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Mark Holyoake Lives an Amazing Athletic Life

Mark Holyoake achieved great success in life, and all his success derives from a commitment to hard work. At the age of 9, Wellington, NZ-born Holyoake, first took up the sport of gymnastics. His practice sessions involved more than passing the time or engaging in a hobby. Holyoake knew he wanted to be the best he could be and put in the necessary effort to rise to the professional ranks. As a pro, he proved himself to be accomplished. After the end of his professional tenure, he became a fitness entrepreneur and did well there, too. There’s much to Mark Holyoake’s inspirational life.

Before venturing into the professional arena, Mark Holyoake competed on the college level. As a student at Auckland University, he put the necessary time into his athletic development. Do not think he neglected his studies, though. Mark Holyoake put a lot of effort into making sure his time at school also focused on his studies. Even at a young age, he was looking at a career outside of gymnastics. Then again, his career goals weren’t too far off from the sports world. He holds an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science. The degree choice was brilliant since it allowed him to fuse knowledge gained from gymnastics training with a career in sports and fitness.

Not everyone with dreams of becoming a professional athlete reaches such a level. Mark Holyoake did. He competed in many prestigious pro-level gymnastics events and did well. He can look back at his career and feel proud of what he did. Unlike other athletes, however, he can also look forward. Since Holyoake had a plan for the future, he did not walk away from his professional career with nowhere to go. Instead, he went right into the personal training and fitness profession, an industry where he also succeeded.

Mark Holyoake did not leave gymnastics entirely behind, though. He joined up with the Tri Star Gymnastics Club and lent his knowledge and skills to help young athletes. He is a role model in their eyes and someone who builds up their athletic aspirations.

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Peter Harris Partnerships For Growth

Regional insurer CBL has sold 8.5% of its issued capital, 20 million shares, in an effort to increase its share market liquidity. The shares were discounted 11% from Tuesday’s AU$3.35 and offloaded at just AU$3.00 per share.

The managing director of CBL, Peter Harris, sold five million shares. Alistair Hutchinson, CBL’s deputy chairman, sold 5.4 million shares. The 9.6 million additional shares sold by senior management brought the total amount that was generated to $65 million.

A number of investors from Australia and New Zealand made the purchases after the shares had bee released from escrow. This was shortly after the company’s 2016 fiscal year results were announced in February of 2017.

Peter Harris, who served as the Managing Director and CEO of CBL lead an international team. The team provided reinsurance and specialty insurance based on financial risk and credit within the contracting, building, and construction industries. He has expressed that the key to growth within international markets is building quality partnerships. By building strong partnerships with world-renowned distributors who were experts in their fields, Harris elevated CBL to an international level.

As the developer of a successful growth strategy that made CBL an international corporation, Peter Harris took CBL from just two Auckland employees to more than 550 in 25 countries.

He lead the company through its listing on both the NSX and AASX. In terms of annual GWP, Harris oversaw the growth of CBL to morph into the largest insurance company owned by New Zealand. Under his tenure, the company achieved an A investment grade rating and a positive outlook for financial strength from AM.

Peter Harris began as a manufacturing executive and investment banker prior to CBL. He moved into finance in 1989. The United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority and the Central Bank of Ireland recognize Peter Harris as an “Authorised Person”.


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Prevagen Explains How Exercise Can Help Improve Aging Brain Function

Whenever you are out and about and you see someone who is a few decades your senior running like a marathon is absolutely nothing, we can’t help but be impressed!

These 90-year-olds that are running marathons are incredible people and are awesome reminders of just how amazing the human body can be and what it is truly capable of.

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Research that has been done by Prevagen is showing us that with a great routine of exercise, a healthy diet, and taking healthy dietary supplements, we can age well. This applies not only to how we age physically, but how our minds age as well.

As time goes by and we start to get older, most people realize that they begin experiencing some mild memory loss and believe that that is actually normal life.

However, the truth is that aging does not have to mean that you experience memory loss. In fact, there are a few things you can do to help improve your cognitive function and fight against memory decline as you age.

Taking Prevagen supplements

Prevagen has come out with a new dietary supplement that has been known to help fight against mild memory loss. Clinical trials have shown that when taken for 90 days in a row, Prevagen has been able to help the mind function better, get sharper, think clearer, and stay focused easier. This supplement is a great way to help support a healthy brain even as you age.

