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PSI Pay: Bridging Digital Wallets and Cashless Transactions

We now live in a time where cash-based transactions are becoming a thing of the past and now we’re moving onto a more modern, technologically advanced way of handling our transactions with digital payments and cashless transactions. Digital wallets is now the newest trend and they function the same way as your traditional wallet – but without having a single physical bill of money. Digital wallets can function as you cash, your credit card, ATM card, Debit card and loyalty / privilege cards. PSI Pay are also more secure than your physical wallets because every transaction is protected by passwords or it can be controlled via your mobile device.

For Europeans, digital wallets usually carry cash balances and their digital wallets can store and use multiple currencies. Individuals who utilize this wallet can also link their different debit cards and use the PSI Pay to withdraw and transact from ATMs. All they need to do is to pay for a premium everytime they use their digital wallet when managing a transaction in an ATM machine.

There is a growing amount of consumers who are utilizing digital wallets and are transforming their money into cryptocurrencies so that they can spend their money more easily in different shops and platforms.

PSI Pay is a company that operates under the UK Financial Conduct Authority and they have been providing their services to both local and international markets. PSI pay is an official issuing company of Master card and PSI pay is one of the leading companies that provide payment solutions to individuals and companies worldwide. PSI Pay has a decade of extensive experience under their belt.

PSI Pay was given the permission by Mastercard to operate business with pre-paid cards. The British government also gave PSI Pay the permission to manage electronic funds about 8 years ago. PSI Pay, since then, has been rapidly growing and have been innovating more modern payment solutions. PSI Pay is committed to providing the best services and creating the most secure platforms for people to handle their financial transactions. PSI Pay is also constantly innovating and making new avenues to improve how they serve their consumers, and is continually improving their operations.


Igor Cornelsen’s Life As An Engineer and Banker

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker, but also an investor. He is currently working with the company, Bainbridge Group, with investments. He does this for commodity and foreign exchange. The investor focuses on educating people about wealth. Cornelsen educates people on passive income and strategies that will generate money. He wanted people to come up with a plan that would help them to earn more and work less.

In 1947, Cornelsen was born in Curitiba, Brazil. In 1970, He graduated from the University of Parana with a degree in economics. His very first job was at a bank in Rio. It was part of his requirements for his degree. His degree was a perfect match for his love of math and statistics. After working in the banking industry he opened up an investment agency. His first agency gained new investments and offers after working hard to build them. In 1994, he was invited to join the Board of Governors. Igor Cornelsen agency grew until it was bought by another bank. He went work for Unibanco up until 1985. He worked for another bank called London Chattered Bank where he was promoted to a leadership role. The promotion required him to move to London.

In 1995 his founded Bainbridge. He came up with the idea because of his experience with banking and investments. His company is located in the Bahamas and his team is people who he trained personally for his company. He trained them to identify the best long term investments for his clients.

Igor Cornelsen finds investing in the stock market to be a very simple task. He made many successful investments in unstable economies. He is a well-known investment advisor. He has been an investor for over forty years. Cornelsen and those he taught are fortunate for his experience. Prior to his retirement, he held many leadership positions for different companies.

His advice to other investors are is to have an investment plan that will work. His own strategies worked for him when it comes to investments. He invests in low performing markets that will improve over time. He waits till the businesses in the low markets start doing well to sell his shares.

The investor is keeping busy with training people in ways to make more money. He manages some of Brazil’s biggest banks. This enables him to help with all of the nation’s gross economy. Igor Cornelsen works as a consult for the banking and for investments.

The Future of Accounting with Dabie Tsai

As technology continues to thrive, there is one dilemma that has been created by the advent of new technologies. Every time a new technology is released, it is the sole responsibility of the human workforce to adapt to the new changes. Therefore, with every new technology, there is a disruption in the way we are used to completing our daily tasks (Medium).

In the workforce, new technologies are seen as a threat, since they can take up some of the roles that used to be performed by human beings. One field that is experiencing a lot of changes due to the influence of modern technologies is accounting. To understand how technology has influenced and will continue to influence the accounting field, we look at the advice of longtime accounting and auditing expert Dabie Tsai.

Personal Profile

Looking at the professional experience of Tsai, one is left without a doubt that her advice should be taken seriously. For 23 years, she has worked for KPMG, one of the largest and prominent firms in the world. She has significant experience dealing with SEC Periodic and IPO filings for both domestic and foreign registrants, SOX 404 controls and processes, and US GAAP and IFRS. While at KPMG, Tsai has worked in four countries located on different continents. She has therefore developed international experience in this field and also developed the ability to speak in multiple languages.

The Power of Computing

Since the introduction of computers, the field of accounting has experienced consistent changes. In fact, it is almost impossible for anyone to work in the field without mid-level competency on computing. It has become an integral part of the industry, and it will only become more advanced as we move into the future. According to Dabie Tsai, the influence of artificial intelligence will also influence the future of the industry as machine learning algorithms take up some of the lower-level tasks completed by the human workforce. Although it will bring some accuracy and efficiency in the processing of data, artificial intelligence might be a risk to businesses and human workforces that refuse to comply with the changes. However, she is hopeful that the application of new technologies in the field of accounting will not take up roles meant for the human workforce. She advises professionals in this field to consider taking up more advanced tasks that cannot be completed by machines.

Dabie Tsai also sees a future where the role of leadership in organizations will become highly competitive. With machines taking up some of the roles performed by the human workforce, it will be up to the leaders of these organization to ensure that there are proper plans and strategies aimed at achieving the intended goals.

