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EOS Lip Balm Review – Premier Gazette Recaps the Popular Lip Balms Rise to Fame

Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra were looking to found their own new lip balm line they wanted to create something different from what the market already had to offer. Their goal was to create a product that was not only fun and packaged beautifully but, something was truly healthy and beneficial for women’s lips. Jonathan and Sanjiv dove into the world of lip care head first and was surprised by what they found.

Almost 80% of women use some kind of lip care product or balm, that’s a huge market. Realizing that many of the products available on the market were basically the same and most made from the same companies, they founded eos, a product specifically made just for women.

In reviewing EOS lip balm and what makes it so successful, we think is the fact that it appeals to women and girls of all ages. There is a favorite flavor and color for every female. In developing the design and shape for the eos brand, they wanted something easy to locate in a purse or desk drawer. It isn’t always easy to know exactly what flavors will be a hit with consumers and just what would people think of the sphere-shaped containers, would they love them or hate them?

They finally settled on the perfect shape- a small egg shape that comes in an array of beautiful colors, some pastel and other colored more brightly. Jonathan and Sanjiv were confident that the contents would be just as amazing as the packaging it came in. When you try EOS for the first time, it not only tastes amazing, but it also makes your lips feel soft and enriched.

They contain softening ingredients such as shea butter, SPF protection You also never have to worry about the lip balm rolling up into the cap. There is no twisting to be done with the EOS eggs. They offer special edition holiday balms, fruit flavors, sorbet, twists and more. The EOS brand appeals to a 7-year-old and the 37-year-old professional, it’s just that good!

Peter Briger, and The Story of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group has a hedge fund, private equity fund, and a Real Estate fund, that when combined, manage forty three billion dollars in assets. This was not always the case. Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wesley Edens, a former partner at the investment bank Lehman Brothers, which declared Bankruptcy in 2008. Robert Kauffman and Randal Nardone were the co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group. Four years later, Peter Briger joined the Fortress Investment Group and help the firm become publicly traded, which made him a successful billionaire in the process.

Briger used to be a partner at the Investment bank Goldman Sachs and Company, and worked there for fifteen years, where he would learn a lot about trading and managing Real Estate investments. Briger studied at Princeton, earning his associate degree in arts and sciences. Then he got his Masters in Business Administration at the Wharton school of business. He has a wife and four children, ad is forty three years old. Briger is ranked number three hundred and seventeen on the Forbes four hundred list, and his net worth of one and a half billion dollars. He is in charge of the hybrid hedge fund for the Fortress Investment Group.

He has been known as the “King of Debt” by the Motley Fool, a website that produces news articles in the financial services industry. Briger has developed his expertise skills of distressed debt markets at Goldman Sachs, and this allowed him to help take the Fortress Investment Group public. He would buy auto loans, failing restaurants, mortgage notes, and sell them when times got better. Briger left Goldman Sachs and helped raise $4.7 billion for the Fortress Credit Opportunities Fund IV. The Fortress Investment Group also has a private equity fund, but the focus is around buying up debt that nobody wants, and selling it when the market clears. Click here.

Improve Your Mental Sharpness With a New Routine and Prevagen

Every year as the summer winds down to a close, it’s good to take time to establish a reset to your routine.

The summer months are hot, sultry and a bit lazy, and those lazy days can bring on a bit of a haze as our sleep schedules are disrupted by vacations and family visits. All of this is why it’s smart to make a plan for increasing your mental sharpness with a new fall routine, and with help from Prevagen.

Prevagen is an over-the-counter supplement that uses a special ingredient derived from jellyfish to boost focus and mental sharpness. This, combined with a mentally stimulating routine, can bring you back in full force as the fall season arrives.

Here’s a few tips for getting more sharp with a new routine:

  1. Get to Bed Earlier

Yes, it sounds so simple, but the impact of getting to bed earlier and rising earlier is huge. Often the summer months involve a more care-free attitude about getting to bed, and the late hours can take a toll on our mental focus.

