In an article by the New York Times, the introduction of AI into the art world of arts has revolutionized how professionals and the corporate world view creative arts. The growth of this vital economy is a product of the Academy of Art University and other few institutes — that continues to inject creativity and professionalism into this sector. According to the management of this institute, investment in this industry is key.

In their YouTube channel, it is clear that the Academy of Art University’s approach to arts and teaching arts is unmatched. For example, they are the first entity in the world of arts to invest in a fully equipped AI department. The investment signifies their commitment in ensuring that students have the best interaction with the thriving arts scene. The other reason for this kind of investment is to give students value for money.

All the videos from their channel also signify their commitment to futurist teaching in these important areas. Academy of Art University is, without a doubt, the first entity to invest in a student-centered system. The system has enabled the entity to redefine the traditional teaching and instead, encourage students to shape their careers — through well-thought projects and more importantly create realistic solutions to different challenges in the tech and arts scene.

Due to this effective approach to learning and research, graduates from this institute have assisted major tech companies in improving their operations. In a recent report on the Apple employees, a significant percentage is from the Academy of Art University. Graduates from this entity are also in other tech companies in different capacities. The main goal of the Academy of Art University, according to the management, is to assist the tech entities in reducing operational costs — through improved productivity and professionalism.

The entity is also one of the oldest arts’ teaching schools in the world. Their experience in this market has assisted them in creating better curriculum — and in accordance with the demands of the global markets. Their experience has also assisted them to merge the traditional arts with new and better technology. For example, the Academy of Art University helps students to merge creative drawing with technology.