Remember that exercise is powerful to improve your memory

There have been hundreds of studies done on how physical exercise can help keep your physical body healthy as you age, but there are also a large number of studies out there that explore just how much exercise can help your mental health as well.

The more physically fit you are, the stronger your hippocampus gets. This is important because the hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for helping your brain learn and make memories. The more cardio you get in, the stronger this region is, the better your cognitive function will stay as you age.

You can concentrate more easily

When you exercise frequently, you will be able to focus on things you need to get done more easily. Studies show that just getting 20 minutes of aerobic exercise will allow you to have a better attention span when you start trying to get things done and you are less likely to be distracted and more capable of recalling information that you learned.

Exercise will help the rate of cognitive decline start to slow down

You don’t have to be like those amazing 90-year-old marathon runners to benefit mentally from exercise.

Simply performing 30 to 45 minutes of exercise either every other day or every day if you can, get make a huge impact on the structure of your brain. It can help keep your brain from aging and slow down the rate at which your memory and clarity decline.

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Exercise in any type of form, good nutrition, and healthy dietary supplements can help improve the function of the brain in multiple ways and boost its power as you age.

Clinical trials even suggest that though exercise and supplements alone can’t do everything, it certainly can delay the brain from normal aging memory loss.

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Identifying And Securing The Future With Sudhir Choudrie

Sudhir Choudhrie is a well-established entrepreneur and philanthropist. His current role is the Executive Director for Magnum International Trading Company. He is located in London, England in the United Kingdom. Over the course of his career, the pioneer helped propel many businesses from startups to globally-known entities. Sudhir Choudhrie was originally born in India; but recently became a British national; less than 10 years ago. The career of this well established businessman started in India during 1975. This is when he established Magnum International Trading Company LTD. The main objective of his own company is to focus on extending the export market throughout India. Magnum International would prove to be a success almost immediately.

Years later, he partnered with Taj Hotel Resorts to develop and strategically operate four resorts in the country of India. That same year he would also align himself with sportswear giant, Adidas. This operation created a network of almost 200 stores and introduced the popular athletic brand to the Middle East. During 2003, Sudhir Choudhrie made an investment in a budget airline company startup in India. Air Deccan only had one plane during the first year. Four years later, the company would be flying over 6 million passengers annually; and 200 flights each day. Sudhir has consistently shown that businesses he aligns himself with become more successful with his business influence.

Some of the industries that he has been a part of throughout his career victories includes healthcare, finance, technology, utility services, and real estate; to name a few. One of Sudhir Choudhrie’s more recent career victories has been the Alpha Aviation Group. This company specializes with training air pilots throughout the Philippines and the Middle East. Over the last several years, the Executive Director has put a lot of energy into client acquisitions and broker partnerships. It’s his goal to identify possible opportunities and funding. This goal has helped him assist an abundance of clients with strategy intention and risk management. Many businesses and organizations around the globe seek his expertise mentorship and guidance. Another role that Sudhir Choudhrie has played throughout his career is advisor to India; for leaders in liberal democracy.

Smita Shah On Her Career

Not many people can say they went from being a grad student to the owner of their own business in just a few short years but Smita Shah is one of the few who can. As an inspiration to many, there are quite a few people out there wondering how she got her start in the business world which is exactly why she sat down for a nice chat with Steve Cochrane. In this radio interview, she mentions that her academic career began when she first matriculated at Northwestern. It was there that she began excelling in her courses and graduated at the top of her class just a few short years later. Upon the receipt of her bachelor’s degree, she moved to Massachusetts so she could pursue a master’s degree in civil engineering at MIT. 

During her time in grad school, she was lucky enough to be accepted into a prestigious white house internship program where she worked for the office of the chief of staff in DC. Upon successful completion of the internship, she went on to graduate and accept a job offer at a company known as SOM. She only worked there for about a year before making the conscious decision to become the founder and CEO of Spaan Tech, a business that is now over 20 years old and has been flourishing since 1998. When she first opened this new organization, she wasn’t that invested in its success but now she realizes the importance of ensuring the company thrives for years to come. 