So, try getting to bed a bit earlier each night for a week, and rising earlier accordingly. This early routine will help you feel more in control and clear, for sure. Read more: Prevagan Improves Memory and Regular Strength | CVS and Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens

  1. Get Moving

There’s nothing like a new exercise routine to get the blood pumping and the mind sharp. Exercise is great for circulation and blood flow, which leads to a feeling of well being and clarity. All of this adds up to a boost in brain function and focus, so get to the gym and get moving!

  1. Commit to a New Schedule

Planning out your week in advance with a weekly planner can be a great way to boost mental function. Knowing what’s coming up during the week can help keep us excited about what’s to come and also boost our clarity, so get a planner and work on that schedule.

  1. Take Time Out For You

The stresses of modern life can often make us feel we don’t have enough time to just sit back and rest and restore ourselves. Having some time during the day to sit back, rest and meditate can be very relaxing and also help keep our minds sharp.

No one can go at full tilt all the time, so take some time to keep yourself sharp and restored.

Staying sharp and focused may mean making some changes, but without question, the payoff is worth it.

So take care of you, and get a boot with supplements like Prevagen.

Yes, you’re worth it.

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American Addiction Centers: Don’t Drag Your Feet On This

For many parents, they drag their feet when it comes to talking about difficult subjects with their children. For the children, they oftentimes don’t want to hear this talk from their parents.

Even though they love them, as they get older, they don’t fully appreciate them at the same time. They might think of their parents as out of touch or a little embarrassing. It is tough to be a parent to a teenager or young adult. They think they have all of the answers.

The truth of the matter is they don’t have all of the answers, and they need to talk with their parents about difficult topics. Their parents have lived through all of this, and they can learn from the mistakes of their parents. The AAC (American Addiction Centers) has given the information to the parents. Now, it is up to the parents to do something about it.

Numbers and statistics are very important when it comes to getting through to people. They might not always listen when someone talks about something in terms of what will happen or what could happen. However, they do pay attention when they have proof out there in the form of numbers and facts.

That is going to grab people’s attention. The fact that one in three college students have abused alcohol is a stat that parents can use when they are talking to their children. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase

They can say to them, “Do you want to be another statistic? Or do you want to be different?” So many young adults are worried about fitting in with the crowd. Instead, they should be worried about standing out in the crowd.

When they stand out in the crowd, they are standing out for the right reasons. It also encourages others out there to do the same thing.

They can be someone that people look at and say, “Hey, this person stood up for what they believed in, and I’m impressed by that. I need to do that.” They can be a positive influence instead of a negative influence like those that try to pressure people into drinking or doing drugs.

They are afraid to tell them, “No.” They are worried they will be judged, mocked, or ridiculed. If they stand their ground and stay tough, they will have a tremendous college experience. If they are just a follower, it’s going to be a long four years for them. They don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole of being an alcoholic.

It has ruined so many people’s lives, and they are never the same. They need to know they are better than that. They are a great person with a lot to offer to the world as a sober individual.

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How To Stay Up To Date With is the single biggest commercial retailer in all of China, as such, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new developments which occur with the site, that is where their corporate blog comes in handy. About corporate blog is sectioned by topic, home, the main page, topics, where one can access the company’s archive of blog posts and company, where one can access information pertinent to the history and function of the company itself, such as a list of investors, their media gallery and contact information.

For those who are primarily interested in reading the writings of companies stable of writers, at the bottom of every page there is a section labeled ‘Latest Posts’ (directly to the left of the company’s Twitter feed) which lists the four most recent company blog posts, which, when clicked upon, will take the user directly to the named blog post itself.

Clicking on the ‘See All Posts’ to the immediate right of the blog section will take the user to a list of all blog posts, grouped together, regardless of particular subject matter (though they are still ordered by date). To follow updates on the JD corporate blog one can find the company’s social media feeds, including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, at either at the bottom right of the main page or the upper right portion of the main page. Click here.

