Crystal Hunt, a Chinese martial arts film produced and developed in 1991, stars sensational action performer Donnie Yen and is a riveting action thriller set in a world of crime and danger. The film a standard one hour and twenty eight minutes and length and features the classic martial arts moves that Chinese cinema has been popular for.

Crystal Hunt, unlike other Chinese martial arts films, follows a well built and interesting story, which leads Yen on an adventure of thrilling stunts and remarkable camera work. Crystal Hunt was obviously created with the action enthusiast in mind and includes a number of mind-blowing action segments which Donnie Yen successfully performs without any apparent flaws. The camera work and lighting in Crystal Hunt is high quality and more professional then other Chinese produced, making it an excellent choice for late night movie goers who want to spend some time sitting on their couch at home and enjoying a relaxing popcorn flick.

The film should not be mistaken for famed actress Crystal Hunt, who is a golden star actress mainly known for her work on television on One Life to Live. Hunt’s career has taken her to many different avenues in the entertainment industry such as of course her work on television but also through beauty pageantry when she was a child and supporting roles in major Hollywood productions such as the recent Magic Mike XXL, or her famed turn as Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live.

the movie does include many stunts that are similar within other films of the genre it does star a young Donnie Yen and is definitely worth a viewing if you have the time.