This is especially true because of the fact that she now has a significant amount of employees working under her so she recognizes the need to support them and their families. When she first started this new business, her primary goal was to bring together a bunch of talented people to create exciting new innovative projects and help the community at large. She has now succeeded in this goal but she still asserts that females have quite a way to go in the workplace as women are heavily underrepresented throughout the field of math and science. This is why she stresses the importance of women helping each other in order to get ahead in their respective fields. She’s also happy that the female student population is 47% at MIT. Learn more:

When she first started her own business, she wasn’t sure if this company was going to be a big success but decided to go for it anyway. She knew if she ended up failing, she could always go to work at a different company, and if she happened to turn this small business into a thriving enterprise, many young women would look up to her for generations to come. One of the main goals of the company is to work with local communities to build highways, bridges, and railroads to keep the community thriving. They also specialize in providing lighting for towns and cities such as stoplights, airport runways, and various emergency lights.

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Dallas Dr. Jejurikar, MD, Explains Why It’s Critical To Find A Competent Surgeon For A Brazilian Butt Lift

Dr. Sam Jejurikar, MD, says that when it comes to Brazilian butt lifts, the surgery itself isn’t that dangerous. However, people who are considering this surgery do need to be concerned about the competency of the surgeon performing the surgery. Not any plastic surgeon can perform this delicate procedure as it takes advanced training. Nobody should cut corners to save money on this surgery because the risks of doing so are too high. Minor risks include stretch marks and bruising.

There can be fatal complications which are almost always the result of an incompetent surgeon inserting fat too deep into the gluteus maximus. The complications include deep vein thrombosis and fat embolism. The latter results in fat getting into the bloodstream and ending up in the lungs where it can prove fatal. Dr. Jejurikar says that women should be looking for a doctor who has been trained by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. These doctors have taken specialized training in gluteal augmentation surgery, which includes Brazilian butt lifts.

The best plastic surgeons to look for are ones that have successfully performed hundreds of these surgeries. He is located in Dallas and practices at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Dr. Jejurikar graduated from one of the top 25 medical schools in the country, the University of Michigan. He is a member of the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This is a group of plastic surgeons looking for ways to minimize the risks of women getting a Brazilian butt lift.

Angela Koch’s Inspirational Rise to CEO of U.S. Money Reserve

From a mother and college dropout to CEO of U.S. Reserve, Angela Koch’s rise is inspirational. More people need to know about her journey, and Forbes gave Koch a platform to speak her truth.

She doesn’t hold back. Her employee-first mentality, the three lessons that guide her through life, and odd end jobs prepared her for this role. She is the first female CEO in the precious metals industry, and she shows Forbes she can hang with the competition by doing things her way.

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Her child and ex-husband’s career persuaded Koch to pitch in. She grabbed whatever job she could find, sometimes working two or three jobs at once.

Types of jobs Koch took include a Jewish foundation, pharmacies, electrical companies, and a process control company. At every job, Koch wanted to learn how the company operated from top to bottom.

By learning how each company functioned, Koch developed a knack for learning and processing data. She could take data, translate it, and send the translation through customer service. The experience built through her previous jobs was very useful at U.S. Money Reserve. Koch started at the bottom.

She used her data processing skills to translate data at U.S. Money Reserve and sent the information through customer service and the company. This led her to career advancement, eventually landing the CEO spot.

What was Koch’s motivation? Three essential tips keep her in line. First, she knows her strengths and owns her weaknesses. She never tries to be someone she isn’t. Second, Koch cares about balance, so she views life as a basket, making sure it remains balanced. Last, she never looks back on her decision after saying it because it makes her look bad.

What decision did she make? Koch doesn’t like the ‘selling machine’ approach to sales. She feels the money is coming in regardless, so she chose to nurture employees and customers. First, she expects her employees to learn about the products, learn about the data, and learn about the customer’s needs.

Koch expects them to take this information and take risks to drive the business forward without her supervision, and she’s proud of it. By placing employees first, retention rate increases along with more opportunities for career advancement. In turn, it makes the company grow.

The U.S. Money Reserve cannot thank Forbes enough for highlighting our CEO Angela Koch. If readers don’t know by now, the U.S. Money Reserve is the largest private establishment that caters to gold, silver, and platinum legal tender products.

All products are government minted and government issued and made with pure metal. In case readers are indecisive, guru staff hand-selected by Phillip K. Diehl can assist in every step of the process.

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Customers can gain insight by talking to coin researchers, numismatics, and compliance. For more general questions, customers communicate to account executives, inventory, shipping, and online ordering reps. Over 500,000 satisfied customers appreciate the U.S. Money Reserve for adding diversity to their financial portfolio. The customers make us proud to say the phrase “America’s Gold Authority.”