Is Betsy DeVos Still a Champion for Education Reform?

Betsy DeVos is one of the top women in government currently. She holds the position of US Education Secretary. Appointed by President Trump in 2017, DeVos has been working hard to help students in all states, but she hasn’t been successful across the board. For one, many states haven’t ratified legislation supporting educational choice, and then there is the issue of campus safety.


It’s clear that the US Education Secretary inherited a bunch of problems from previous administrations in regards to education reform. While there have been issues with standardized testing and failing schools, no administration has been able to tackle the issue. It was thought that common core method would help students with standardized tests, but it has only proven to teach for the test instead of comprehension and understanding.


The United States still ranks quite low across the world for math and reading comprehension. The problems have not gone unnoticed by DeVos who has been working towards helping students get into better schools, whether they are in the right school zone or not. Educational choice has been a major platform for DeVos ever since the 1990s.


In Michigan, she became the Chairman of the state’s Republican Party and proposed legislation to help students in the state go to better schools. The program was called “Kids First Coalition.” While it wasn’t ratified in Michigan, the bill continued to persist and led to other programs in other states. Louisiana and Florida have been the most successful with educational choice programs.


However, one question still remains. Who pays for students to go to private schools?


In fact, Betsy DeVos has said that philanthropy is the reason that students are able to go to these schools. DeVos has donated over $35 million to education, and she has some major donors backing up her campaign. This includes companies like Facebook and Microsoft, as well as Wal-Mart. It’s clear that these founders know that educational choice is a way for students to get out of impoverished communities where failing schools have become a normal way of life.


DeVos knows that the system must change, but she is doing what she can in the little time that she has had as the US Education Secretary. She has also worked with the First Lady Melania Trump, touring different states in early 2019 to promote educational choice programs. In Florida, there are multiple ways that students can choose different schools, such as magnet programs or virtual classes. You can start taking online courses as young as kindergarten in the Sunshine State.


DeVos has less than a year to get more states on board with educational choice. She will be working with more leaders in the next year to make changes and add more programs.


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American Addiction Centers knows the Pressures of Alcohol, Drugs and College

Did you know that at least one-fourth of all college students will suffer academically because of drinking related problems? Did you know that at least 10% of all college students will use or even abuse some type of opioid drug on campus? College kids are under pressure.

This pressure comes out in many different ways. American Addiction Centers knows the challenges that young adults face. They need to inform their parents about these pressures. This way both parties will be better prepared to deal with them.

Getting good grades is a huge pressure for many kids. This pressure starts early on school during the elementary and middle school years.

This expectation carries over into high school. By the time a young person goes to college, a student must make sure they are not blowing their opportunity at having a good future. One way that college kids mess up their grades is by struggling with alcohol.

The American Addiction Centers personnel realize that many college kids consume beer, wine and liquor. They also know that this substance will interfere with their ability to go to class, maintain good grades and to effectively study material.

The last thing any student wants is to fall behind in their schoolwork. They want to stay caught up and do a good job. They can’t do this if they struggle to control their drinking.

Young college adults are more into drinking than doing drugs. Many college people believe that drugs are for losers but drinking is okay. We mentioned that at least 10% of the 15 million college students that attend U.S. campuses do hard drugs. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery | MarketWatch

Narcotics usage at college campuses is not out of control but the problem is growing. Many college kids smoke weed and get high. A few students will turn to speed, cocaine and various energy stimulating substances to help study or get them through the day. These individuals also run the risk of ruining themselves academically.

The professionals at the American Addiction Centers can tell you that alcohol and/or drug use will not help people to be better students. They realize that these substances will cause people’s grades to suffer.

It will also help to reduce their focus and change their perspective about school. They recommend that parents pay attention to their college students and help them to avoid this problem if they detect something is wrong.

