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Nitin Khanna Providing Long- term Health Solutions

Nitin Khanna is known for his investments in the Cannabis sector, music, and even in the consultation sector. Over the years he has served at Saber Corporation, Merger and even at Oregon Company providing his skills and knowledge. Nitin Khanna service in these companies has led to his recognition across the globe.

Also, Nitin Khanna serves at CuraCannabis; this firm deals with the provision of various Cannabis products such as Oil and Cartilages. Since Khanna invested in CuraCannabis, there has been an extensive expansion in terms of land used for growth and the number of employees. His primary objective is ensuring that CuraCannabis is the largest supplier of Cannabis products across the United States.

CuraCannabis has already established offices in Nevada, California, and Oregon serving thousands of clients with Cannabis oil and other products. According to Nitin Khanna, this is the best time to provide CBD consumers with high-quality products that will meet all their expectations.

Nitin Khanna has taken the initiative to work closely with the employees, ensuring that they have planted Cannabis plant organically with no chemicals; hence, the final products have no psychoactive high. The expansion aims of Nitin Khanna are becoming a reality since the company has managed to gain trust and confidence of their customers across the world.

Benefits of CuraCannabis

Nitin Khanna has partnered with many retailers to supply Marijuana across the world, ensuring their customers benefit greatly. Nitin Khanna has guaranteed to provide painkillers and solutions for people in need to relax.

Through the CBD oils, consumers can deal with sleeping issues, anxiety, inflations, and pain killers. The solutions are for any time of the day. In the morning CBD provides peppermint, and in the afternoon there is grapefruit for revival for the evening they use Lavender which aids in relaxation.

Nitin Khanna has provided solutions to his customers using natural products; hence, there are no side effects. He is devoted to creating a better world where people can rely on plants as medicines and long term solutions. All CBD products are tested, and before being sold to the customers, they have to be approved by health-related companies. Khanna`s legacy prevails across the world for his long-term contributions.

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ViSalus CEO Nick Sarnicola Awards Young Entrepreneur With A $10,000 Grant

Nick Sarnicola, the CEO and Co-Founder of ViSalus and Founder of Next Generation Entrepreneurs, a non-profit organization announced the winner of the 2019 Startup Business Award. The lucky recipient, Jake Groendal received a $10,000 grand to help start his new business, Friends & Family Sneakers. PR Web reported the news in a press release published on June 24th, 2019. Sarnicola launched the non-profit in 2011 with an initial $1 million donation to assist with education and purchasing equipment.

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After a partnership with NFTE, known as Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Nick Sarnicola began offering summer camps and after-school programs. The programs help the youth in inter-cities with empowerment through education and mentorship. In 2016, he donated $200,000 as a permanent endowment to support students studying entrepreneurship at Muskegon Community College. To honor Nick Sarnicola for his contributions, the educational institution named one of its buildings, The Rooks Sarnicola Center. The Next Generation Fund will continue to support the school indefinitely to help young inter-city entrepreneurs with funding, continuous education, and training.

ViSalus is a multi-level marketing limited liability company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The business started in 1997 as Vi while under operations by telecommunications MLC company, Free Network in Troy, Michigan. Ryan Blair purchased the company and named Nick Sarnicola as the Sales Chief and moved to San Francisco in 2005. During the 2008 Recession, Ryan Blair sold Vi to Blyth, Inc. and transformed the business to flourish financially with earnings reaching over $15 million a month by 2010. In 2012, the parent company owned 73 percent in shares of Vi.

ViSalus went from a public-trading company to a private and independent company in 2014. During the same year, the company expanded to Germany and Austria. Nick Sarnicola serves as the chief executive officer since 2017 and oversees the company’s daily operations while supporting charitable causes for education, building companies, and empowering the youth. ViSalus is a leading American manufacturer of weight management products including meal replacement shakes and energy drinks. Sarnicola helped expand the brand further in the United States and to other countries including Italy, Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, and Canada.Website:

Dick DeVos Helped Put A Stop To A Plan That Would Have Been Very Bad For The City Of Grand Rapids

Dick DeVos is a hard working entrepreneur who has accomplished quite a bit during his life. In the past, he served with Amway as its CEO for close to a decade, and he is now working with the Windquest Group. DeVos is the man who was responsible for a law getting passed in Michigan that has helped to cover the tuition fees of charter schools for low-income families in need. He also helped to pass a law that changed Michigan from a state where a person was required to be a part of a union to secure employment to a right-to-work state where anyone can get a job.


