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Randal Nardone Developments In Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is a prominent lawyer who later changed his career into finance. He used to be a lawyer at Thacher Proffit & Wood. He advanced his ranks at BlackRock Financial and eventually moved to Union Bank of Switzerland. Even though serving in some of the prominent Swiss banks across the world may seem like a great achievement, this was not enough for Nardone. The main reason he decided to establish the Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Since then, the firm has experienced incredible growth that has earned him a position in the Forbes list of Billionaires.

Randal Nardone has a net worth of 1.8 Billion US Dollars and holds position 557. This is a significant achievement since all his wealth is self-made. His vast wealth is entirely from his stake in Fortress Investment Group. Besides, he earned more than 100 million US Dollars in different cash compensation. Randal Nardone is the CEO of Fortress Investment Group. He embarked to the company in 2011, which was suitable considering his role from the initial stages of the company. According to 30th June 2016 report, Fortress Investment Group manages over 70 billion US Dollars in various assets. These assets are divided into private equity, liquid hedge, and credit funds.

Randal Nardone emerged as the Head Fund Manager of the Year in 2014, an award contest that was held by Institutional Investors. Fortress Investment Group was featured as the Management Firm of the Year by HFMWeek. Besides, the company has gained much attention and praise as the Discretionary Macro-Focus Hedge Fund of the Year by Institution Investors for 2012 contest and the Credit –Focused Fund of the Year for two consecutive years, 2010 and 2011. This brought about the acquisition of Fortress by Softbank, which was one of the most credible and relevant developments of the company. It was initially effected on 14th February 2017 when Fortress Investment Group agreed to buy the company for 3.3 Billion US Dollars.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s Craftmanship in Cosmetic Surgery

Skill, art and science perfectly describes the field of cosmetic surgery. This particular industry has been around for many decades, but today’s technology has advanced the field to unprecedented levels. Located in Dallas, Texas, is one of the country’s top cosmetic surgeons. This man has won many industry-related awards, and he has been thoroughly trained at one of the country’s finest medical schools. The person in question is known as Sameer Jejurikar. This 20-year veteran makes use of some of the most advanced technologies. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., is well-accomplished as well as well-respected by his peers. So, what are some of the medical-aesthetic procedures that this guy specializes in? Well, Dr. Jejurikar specializes in:

  • Tummy Tucks
  • Brazilian Butt Lifts
  • Facelifts
  • Breast Revision
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Microneedling
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing
  • And many more

When dealing with cosmetic surgery, patients could use some before and after images for reassurance. Dr. Jejurikar does just that by using the advanced Crisalix 3D Imaging. This particular technology can show you exactly what you could look like after surgery. This technology can create a new face or body right before your very eyes. Dr. Jejurikar also utilizes SmartGraft hair restoration. This minimal-invasive treatment can create permanent results with little to no discomfort.

For ridding the face of wrinkles and fine lines, Dr. Jejurikar now offers a line of medical-grade skincare products. Yes, this is absolutely correct, and these products have a mixture of fine botanicals within the formulas’ structure. This man seems to have a progressive approach to everything that he does. Thanks to being a part of the Multi-Society Fat Grafting Task Force, Dr. Jejurikar is helping to shape the environment of cosmetic surgery with the latest in safety protocols.

Betsy DeVos Paves Way for School Choice

The name Betsy DeVos has become synonymous with school choice. While you might speculate that this is because of her new position as the U.S. Secretary of Education, she was a force to be reckoned with in this field for decades before that appointment. In terms of attacking this issue from all angles, there is simply no more motivated or experienced force than DeVos in all of the U.S. She has spent years developing a strategic plan for spreading the word about the need for school choice in overhauling the U.S. public education system.


According to DeVos, the lack of choice and way for parents to hold schools accountable for the quality of education received by their children are serious issues with our current system. School choice is the answer to this challenge because it allows the most motivated and interested students to pursue better educational options outside of the zones where they would traditionally be slated to attend public school. Offering families vouchers and tax credits to send their kids to schools that may be located outside their zip codes helps to bring economic and ethnic diversity to schools that would otherwise only be serving upper-class White children. DeVos has been incredibly vocal about the missed opportunities within the U.S. education system to provide children with a diverse and proactive learning environment by clinging to zip codes as the only way that children are sent to public schools.


