee approached their duties with. No one sick or ill is allowed in the factory, not even in office-related areas. Because OSI Group McDonalds doesn’t use preservatives, their meat is more susceptible to contamination, so extreme care must be taken around all meat products.

Most surprising was the excessive checking of the meat for loose objects and plastics. Not only is everyone required to wear protective clothing, but they must also remove all jewelry and use metal pens to write.

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Serge Belamant And His Invaluable Contribution to Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant And His Invaluable Contribution to Blockchain Technology

There are several people that we often associate when we think of a particular field. For instance, Baby Ruth connotes baseball; Michael Jordan connotes NBA or Chicago Bulls, Steve Jobs for iPhone or Apple, and Bill Gates for IBM. But, in blockchain technology, most of us do not know who to associate it with. Unfortunately, though unknown to many, Serge Belamant is the brain behind the blockchain technologies. In fact, he is the patent holder of the increasingly popular technology. Serge was the driving force in the development of various blockchain applications through the utilization of smart cards. These smartcards have microprocessors that can be accessed both online and offline. Unlike other big names in the tech industry, Serge Belamant is not from MIT or Standford. He was born in France and grew up in South Africa. As a growing kid, Serge is bright and has an outgoing personality. In 1971, he was given the prestigious award, Victor Ludorum. He initially took up Engineering at Witwatersrand University.

However, during his second year in college, he transferred to applied mathematics and computer science. During his third year, he transferred school and took up information systems at the UNISA or university of South Africa. Before he finished his degree, like other big names in the tech industry, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, he left school. Like any other startup businesses, Serge Belamant had a hard time selling his innovative technology. During those times, blockchain was sluggish in founding its customer base. During his first few years, he spent his time persuading banks to use his UEPS or Universal Electronic Payment System. But, due to the regulations that banks must be observed and because of its nature, selling the products was very challenging.

However, in 1995, Visa hired his firm, Net1 technologies, to develop a new application that utilizes UEPS/FTS technology. Serge went to the US where he was able to gain access to all the things that he needed to finish his project. After trials and tests, he developed the COPAC or what is known as the Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card. Although he was completing his project with Visa, Serge was able to combine two of his innovative creations. He merged the UEPS and the FTS and created the COPAC, which, up to this day, is still the major security feature of Visa in fighting misuse of credit, fraud, and in verifying personal identification numbers. In 2017, Serge Belamant left Net1 Technologies and co-established Zilch Technologies Limited with his son Phillip. The company specializes in most of his inventions concerning the banking industry. He is very active and hands-on in developing blockchain technology that has advanced the cryptocurrency sector.

David McDonald Brought About Authoritative Leadership

David McDonald has been able to create himself a great name through his understanding and transparency to his client. Workplace dynamics are working towards more truth based direction. He was brought up in Iowa and is the President and the CEO of OSI Group LLC, an international food processing company. McDonald invests, where his heart belongs. In every business, the employees, client, and customers always seek to know what is happening. They also need to be heard and given attention as it creates a feeling of security and ownership. David uses these principals to not only transform his company but many other intertwined lives.

David McDonald is grounded in giving, making him an avid philanthropist to agriculture charities in his native state. He has also managed to use other companies that he has established, such as Orange Bay Foods to extend his positive message. The vast experience in philanthropy in conjunction with persistent and innovation help him in guiding OSI Group LLC in its current high position. The other factor that significantly contributed to the success of David is taking stock and keeping records of all business and family factors. He also acquired Tyson foods for 7.4 million and became an International Director of Global Foods S.A. It’s a fact that David McDonald is honing the new leadership model, which is built-in love. Love in business makes some people feel uncomfortable.

However, treating it as an action rather than a feeling makes it easier for people to understand how McDonald managed to implement a movement that impacted the entire world efficiently. Replace the aspect of power driver leadership with the elements of authoritative leadership leads to transformation starting with self. McDonald abandoned his ego and encouraged communication between his employees, customers, and clients. He allowed his customers to share their concerns freely. It leads to confidence since they are heard, and changes are being implemented to match all their needs. David initiated many changes in the business and designed an original plan for development based on long-standing core human values. Authoritative leadership was brought about and implemented by McDonald and ended with him. Learn More.

Analyst Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is an editor of the Bauman Letter and Plan B Club after joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He is responsible for asset protection, privacy, low-risk investment strategies, and international migration issues. He was born in Washington D.C. but moved to Africa and graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Economics and History. He’s held several executive positions while spending over 20 years in Africa and he was a fund manager for low-costing house projects. He founded Slum Dwellers Internationals which has helped over 14 million people in 35 different countries. He works from his basement office early in the morning which is when he thinks he does his work best. He uses the morning to get his hardest work done because that is when he feels most productive. Read full interview of Ted Bauman at

In the past, Ted Bauman has had many hardworking jobs and this has encouraged him to work harder so that he would not have to be stuck with these jobs for the rest of his life. From working these jobs, he’s gained an understanding of what it’s like to put up with difficult bosses and work hard for a small amount of money. He believes that these jobs helped him to realize that if you want society to thrive, it is important to pay attention to the welfare of the people at the top and the bottom. Rising above all of this, Ted Bauman now focuses on finding different sources of information and being well-informed on topics to help him be a better writer and analyst. A good book that he suggests people should read is Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century. It discusses the increasing concentration of wealth in our world, which can be helpful information to business people everywhere. Even though it can be seen as a controversial book, Ted Bauman thinks it’s important for readers to read this book because whether you agree with it or not, it opens you up. Ted Bauman dedicated his whole life helping people to live a government-free life meaning people are free from being controlled by the government and corporate greed.

Website: Features Prada Flagship Store At June Anniversary Event had quite the anniversary celebration this past June and Prada was invited. The well-known Italian fashion designer opened a brand new flagship store as part of Jingdong’s Anniversary event. The giant e-commerce company has been responsible for introducing hundreds of new products to Chinese consumers. Many of these products have revolved around the world of high fashion. Prada is the latest to join the fold and its expectations are high. Jingdong has partnered with many western fashion companies to introduce their wares on its platform. JD’s unbeatable logistics allowing each company to offer just what Chinese consumers are looking for. JD’s platform is peppered with virtual flagship stores for numerous designers.

Prada has opened its own as part of an effort to expand its virtual footprint. The company has been experiencing double-digit growth since 2018 and wants to capitalize. It will be using to offer its fall/winter collection as well as open flagship stores for its subsidiaries. By 2020 Prada plans to have flagship stores open for all its sub-brands. It already opened two during JD’s anniversary event: Miu Miu and Car Shoe.’s anniversary event was a huge spectacle. The company that first dominated the web back in 2004 had a lot to celebrate. It is the foremost e-commerce force for Asia, Europe, and Australia. It has hundreds of partnerships with top-level companies. It is known for its use of advancing technology, as well as next-level business practices. The anniversary event was representative of all that. 90% of JD’s providers released new products with new additions like Prada opening flagship stores.


Richard Liu Qiangdong opened his first retail location in 1998. The store was called Jingdong and sold electric components and optics. Soon the one location had turned into many and Qiangdong had a nice franchise booming. In 2004 the SARS epidemic made Liu Qiangdong look for another way to sell his wares. He opened JD’s first online store that year and the rest is history. is now the biggest online retail platform in China. Everyone uses it for its logistics and it has become well-know for its practices and use of high-tech.

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