During the 1990s, Dick DeVos helped to put a stop to a bad plan that was being considered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The plan would see a multi-use convention and sports arena built north of the city’s downtown area. DeVos, who just about to become the chief executive officer of Amway, decided to do something about it. He was concerned that building the arena and convention center would be just as bad for the city as a similar event had been bad for Detroit during the 1970s. Detroit had built its own sports arena for its sports teams, but the Pistons and Lions ended up vacating the city after the arena was constructed. This left the city with a huge empty arena but no sports teams to entertain fans.


Dick DeVos didn’t just put a stop to the building of the arena and convention center, he made a move that has continued to help the city since. He got together with a bunch of business leaders from the region who cared deeply about the well being of Grand Rapids. This group has come to be known as Grand Action, and they have helped to construct many important buildings in the city including the DeVos Place Convention Center, Van Andel Arena, and the medical school at Michigan State University. Grand Action continues to work for the best interests of Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos has also helped to improve the educational sector in Grand Rapids. His love for aviation motivated him to build The West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school started out in a little office inside of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport but is now in its own building. In the beginning, there were just 80 students attending the school, but there are now hundreds of young students who are fulfilling their dreams there.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, and he has always done his best to help improve the city. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration while attending Northwood University. Today, he continues to do everything in his power to make life easier for his favorite city and the state of Michigan.


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Bernado Chua Recognized Globally for Innovative Business Model, Coffee Company

He has earned a reputation and among the world’s most innovative businessmen. Born in the Philippines and now a resident of Canada, Bernardo Chua’s storied career spans the Far East and Western World.

In 2008, Mr. Chua launched Organo Gold, a different kind of coffee company. Both the product itself and the method of selling it have been called groundbreaking by industry observers.

Chua’s brand of coffee is fortified with a unique blend of Chinese herbal supplements that fortify the coffee with extra healthy benefits. The company operates on an innovative direct selling model that quickly caught fire and brought the Organo Gold a fast following around the world.

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Bernado Chua grew up in the Philippines to a family of Chinese heritage. He attended Santo Tomas University in Manila where he earned his bachelor’s degree in business. He worked for a time in his family’s garment company. He then branched out and took a job with a company called Gano Excel.

At Gano, he met the man who would become an important mentor, Leow Soon Seng. Mr. Seng was the founder of Gano Exel. The company sold a line of beverages supplemented with the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom, an ancient remedy long used by Chinese herbalists and holistic medical practitioners.

Bernardo Chua thrived at Gano. His obvious knack for marketing made him the point man for extending the Gano brand to Hong Kong and then to Canada. Mr. Chua came to Canada in 2002. After six years of marketing for Gano Excel in the northern nation, Bernardo Chua determined he was ready to launch his own company. That company is Organo Gold, now known as ORGANO.

Today ORGANO has more than a million representatives on six continents selling its unique blends of coffee, teas and other beverages on six continents.


The Academy Of Art University Takes Learning To New Levels With Bi-annual Fashion Show

Every year, New York Fashion Week draws fashion lovers, designers, influencers and celebrities from all over the world. For students at the Academy of Art university’s campus, it is an opportunity to show off their skills and expertise through their unique designs. Their 21st runway show featured ten recent graduates. The showcase, which has been held bi-annually by the university since 2005 debuted five womenswear and two menswear collections.

With a diverse team of student designers, the pieces and ideas for the show demonstrated a wide range of different styles and cultures. Seated in the audience were some of the biggest names in fashion, including runway coach Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski from CFDA. Students work tirelessly throughout the year in order to deliver designs that wow their audience, and the rest of the world via live stream. The experience also gives them an opportunity to gain real-world experience in the fast-paced fashion industry.