What put DeVos in an elevated bracket from other activists pushing for school choice is that she saw the need to change public policy. Instead of simply fundraising and donating to schools that she believed could make a difference for all children, DeVos worked with political strategists to form advocacy groups with the purpose of informing the public and legislators about the need to disrupt the current system. The political experience that her family gained when her husband, Dick DeVos, ran for governor of Michigan years ago came in handy in assembling some of the most well-funded and organized political coalitions in Washington, D.C. to support charter schools and school choice.


Now that she serves as U.S. Education Secretary, DeVos speaks out frequently on the need to hold schools and administrators accountable for results in improving test scores and reading levels for students across the country. She sees that as much more than simply rolling out additional standardized tests. DeVos knows that by rewarding the most high-achieving schools, the government will encourage other schools across the U.S. to devote more time and energy to effective learning strategies for helping their students achieve on tests and beyond. She does not want to see U.S. students lose their competitive edge in the world.


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Betterworks CHRO Diane Strohfus Interview

Diane Strohfus, or the CHRO of Betterworks was recently interviewed for TecHR. Betterworks is a company that focuses on Continuous Performance Management solutions and software to help achieve that. A CHRO, or Chief Human Resources Officer, is a senior position that is mainly focused on acquisition of talent as well as making sure that the company’s existing employees are working well together. In her recent interview, Diane Strohfus detailed how she got into her career, as well as what her day to day operations usually consist of.


She actually did not envision her career in HR technology, she ended up there by accident from the finance section. In finance, she was a headhunter and acquired talent, but that industry operates in a significantly different capacity. When asked what Betterworks is, Diane Strohfus explains it quite well. She begins by saying that while technology and it’s rapid growth has changed business dramatically, many of the ways human resources are carried out is outdated. This is everything from talent acquisition to performance reviews. Betterworks essentially acts as a modernization of this, as well as a sort of network between a company’s employees.

She also has several pieces of advice when it comes to recruiting. It pays to look for people who are genuinely curious, not just those that have the best experience. Additionally, do not be afraid to use unconventional methods of approach, such as social media. The market for talent is incredibly competitive, so anything that makes you stand out from the rest is a good thing.


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Luke Lazarus Helps Startup Entrepreneurs To Turn Their Startup Ventures Into Successful Businesses

In the current world, the success of a new business is dependent on different factors. Nevertheless, there is a high chance that most startup companies will fail because of different challenges.

The current estimates showcase that almost 90 percent of new business startups fail within the first five years after being launched. Some of the issues affecting such businesses are such as slow job growth.

Although a majority of startups are failing, there is a small percentage of business that is thriving because of different factors such as good leadership and a strong sense of direction. Some of these business startups are led by experienced entrepreneurs who may also be working closely with professional investment advisers. Read more: Luke Lazarus| Medium and Luke Lazarus –

The firms can later be sold for a substantial amount of money. The individuals who are capable of enhancing the growth of a startup company are known as serial entrepreneurs. Their consistency is admirable, and their success stories are inspirational.

They do not succeed by luck; these individuals are skilled and talented, and that is why they can accumulate huge amounts of personal wealth. All these professionals always lend a helping hand to the business people who have ventured into the investment world recently.

New business people have the advantage of getting to know about some of the trends that help to enhance the growth of a business. Luke Lazarus is among these professionals, and he has played a vital role in the growth of different corporations.

The Winning Methods Applied By Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus hails from Melbourne, Australia. He was fortunate enough to start his first business endeavor when he was eight years old. Since then, he has been actively involved in the entrepreneurial world.

As a high school student, he excelled well in his academics as well as scholastic sports. His academic excellence and prowess in sports and business gave him a chance to join one of the prestigious universities in Australia.

He was also issued different offers in the form of financial aid from different parts of the globe. Despite receiving many offers from prominent institutions, Luke Lazarus chose to study in Melbourne, and he also got an MBA from one of the highly regarded institutions within the region.

Luke Lazarus’ Business Success

After finalizing his college studies, Luke Lazarus formed four companies. He later sold each of the firms for a significant amount of money. By the time Luke Lazarus was 35 years old, he had achieved financial independence and stability. He had attained the status of a successful entrepreneur. After that, he became a consultant.

