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Hussain Sajwani Is A Billionaire Veteran In The Real Estate Industry

Hussain Sajwani completed his studies at Washington University and quickly got started on his career at the Abu Dhabi Oil Company. While he was working at GASCO, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National, Hussain managed to work his way up to a management position. Although Hussain didn’t stay long, he was able to build up his knowledge as a contract manager before starting up his very own company in 1982.

Hussain was one of the first few to jump into the property market and push its expansion throughout Dubai. In the past couple of decades, especially throughout the 90’s, the number of visitors and movers to the Dubai area was drastically increasing. This was an opportunity for Hussain and he started building up new properties and hotels to meet the demands of the increasing population. Hussain used this opportunity to start up a company known as DAMAC Properties, which has become one of the leading property development companies in the region. Today, Hussain is an expert when it comes to finances, administration, legal matters, property acquisition and development, and sale, making him the perfect man to lead DAMAC Properties with new projects. DAMAC has projects in many different countries, including London, Riyadh, and Beirut.

DAMAC properties plays host to more than 2000 employees at present with most of its shares spread throughout the public Dubai market. As far as track records go, no one of the markets can stand toe to toe with DAMAC Properties in luxury property development. DAMAC has been responsible for overseeing more than twenty thousand homes built throughout various stages of construction.

Hussain Sajwani also has a business relationship with the President of the United States and they have both played tribute to each other over the years. During the New Years Eve ceremony, Donald Trump spoke kindly of Hussain as they are both big players in the real estate industry. DAMAC Properties and Donald Trump worked together to create the Trump International Golf Club.

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Dick DeVos Has Always Loved The City Of Grand Rapids And Continues To Give It His All

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur and billionaire who was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and he has always done everything he can for the city that he loves so much. In 1991, while many others supported a move to construct a sports and convention arena near the downtown of Grand Rapids, he opposed it. He had seen the same kind of plan fall apart before when the city of Detroit decided the to build the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills. This took place during the 1970s and became a huge financial drag on Detroit when the Detroit Lions and Pistons left the city. This is why DeVos began a lobbying effort against the building of a similar type of arena in Grand Rapids.


During this time, Dick DeVos helped to put together the Grand Action group. This group contains important business leaders from the area who care about the city, and these leaders have been the main reason why many buildings in the city have been built. Because of Grand Action, Michigan State University’s medical school was built along with the DeVos Place Convention Center and Van Andel Arena. While the rest of the nation simply knows DeVos as the former CEO of Amway, the state of Michigan knows him for his amazing deeds that have always made the city a better place.


Some years back, Dick DeVos put the time in to convince the CEO of AirTran Airways to run nonstop flights out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Just a few months after he did so, AirTran Airways was purchased by Southwest. DeVos had already been given the job of trying to get Southwest to come to Grand Rapids, and now he could do so with an advantage. Before this, Southwest had turned down opportunities to add flights to the Grand Rapids area. Instead of pleading with Southwest, DeVos told them that he believed they should not just continue to offer flights out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, but that they should add more. This ended up working out for DeVos and Southwest because the airport’s growth was twice the average of the rest of the United States.


There are many more stories like this that involve Dick DeVos. The man also ran to serve as the governor of the state of Michigan, but, unfortunately, lost to the incumbent. That never slowed him down, but, instead, motivated him to do more for his home state and city. In recent years, he has started up an aviation charter school with his wife, Betsy DeVos. The school is located on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and there is a waiting list to get into it because it is that popular.


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The Success Story of Felipe Montoro Jens

Various paralyzed works exist in Brazil and twenty percent of them are connected to infrastructure. This matches Felipe Montoro Jens’ report. He is extensively acknowledged for his role towards infrastructure. In line with the sector, the basic sanitation suffers the most impact as shown by the interruption of about 470 business enterprises within the implementation phase.