The Academy of Art University was established in 1929 by Richard S.Stephens as a small school for advertising art. In 2007, the Academy of Art University received regional accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Since then, student numbers have reached well over 10,000, drawing the attention of celebrities like Heidi Montag, Raven-Symone and fashion designer Kara Laricks. Currently, the school offers degrees in twenty-five subjects both online and on campus.

The school also owns an Automobile Museum that serves as a public conservator of history in the automotive industry, as well as a unique learning experience for students. All proceeds from museum admission are donated to charities. Unlike most traditional colleges and universities, the Academy of Art University has an inclusive admissions policy. Students are not judged by their past academic records, but for their desire and potential to succeed.

BR-364, and BR-153 among others up for makeover, Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens an infrastructure specialist, reports an investment of R $ 44 billion is going to be implemented in 2018. These funds are to be invested into 57 projects spanning a total of 22 sectors, ensuring most of the economy will benefit. Spearhead by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), the investment will be implemented in infrastructure, privatizing government companies, and airport management.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted the bidding on the various projects will take place during the last months of 2018. The Ministry of Transportation announced bidding taking place in the last of the year, is an effort to have the bids during the end of President Michel Temer’s term in office. The Transportation Ministry also announced highways BR-153 and BR-364 are part of the 57 projects. BR-364 is almost 800 kilometers long connecting Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO). BR-153, connects Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO). Find out more at to learn more.

Infraero, according to Felipe Montoro Jens is going to sale some of the airports they currently manage. Infaero owns 49% of the stock, of each of the companies they manage. Felipe Montoro Jens, listed Confis (Belo Horizonte), Galeao (Rio de Janeiro), and Guarulhos (Sao Paulo) as some of the airports currently ran by Infraero that will sold. There will also be auctions for port terminal concessions Belem (PA), Vila do Conde, Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) at the end of 2018.

Felipe Montoro Jens noted although there has not been an announcement on how these are to be sol, but they are schedule to become privatized. The companies to be sold are the Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docs of Espirito. The Mint is the enterprise responsible for printing official Brazilian governmental things is being sold sole for the advance of technology. These plans are set to help keep Brazil’s economy moving forward.

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Smoother than Silk – EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm has been on the market for around thirteen years now, and it’s surely not going anywhere. It’s adorable spherical container makes it unmissable in the beauty aisle of your favorite drugstores. EOS is global, and prides itself on environmentally friendly beauty products that includes shaving cream, lotions, and of course, the lip balm made from fruit and botanical extracts. The product is 95% organic, which is a big selling point in today’s market.

EOS is currently using spokespeople to create a unique flavor profile for their products. At the end of May, these spokespeople used their instagrams to help get the word out about the new EOS flavorlab. Being part of the development of the product, the spokespeople have made it their mission to do more than their share to get information to consumers through their online profiles.

The EOS brand lipbalms have been spotted being used by celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski and singer Billie Eilish. EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, and recently excited consumers by selling on Amazon Prime Day at 20 to 28 percent off in four of the original scents. There is also a Stick Lip version that is free of parabens, petroleum jelly and gluten. The EOS Stick Lips Balms are instead made with all-natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavors.

You can even buy a pack that has one of each flavor if you can’t decide on a favorite! EOS lip balms are known for how gentle they are on skin, and help nourish chapped lips. Each lip balm also contains SPF, which is an important feature for many consumers. The EOS lip balms have become a staple in many beauty regimes, and it’s easy to see why.

Steve Lesnard Gives His Take On Digital Marketing

Steve Lesnard has a great reputation for having one of the best marketing minds in the sports marketing sector. He has launched some iconic brands for some high-power equipment brands and for three different Olympic games. He also has a knack for building positive relationships with star athletes within all athletic sectors. He Steve Lesnard has a gift of creativity and strategic implementation when it comes to bringing his ideas to life. When he his bringing a new idea to life he focuses on proper preparation, the commitment to success, and hardwork. Mr. Lesnard then brings the idea to life. Mr. Lesnard is also big on setting goals and accomplishing these goals. So when he is doing a project he sets short term and long term goals specific for the project. He then accomplishes each goal one by one until the project is complete.