Parents who notice a change in their child’s behavior when they attend school, should find ways to help their kid. It won’t be easy confronting them about their alcohol or drug use. Still, a good parent will find a way to get their child’s attention about the matter.

The Alcohol Centers wants all college students to be successful individuals in school and in life.

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Dick DeVos Wears Hats for Both Business and Philanthropy

Dick DeVos is an extremely successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has been the driving force behind some of the most significant growth in Michigan’s second-largest city, Grand Rapids. Mr. DeVos’ hometown, Grand Rapids has been the benefactor in many considerable ways from all the efforts that Dick and his wife Betsy have put forth to strengthen the economic and educational footprint in this part of the state. Their efforts in these areas, as well as the extraordinary philanthropic outreach they still have, reach back to the early 1990s.


Already a man of considerable influence in Grand Rapids (DeVos was on his way to becoming CEO in his family’s Amway Corporation business), Dick became concerned when word was going around in 1991 that there were efforts proposed by some to the backing of the construction of a multi-purpose sports and convention area north of downtown. He didn’t want to see Grand Rapids adversely affected in a way similar to what Detroit went through when both the Lions (NFL) and Pistons (NBA) moved out of downtown Detroit in the early 1970s, economically crippling the already struggling city.


Mr. DeVos brought a group of business leaders together to form Grand Action, which was instrumental in such key construction downtown that included the DeVos Place Convention Center, Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, MSU’s medical school, and the Grand Rapids City Market.


Dick and Betsy have spent their lives working to support changes in institutions and policies, primarily in state laws affecting labor and education. And the9r tremendous outreach in the state is felt by their Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which from 1989-2015 has reportedly given away $138.7 million to many most worthy causes in the community. These include contributions to health and human services, leadership programs, arts and culture, churches, and policy initiatives focused on scholarships for private schools and education reform.


One project that both Dick and Betsy are very passionate about and proud of its growth, is the growth of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a non-profit charter school in Cascade Township, MI. Started in 2010 by Dick DeVos, and encouraged by then-nominee to head the U.S. Education Department wife Betsy, this public high school in West Michigan has flourished. Enrollment numbers at the Academy jumped from 80 students, attending classes in rundown office space at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, to 600 in their own building.


Like other traditional public schools and Michigan charter schools, the school is tuition-free, operating on funds per student allowance from the state of Michigan. Striving to ensure the success and growth of the Academy, the DeVoses have also contributed millions of dollars to the program, as well as providing a $3 million no-interest loan which went to the expansion and equipping of their building.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong on Different Steps Jingdong is Taking to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a man who is blessed with brilliant business foresight, and it can be seen in the success his tech company has achieved in a decade and a half. It is not a cup of tea for everyone to build such a huge business empire out of a small store in an electronic complex in Beijing. Achieving consistent growth is always on the business agenda of Richard Liu Qiangdong, and he works closely with the investors and his management team to come up with result-oriented business strategies. The efforts made by Richard Liu over the years have paid him off well, and the company has grown into one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China and is often referred to as Amazon of China.

One of the reasons why is often compared to Amazon is because both these e-commerce companies started out small and went on to dominate the e-commerce sector in their respective sectors, and follows the direct selling model. Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to follow the direct-selling model for because it would ensure that the products would cost lower than what the competitors offer it for to the consumers, and it would ensure better quality-checks. It is one of the biggest issues in the largest e-commerce market of China that the customers are delivered counterfeit or cheap quality products, while the website showcased something else altogether.

Richard Liu Qiangdong has kept away from such criticism by investing heavily in its quality checks processes and customer services, which closely monitors what the customers are looking for and saying about the company. Richard Liu says that Jingdong can only survive in the market if it listens to what its customers want. He also ensures that the company is using its resources well and is reducing waste wherever possible. The company also uses solar energy in different warehouses so that they can reduce the usage of non-renewable sources of energy. They also encourage other businesses to do the same to reduce their carbon footprint. Click here.