His positive track record has helped to boost his portfolio, and he has also been enhancing the growth of different ventures globally. Many startup entrepreneurs have gained significantly from the talents that Luke Lazarus possesses.

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What Makes Toyo Setal So Successful?

Toyo Setal is a Brazilian construction company that specializes in different construction projects and assembly activities especially in the following industries – steelworks, energy-generating plants, oil and gas, infrastructure, mining, chemistry, and petrochemicals. Over the years, it has risen to become a leader in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPC) industry.

The company achieved its success by providing their teeming clients with excellent solutions geared towards safety, sustainability, profitability, and productivity. Most importantly, Toyo Setal always meets the deadlines set for their projects.

Due to the quality of their services, Toyo Setal has clinched a couple of awards and accolades, one of which is the “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” award that was given to them in AVEVA World Summit in 2014.

The main secret of the success of this company is its high-performance team that is focused on increasing the company’s productivity and achieving its other goals without going against its guidelines. Innovation, strategic planning, and hiring qualified professionals also played important roles in bringing the company to this enviable point.

By providing their clients with end-to-end service solutions, Toyo Setal has been able to prove its reliability and now it dominates both domestic and foreign market. The company actually sets itself apart from others by getting to know every client and their unique business needs. That is why every client gets great solutions well-suited for their business.

To provide timely and great services to its clients, the company spares no expense on technology driven state-of-the-art equipment. They continuously carry out researches on how to do things better and faster so as to continuously improve their turnaround time.

They continuously hire qualified employees that are committed to excellent results and the growth of the company. More importantly, they strive to retain such hands for as long as possible. In the company, excellence is a culture. While they render different services for different customers, their areas of competence are:

• People Training for Operation and Maintenance

• Commissioning, Start-up and Pre-operation of Plants

• Construction Management

• Tests and Pre-commissioning

• Electromechanical Assembly

• Civil Construction

• Executive Project

• Basic Project

• Conceptual Project

• Enterprise Management

• Total Investment Cost (TIC)

• Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies.

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Academy of Art University: Redefining Productivity and Professionalism in the Tech World

In an article by the New York Times, the introduction of AI into the art world of arts has revolutionized how professionals and the corporate world view creative arts. The growth of this vital economy is a product of the Academy of Art University and other few institutes — that continues to inject creativity and professionalism into this sector. According to the management of this institute, investment in this industry is key.

In their YouTube channel, it is clear that the Academy of Art University’s approach to arts and teaching arts is unmatched. For example, they are the first entity in the world of arts to invest in a fully equipped AI department. The investment signifies their commitment in ensuring that students have the best interaction with the thriving arts scene. The other reason for this kind of investment is to give students value for money.

All the videos from their channel also signify their commitment to futurist teaching in these important areas. Academy of Art University is, without a doubt, the first entity to invest in a student-centered system. The system has enabled the entity to redefine the traditional teaching and instead, encourage students to shape their careers — through well-thought projects and more importantly create realistic solutions to different challenges in the tech and arts scene.

Due to this effective approach to learning and research, graduates from this institute have assisted major tech companies in improving their operations. In a recent report on the Apple employees, a significant percentage is from the Academy of Art University. Graduates from this entity are also in other tech companies in different capacities. The main goal of the Academy of Art University, according to the management, is to assist the tech entities in reducing operational costs — through improved productivity and professionalism.

The entity is also one of the oldest arts’ teaching schools in the world. Their experience in this market has assisted them in creating better curriculum — and in accordance with the demands of the global markets. Their experience has also assisted them to merge the traditional arts with new and better technology. For example, the Academy of Art University helps students to merge creative drawing with technology.

Matthew Fleeger Brings An Array Of Business Building Acumen To Oil Industry

For Matthew Fleeger, running an oil and gas company is all about building trusting relationships with partners that stand up over time. Fleeger is President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, also known as Joint Ventures. The company, based in Dallas, works primarily in the Gulf Coast region to develop and acquire petroleum reserves. It has been doing that successfully since 1970.

Under Matthew Fleeger’s steady leadership, Joint Venture has expanded its sphere of operations to four other states beyond Texas. That includes Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. This firm also takes interest in properties with geological and geophysical advantages in addition to well-developed assets.