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James Dondero and Non-Profit Options


James Dondero’s career looks pretty impressive on paper. It’s pretty impressive in real life as well. He’s the man who has the distinction of running one of the finest companies in all of Dallas, Texas. That company is none other than Highland Capital Management. He’s the firm’s diligent President.

He co-founded it right next to a man called Mark Okada as well. Okada is like Jim Dondero in that he’s a bona fide investment banking powerhouse. He was that back when the duo decided to set up the company in the nineties. They’ve had a rock-solid work relationship for years.

Jim Dondero isn’t someone who takes an obsessive approach to his work. That’s because he realizes that there are many other facets to existence that are just as vital as career is. He’s an alumnus of one of the most recognized schools on the East Coast in the United States. See This Article to learn more.

That school is the renowned University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. He managed all sorts of learning duties while he was a pupil at the public institution. He completed so many courses that went into accounting matters. He completed just as many that went into finance matters in general. He didn’t finish learning after his educational journey at the University of Virginia came to a close. Go Here to learn more.

That’s because that signified the beginning of an exhilarating new chapter in his world. He snagged a job with JP Morgan, first and foremost. Jim Dondero flourished at the company. That set him up for a position with a business that was just as significant in the United States. That business was American Express.

Managing assets comes naturally to James Dondero at this point. The same thing applies to taking on philanthropic efforts. He donates wherewithal and time to all sorts of non-profit groups that are in Dallas.


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New Beginnings and Continued Growth for Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is one of the top investment firms in the United States and is worth more than a billion dollars today. They first began working in the leverage loan market where they thrived and eventually became more diverse as the years progressed.

The firm was responsible for designing the first software to electronically track loan portfolios, which is used by a majority of loan managers. They sold the software to JPMorgan Chase in 2003.

They’ve gotten involved in more asset classes such as public equity and real estate, and they’ve established headquarters for their company in locations in the U.S and internationally. Highland Capital is well trusted and heavily regarded for its success over the years, but they wouldn’t be who they are or even exist without the hard work of James Dondero and Mark Okada who founded the firm together in 1993.

Recently Highland Capital Management has announced to everyone that Mark Okada would be retiring from his current sitting position. The firms are sad to see him go, however, he will be maintaining a role as a senior advisor until the end of his tenure at the end of 2019. View Additional Info Here.

After he is gone, Highland’s James Dondero will oversee all of the business matters associated with the firm and their other associated companies. Dondero credits Mark Okada for the growth of their company from a small firm to a multi-billion dollar trusted investment company. They’ve spent 30 years together achieving the trust of their clients and building a strong, trustworthy community of their own. Go Here for related Information.

Highland Capital Management says that they believe they will continue thriving and hope to continue their growth in Okada’s absence. Mark Okada says that he is excited about this new phase not only in his life but in his career and he can’t wait to see what’s in store for him. With any hope, he’ll keep in close contact with his old colleagues.


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Kevin Plank

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump launched verbal attacks against the city of Baltimore. He denigrated the city, especially Rep. Elijah E. Cummings’ district, as being a “rodent infested mess.” This attack did not sit well with many- including Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.

Apparel and footwear brand Under Armour is headquartered in Baltimore. Kevin Plank started the company, ran it from his grandmother’s basement, and built it up into the multi-billion-dollar brand that it is today. The city has been the base for Under Armour for 21 years, and it is where Kevin Plank grew to billionaire status.

Just as the city has been good to Under Armour, the company has been good to the city. Under Armour is responsible for providing nearly 1,900 jobs in Baltimore, which makes the company one of the city’s largest employers.

When the President launched the attack via Twitter, Kevin Plank joined others in condemning the attacks. However, he did so without mentioning Trump. Instead, he shared a video on Instagram that highlighted everyday life in the city.

The narration of the video encourages viewers to rise up together. It calls for unity, and it ends with the message, “Imagine what happens when we decide we will do more for Baltimore.” The hashtag link included with the video is for the company’s #WeWill campaign, which promotes the idea that sports can change the world in positive ways.

The attack on Baltimore is not the first time that Kevin Plank has stood up against Trump. After the President failed to condemn white supremacists in the wake of violent protests in Charlottesville, VA during which Heather Heyer was murdered in a deliberate car attack by a neo-Nazi, the Under Armour CEO was one of three businessmen who left the White House’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative in protest.

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