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Flavio Maluf on the involvement of his company in the construction of the new Brazilian World Cup Soccer Stadium

Flavio Maluf was destined to succeed having been born into a prosperous home he had more opportunities than average individuals. His father, a successful entrepreneur, was Flavio’s mentor. His father was the president of Eucatex, and Flavio Maluf followed his step to be the president of the same company. Although Flavio did mechanical engineering in college, he did not follow his calling but instead decided to venture into business. He began working in the family-owned business Eucatex in 1987, where he still had to learn various tools of business trade, this was made accessible through the support of his father. He brought different dynamics into business such as the creation of highest quality products that meet the needs of the customers by utilising the latest technologies of production. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Blog do Ronco

Flavio Maluf work at Eucatex

Flavio Maluf took his family business into a multi-million dollar enterprise; he was able to do this when he was the president of the rich food which is a large Brazilian company that deals with product and manufacturing of different Agricultural brands such as Premier Pet and Golden Feeds. Eucatex Group was an idea of his great-grandfather. The company initially involved itself in the production of insulated plant-based lining, partitions of homes and different kind of walls. The name of the company came about by marrying the words eucalyptus and textile thus Eucatex. Many of the company’s products are created form eucalyptus and many textiles.

Eucatex hand in the construction of new Brazilian World Cup Soccer Stadium

Flavio Maluf has followed family tradition by keeping the production of the company and the company’s policy of being always green. The company practices environmental friendly acts as this is one of its policy. The company has benefited by involving itself in different summer Olympics that they have been held in Brazil as it is always the preferred construction company. The company constructed the new World Cup Soccer Stadium, Eucatex supplied all the constructions equipment and was involved in the construction. Moreover, the colourful and admirable colours of the stadium were made possible by Eucatex.



Serge Belamant’s Impact on Everyday Technology

Serge Belamant is an entrepreneur figure like no other. He was born in France, and moved to South Africa in his early teens. His professional career took off in no time, and by 1991 he had forever changed many of the banking systems an average individual takes for granted. He founded Net1 UEPS Technologies, which once it partnered with Visa, lead to the creation of the chip cards that nearly every consumer uses to this day. However, it was a new digital payment system for transferring Welfare grants across countries that really put the spotlight on him. In a recent Ideamensch interview, he expands on how career path developed to this point.

The most recent venture was brought to him by his son. Zilch Technologies is a company that specializes in mobile game technology. The combination of his son’s IT engineering skills and his personal information network and knowledge, was the perfect recipe for a successful 21st century company. The conception of ideas involves starting with how it works fundamentally, then attempting to understand why the average consumer would want to advantage of that idea if it was available. If it passes this test, then prototypes are developed within no time. Serge Belamant cites his need to understand everything even to the smallest detail, as a quality to his success.

As an industry veteran, Serge Belamant has nailed down his daily routine to near perfection. It all begins with a list of tasks to be done, and what will be required to complete each item. Beyond that, he takes time to catch up on the news. Staying in the know is a vital piece to keeping a company ahead of the curve. The afternoon period is spent on passive activities. He particularly enjoys chess and math problems. At the end of the day, keeping a fresh head capable of critical is the most important aspect to keep in mind.

Serge Belamant is one of the greatest innovators in the modern era. While many consumers will not realize the impact he left on their lives, his technological creations will never die.


Agera Energy Is Making A Difference In Many Ways

New York-based energy supplier, Agera Energy, founded its operations in 2014. In hopes of making their organization well known, Agera Energy acquired some sizable retail providers that they could expand on. Following what Agera Energy dubbed “healthy acquiring,” they urged their direct sales team to make a splash with prospective consumers. Striving to transcend norms using a client-driven approach, Agera Energy makes their consumers the focal point of operations.

This savvy business tactic has armed them with 1.8 million loyal patrons. To fully grasp the excellence of Agera Energy, one need not look further than their employee reviews. Applauded for their guidance, support, fair compensation, and excellent benefits, Agera Energy is thriving on all fronts. Both seasoned staffers and new employees enjoy the perks of the company. As Agera Energy continues to evolve, they seek to uphold this same company culture.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: The Man Behind the Marketing Success of L’Oreal

L’Oreal is one of the most popular beauty product brands in the market today. The company is headquartered in Clichy, France, and they have been hiring only the best individuals who could lead the company to success. One of the most interesting individuals working for L’Oreal is Dan Bethelmy-Rada, a Venezuelan-American who is now based in France and was given the role as the company’s Vice President for Global Marketing. Dan Bethelmy-Rada said that working for L’Oreal would require patience and determination, and he would always have a busy day because of the demands of the company. He would find himself meeting with his team, or discussing things that they should do to keep the products selling. Sometimes, he would go out and look at the products on the market, and ask the consumers what they feel about their line of beauty products.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada said that his role in the company is important, and one of his goals is to create the beauty products of tomorrow. He is working with the laboratories owned by L’Oreal, and providing his input about how the products should look and what kind of effect it should have. Through his efforts, L’Oreal’s products are being sold in the global market, and through their investment in advertising the product, more people are becoming aware of the brand, and their effective marketing campaign allowed L’Oreal to grow into a multi-billion company. Last 2017, L’Oreal posted revenue of more than 26 billion euros, making them the largest cosmetics company in the world.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada also shared how he is actively participating in the determination of the product’s final look – from selecting the color of the product, the text, and the imagery. He said that a strong advertising campaign is required to continue running the business, and the most challenging part of his job is to convince others to make the switch. Dan Bethelmy-Rada stated that he is proud seeing where L’Oreal is now, and he also shared that it makes him prouder knowing that he was able to bring confidence to a lot of women who are using their products. He ensured their customers that L’Oreal would continue to produce high-quality products for their growing market.