ClassDojo Creates Communication Mojo

ClassDojo is a fun app that is being utilized in about 2 out of 3 schools. Teachers are embracing the innovative communication platform that ClassDojo has created. Many parents can think back to when they were in school and how communication worked between their parents and teachers. Often teachers would phone home if there was something that needed to be spoken about. Notes would also be sent home but it was left to the child to deliver the note. ClassDojo has opened the door to create a sense of community between parents, students and teachers.

The innovative features of this app include in app messaging, secure classroom communication and DoJo creation by the students. Teachers who decide to utilize this app will provide necessary information to their students’ parents via email or a print out. This information will have the teachers sign in information and a password for parents to use. Parents will download the ClassDojo app on their phone for free. Once the app is installed parents will use the sign in information their child’s teacher provided. Once the account is created parents will experience a whole new sense of inclusion and communication. Teachers can share videos and pictures from the classroom throughout the day. Working parents who are unable to volunteer will be able to see what is happening in their child’s class room. Parents and teachers can also communicate via a messaging option through the app.

Students love ClassDojo because of the monster they can create and the point system. Each student can customize their own unique ClassDojo avatar monster. Teachers can give and take points throughout the day. Parents can sign it at any time during the day and view the points system and then discuss it after school with their child. An example of the Dojo points system would be “1 point given for homework turned in early” another example would be “one point removed for talking during quiet time”. Parents will be able to discuss the day and the points with their children and if there are any questions about points the parents can message the teacher through the app. ClassDojo is opening the doors of communication for parents and their children as well as parents to their child’s teacher.