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The Marketing Genius Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a sales and marketing guru. Everything she touches turns to gold. Lori has the capabilities of turning around the sales of any company or organization. Lori Senecal’s commitment to challenge people always to do the best is her essential attribute. These attributes have made her famous among many employers who hire her to lead their companies.

Lori Senecal launched her company, TAG ideation in 2003, reveals campaign live UK. She is an expert in multinational account with abundant knowledge and expertise in data analytics. Her brainchild, TAG Ideation has been in the forefront in promoting favorite brands such as Sprint, Nestle, Xbox, Nabisco, Molson and Weight Watchers. She has also worked for big corporations such as Coca-Cola where she was a Global Accountant Director for eight years and even for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc where she was the Chief Marketing Officer.

She is the CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky (CP&B), an advertising agency that specializes in building brands by making them famous. Under the leadership of Lori, the company’s revenues have increased by over 21 percent in two years. Lori is respected as a manager, and the Advertising Age has put her on its Women to Watch list, she has also been accorded the Quantum Leap Award for innovative leadership.

Before joining CP&B, Lori was President of McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup, Chief Information Officer of McCann Worldgroup and later the President of the new McCann-Erickson New York office. She was born and bred in Canada and has a degree in Sales and Marketing from McGill University. When she is out of her busy schedule, she enjoys technology and photography.

For a company to succeed in the business world, its marketing crusade must and should achieve three crucial results according to Lori Senecal. It must include a point that reaches its targeted audience. The target audience should readily understand the message that is put across, and finally, the company must ensure that the signal will trigger the audience to take appropriate action. Social media marketing via Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and using the right mix of visual images can achieve the required results.

Lori Senecal: Success Made, Not Born

Recently, Lori Senecal has decided to leave her role as Global CEO of CP+B, only remaining in the seat long enough to warm it for her successor who will take it over at the beginning of 2018.Those of us who know her, know she has earned her retirement. But for the rest of us, now would be a good time do briefly go over her assent.

When Lori Senecal was in school, she was more of an introvert, sticking to her gymnastics and becoming a coach shortly after leaving school. Lori was quick to question that career path however and enrolled in a business degree at Montreal’s Mc Gill University.

Immediately after graduation, however, she was all but dumped into a whole new world one of gratuitous human interaction and daily public speaking. Any introvert will tell you that is their worst nightmare. She overcame this fear with preparation and, as a direct result of facing that fear, Lori came out stronger, to quote the woman herself “If you go in the direction of your fear, chances are you will grow and become more confident and better for it”.

According to Adweek, it was her preparation that directed her colleagues to offer her a promotion to account management for the Canadian Coca-cola account in Toronto. This did not last long as the president of the Toronto branch suggested that she pursue bigger goals, this sparked her movement to the New York office, where she met her future husband. Within three years of movement to the office, she became president of it.

Three years after becoming president of the New York office Lori was called on by the CEO of the company to succeed the founders of the Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners despite that they were already looking at different successors. Despite this Nadal, the CEO from earlier had insisted she replace them when they left. This is the position is the position she has held until this very year, and the last one she is holding before her well-earned retirement at the end of this year.

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