The Academy of Art University is the Epitome of Excellence

This university has metamorphosized quickly indeed. Initially, it was opened in 1929. As indicated the campus is a family owned campus situated in San Francisco, California, USA. Over the decades it has seen the turn of three generations since Richard S. Stephens relinquished his authority over the organization.

Elisa Stephens did a tremendous job at the university increasing student numbers from a mere 2000 to 18000 by 2012. The campus records a 100% admission acceptance rate and owns the biggest property in San Francisco. Since 2005 the university has taken an active role in the New York Fashion Week event twice every year.

It is also part of the Annual Spring Show which brings together students and potential employers under one roof. It is in this event alone that employers come to potential employees looking for talent and mastery of the desired skill sets. This is a one in a lifetime event to showcase students’ potential and suitability for the job market.

When it happens, the campus brings students from one of its best faculties: the School of Animation & Visual Effects to introduce them to the big names in the industry. Disney, Marvel, and many other key players are all here in search of the next big thing. It is a golden opportunity to network and shape one’s future!

The school’s alumni and their students’ peers, families and representatives from target companies all converge here to sample the presentation of art and talent by the campus. Other students from all over the world also come to learn from the best seeing that it has been around for almost a century now. Here creatives are taught by creatives who are not only teachers but are themselves still practicing as well.

This set of qualifications attracts many students both locally and internationally. The teachers are well versed in content and are therefore very well suited for the job. The courses are tailor-made in such a way that the raw talent does not disappoint even when under scrutiny in an event where criticism is bound to be freely offered and from the most unexpected corners.