Steve Lesnard has noticed that with the rise of social media and this new digital dynamic will change the way how companies market their products. This new space has worked great for some brands and not so good for other brands. The cool thing about the new social media platforms is that you can demonstrate a product online and millions of people can see the product. Social media has allowed for companies to run ads for their product on television and on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Using all of these platforms allows the product to reach millions if not billions of people across the globe. Mr. Lesnard follows two key principles when it comes to marketing. The first principle that Mr. Lesnard follows is to make sure the product is memorable and then you have to bring the product to life and make it real.

Mr. Lesanrd can truly see how to market a product and his two key principles are very easy to attain with the advancement in social media. It is very easy to market the product and make it memorable. It is also very easy to bring the product to life with the use of all these social media platforms. These platforms can bring a corporation’s product to life and these same platforms can bring a regular person who has an invention or an ideal to life as well. The power of the internet and social media is amazing.

Genucel Details The Genucel System In Relation To Ingredients

Millennials are starting to be the largest consumer base in the United States. They are not just the largest but they are one of the most complex consumer bases as well. Millennials are not just looking for your basic products they actually expect more out of products than past generations. When businesses are marketing to millennials they have to take into consideration their current buying trends, health and wellness, and providing full transparency for the products that they are offering.The current trend of the millennial customer is that they like to be informed on what are the ingredients of a product. Genucel by Chaminox has achieved this transparency that millennials are expecting. Genucel by chamonix believes strongly in maintaining integrity and transparency when it comes to the products that they offer.

Genucel does not only produce anti-aging products but it also produces many products that interest the millennial consumer base as well. Genucel does market to the older generation but they also market to the millennial generation. Most of the products that are created by Genucel have all the criteria that the millennials are looking for in a product. Genucel by Chamonix is dedicated to using all natural ingredients in all of their products. They have the latest technology when it comes to purchasing a product because in today’s time most millennials are always on the go or pressed for time so auto-pay and subscription-based products are available. An example of one of the great products that are offered by Genucel by Chamonix is called the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy product. This product is all natural and the purpose of it is to keep the skin around the eyes tighter, give a youthful appearance,and make the skin firmer. This product has no additives, chemicals, or artificial ingredients.

Genucel has been creating some of the most all natural products on the market. They do not cut corners like some other health and beauty supply companies. They value bringing their customers the best and effective all natural products in the health and beauty industry. Genucel by chamonix products have been proven to be very effective in women between the ages of 24 and 61.  To know more you can visit

Richard Liu Talks About JD at Annual Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the entrepreneurs who recently attended the World Economic Forum in 2018. While he was at this forum, Richard Liu talked about the background of his company and what made him start it up. After one of this previous retail businesses closed down, he realized that ecommerce was essential to success. As a result, he looked to start up JD which will offer quality products as well as ecommerce solutions. He also talked about how he plans on getting products to customers in other parts of the world. Richard has mentioned that he is looking to expand shipping routes to the United States and the United Kingdom within the next couple of years. For over two decades, Richard Liu Qiangdong has been active in the business and computing industry.

When he completed his college degree programs, he began to freelance as a computer programmer. Richard Liu would also work for one of the top companies in the technology industry and lead its technology department. With these two experiences, Richard accumulated a lot of expertise in one of the most lucrative industries in the economy. His technological expertise would help him develop ecommerce solutions for his most successful company During the past two decades, Richard Liu Qiangdong spent a considerable amount of time as an independent business owner. He got his first experience in entrepreneurship when he founded his own restaurant. As a restaurant owner, he was able to learn about the food service industry as well as make money at the same time.

This experience would give him first hand knowledge on how to manage employees, acquire resources and market a business. However, he closed the restaurant down so that he could pursue career opportunities in computer programming and technology management. Richard Liu Qiangdong eventually left the technology industry to become an entrepreneur again. Liu opened up a retail store that sold vision products to local consumers. However, the store closed down because it was not using ecommerce solutions to allow people to buy products on the internet. This convinced Richard Liu that he needed to develop ecommerce solutions so that he can maintain a profitable company. He would use ecommerce for his latest company Liu founded JD and quickly built it into one of China’s most profitable companies.

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