A region of growing importance for Joint Ventures is southwest Louisiana. Matthew Fleeger has led the way in obtaining property rights which has provided access to hundreds of square miles of critical 3D seismic data. This included a working interest in 13 wells and 140 drilling locations. These assets comprise an estimated 30 million barrels of oil reserve potential.

Matthew Fleeger brings a host of executive and business experience to his job from outside the oil industry. He is the former founder of MedSolutions, a waste management company that specialized in the disposal of highly sensitive medical waste. After building MedSolutions into a thriving enterprise for 13 years, Fleeger sold the company to Stericycle.

Matthew Fleeger found success in yet another industry as well – tanning. He established six tanning shops and expanded the operation to become the largest indoor tanning provider in the United States. Combining his company, Palm Beach Tan, with a second enterprise resulted in revenue of $100 million.

Whether its tanning, waste management or exploration of fossil fuels, Matthew Fleeger stays true to a philosophy of working with good people, building solid partnerships and treating everyone with fairness and respect.

Young Chinese Race to JD.Com for Hungarian Wine

As Chinese consumers increasingly search for the most convenient method to satisfy their shopping needs, looks for new markets to reach into. With a sprawling logistics network, China’s largest retailer is the method of choice for foreign products to branch out into a consumer base of more than 300 million. Grand Tokaj is betting on that tech and those consumers to lift their brand and find success in this large and competitive market.

The Hungarian wine maker has forged a working relationship with This will give Grand Tokaj some guidance and assistance with marketing by the retailer. This will provide insights into consumer habits in China, and the differentials separating this market with their more familiar counterparts in Hungary and throughout Europe. And with an infrastructure that ensures accurate and timely delivery, Grand Tokaj is set to make a good first impression on those willing to give their wine a chance.

Luckily, there seems to be quite a few young Chinese people thirsty for Hungarian wine. Grand Tokaj had been available for only 10 hours when 1,000 bottles of their Taki Aszu, a prized label, was sold off. During their five-day launch event, Grand Tokaj had made their way into more than 400,000 shopping carts.

Chinese consumers have no shortage of options when it comes to shopping for alcohol, and has worked hard to make it to the top of the list over the last three years. Transaction data is collected to build up their consumer-to-manufacturer (C2M) model that helps shoppers become more familiar with brands their suit their tastes and budgets.

This increased visibility has helped the Remy Cointreau Group succeed online. In 2017, their small cognac bottles sold out during that year’s Singles’ Day Shopping Festival. It remains one of their best selling products on

for Carol Fung, President for JD’s FMCG, Chinese urbanites are open to shopping for foreign brands, including alcohol. Young women in particular are a key shopping demographic which can help Grand Tokaj find success in China.

Gergelt Goreckzy, CEO for Grand Tokaj, is also betting on young people’s curiosity welcoming them to China, and hopes that other brands from Hungary can find their market here as well.

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Food Service Juggernaut OSI Group

Out of all the food processing companies in the world today, OSI Group stands out among the competition. This company is a food juggernaut, and it has been conducting business for many decades. OSI Group has gone from a butcher shop to a global enterprise. The company actually consists of test kitchens, pilot plants and culinary innovation centers. In total, OSI has more than 60 factories and facilities. Some of the most technologically advanced equipment can be found in each facility.

By spending $17 million on a high-capacity production line, the company was able to more than double its processing power of poultry. Company leaders spent $25 million to build a state-of-the-art facility in Asia, and China hosts at least 10 factories and facilities. All foods from the major food groups are being manufactured here. OSI Group has a plethora of consumer driven products that meet the needs of the consumers. Pizza, hot dogs, Tofu, cooked sausage links, desserts, onions, chicken nuggets, steak, cookies, panini, flatbread, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, chili, soups, meatballs, turkey products and many more variety of products are being produced on a consistent basis.

OSI has been able to take the stress away from its clients by offering logistical consumer services. Since the company doesn’t utilize catalogs, clients have the ability to speak directly to OSI representatives when it comes to product choice. Management, processing, sourcing and distribution is all being catered to for each client if need be. OSI Group seems to be in a class of its own. More than 20,000 individuals work for this massive employer. The company’s net worth is now in the billions, and it has made the Forbes list on many occasions. OSI Group has set a new precedent in food services industry, and it’s the standard by which all others are measured.