From a mother and college dropout to CEO of U.S. Reserve, Angela Koch’s rise is inspirational. More people need to know about her journey, and Forbes gave Koch a platform to speak her truth.

She doesn’t hold back. Her employee-first mentality, the three lessons that guide her through life, and odd end jobs prepared her for this role. She is the first female CEO in the precious metals industry, and she shows Forbes she can hang with the competition by doing things her way.

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Her child and ex-husband’s career persuaded Koch to pitch in. She grabbed whatever job she could find, sometimes working two or three jobs at once.

Types of jobs Koch took include a Jewish foundation, pharmacies, electrical companies, and a process control company. At every job, Koch wanted to learn how the company operated from top to bottom.

By learning how each company functioned, Koch developed a knack for learning and processing data. She could take data, translate it, and send the translation through customer service. The experience built through her previous jobs was very useful at U.S. Money Reserve. Koch started at the bottom.

She used her data processing skills to translate data at U.S. Money Reserve and sent the information through customer service and the company. This led her to career advancement, eventually landing the CEO spot.

What was Koch’s motivation? Three essential tips keep her in line. First, she knows her strengths and owns her weaknesses. She never tries to be someone she isn’t. Second, Koch cares about balance, so she views life as a basket, making sure it remains balanced. Last, she never looks back on her decision after saying it because it makes her look bad.

What decision did she make? Koch doesn’t like the ‘selling machine’ approach to sales. She feels the money is coming in regardless, so she chose to nurture employees and customers. First, she expects her employees to learn about the products, learn about the data, and learn about the customer’s needs.

Koch expects them to take this information and take risks to drive the business forward without her supervision, and she’s proud of it. By placing employees first, retention rate increases along with more opportunities for career advancement. In turn, it makes the company grow.

The U.S. Money Reserve cannot thank Forbes enough for highlighting our CEO Angela Koch. If readers don’t know by now, the U.S. Money Reserve is the largest private establishment that caters to gold, silver, and platinum legal tender products.

All products are government minted and government issued and made with pure metal. In case readers are indecisive, guru staff hand-selected by Phillip K. Diehl can assist in every step of the process.

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