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Beneful has Everything Your Dog Needs at Walmart

Have you expanded your family recently? Have you found a new love for your home? Did you acquire a new puppy? If so, Beneful has the right puppy food for you. A puppy needs a number of things to be healthy and therefore you want to make sure that the food that you are purchasing is high in calcium which is needed to support strong bones for a growing pup. Not only is it needed for healthy bones but also for healthy teeth.

If you are not sure if your dog will enjoy Beneful, the smaller size bags are great for trying it out. The Beneful Originals with real beef is a great choice for dog food. It contains the ingredients needed for a healthy immune system along with the nutrients needed for a healthy coat. By purchasing the smaller size bags, you are able to try it but the cost will be higher than if you purchase the larger bags.

So your dog is slightly overweight and needs to lose a few pounds, Beneful Healthy Weight is the right choice for a dog who needs to lose weight. The food is calorie smart for adult dogs and has high quality protein and real chicken inside. It is sure to be a hit with all dog breeds.

Grain free Beneful with farm raised chicken is a great choice for dogs who can not tolerate grains in their food. If your dog has an allergy to grain, the food has not wheat, soy or corn. The chicken that is found inside of the food is farm raised and perfect to help a dog who is sensitive to grains.

If your dog is a fan of canned food, Beneful IncrediBites is perfect. The small bites are great for dogs who are smaller and is packed full of protein. Smaller dogs will require some of the same nutrients as larger breeds but there are some vitamins that it needs that other foods might not have. Beneful has everything your dog needs to live and be healthy and happy in your home.

Beneful Dog Food: Conveniently Available for Purchase at Walmart

When choosing a food for you dog or puppy, it is important to choose one both rich in quality nutrition, and easy to purchase. When your dog runs out of food, you don’t want to end up driving around town searching for your brand. Beneful dog food is packed with premium ingredients, and is available at many convenient locations, one of which is Walmart. Being that Walmart has thousands of locations across the nation; it is a great place to pick up Beneful when you’re on-the-go.


Walmart carries Beneful dog food at a lower retail price than most of its competitors. At Walmart, a 15 lb bag of Beneful dry food retails for $13.98. Their wet variety of dog food costs $14.98 and contains 27 cans. You are looking at spending around the same amount whether you buy wet or dry food. If buying in bulk, a 31 lb bag costing $26.98. Smaller bags of dry food are also available: Walmart offers a 3.5 lb bag costing only $5.48.

Available Varieties

It is important to choose the Beneful formula that is specific to your dog or puppy. Walmart carries most of the Beneful dog food recipes. They offer the Healthy Weight Formula With Real Salmon in both wet and dry options. They also offer a multitude of flavor combinations, as well as puppy food.

Affordable Solutions

You can also download Walmart’s app to help you find out when Beneful will go on roll-back, and alert you concerning any special pricing or discounts.