In addition to his minor investments connected to infrastructure, the Brazilian nation has volumes of possessions within the subdivision. This explains the overflow of the activities interrupted before the cessations happening without any societal benefits. They are the outcomes of the way the private sector employs certain strategies during the implementation of its establishments. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Even though it is cheaper and less complicated to establish daycare facilities, preschools and sports amenities, Felipe Montoro highlights their indication that happens via the CNI study. The cause of the discontinuation is the other viable aspect for consideration. The study implies the technical issues, budgetary and financial issues, expropriation, land ownership issues also contributed to the interruptions.

Therefore, the economic menace that Brazil currently goes through results in the need for content spending which resulted in the interruption of the infrastructural initiatives by the authority. It ended up with a reduction of the investments that led to the stoppage related to infrastructural works.

On the other hand, CNI points to a body enhancing direct management and supervision of SESI. Worth noting is its acknowledgment of Felipe Montoro Jens as a professional towards infrastructural projects.

Additionally, the making and discussion of the proposals connected to launching and advancing the policies and laws that strengthens the feasible sector. This goes alongside national modernization.

Therefore, hard work and commitment is all that is essential for one to succeed. Pointing out the challenges and finding appropriate solutions to them is the best thing to do for someone.


Before DAMAC was Born

Hussain Sajwani, at sixty-five years of age has made tremendous achievements in the real estate world. He studied under scholarship at the University of Chicago majoring in industrial engineering. After clearing his degree, he was employed in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries for three years after which he decided to draw his own path into real estate development. This major step birthed the founding of DAMAC, a company involved in property development. Since the start of the company, there has been innumerable growth and successes thus prompting the listing of Hussain Sajwani among the top one hundred most influential Arabs. To top to that, his success has led him to the tenth riches Arab.

Before the glamour and fame from the success of DAMAC Properties, Hussain took part in helping others succeed. He put other peoples’ successes before his. While he was a student, Hussain Sajwani took his time and input into the family business. In turn, he gained experience and expertise while conducting businesses. Selling watches in the family shop gave him people skills and his hard work in school earned him a scholarship naming him the first student by the United Arab Emirates sent to the U.S.

During his stay in the United States, he was able to perfect his trade and earn some coins selling apartments. After his graduation from the University, he realized that it was his time to take the next step and earn money for himself. So, he set his mind into getting the right kind of experience to be able to get to his desired point. He took up work in a large company as a member of the finance department. There, he worked for two years. Through these two years, he realized he could actually make millions through his brilliant ideas. And that’s where his personal business journey begun.

In the year 1982, Hussain Sajwani birthed his own catering business. The trade quickly shot up giving him more than two hundred projects, serving more than 150,000 meals in a day. To date, the business still stands. Soon after that success, he saw another opportunity. This is when he decided to get into the Real Estate Market which at that time was fast growing.

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How OSI Industries Operates To Ensure A Consistent Supply Of Products To Its Customers

OSI Industries is today one of the major global food producers. The company has branches and partnerships in Australia, Mexico, Hungary, Pacific Rim, Austria, and Brazil because of its strategic growth from late 80’s to early 90’s.OSI Asia- Pacific was marked by the partnership with K&k Foods in Taiwan in 1987. Three years later, Gen OSI in the Philippines was established and WFOE, Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise was established in Beijing China in 1992 and another plant in Shanghai in 1996.

Due to the improvement of China economy, OSI Industries did not only continue to provide products but also attracted more clients. They included Subway, Burger King, Starbucks, Yum, Subway, and Saizeriya. In the United States, the company collaborated with Nation Pizza and Foods in 1994. Two years later, it acquired a company in Oakland, Iowa, which specialized in hot dogs, bacon.


In late 90’s OSI Industries got an interest in poultry products and as a result, acquired Moy Park in 1996. The other company to be purchased was the East Coast Company, Amick Farms a deal that was sealed in 2006. The move marked a significant boost in the company’s diversification. In China’s Shandong province, Weihai poultry was acquired in 2010, and the year, another deal, named SunOSI was sealed in Fujian Province. The expansion of OSI Industries in Australia and India was facilitated in the 90s and 2000’s. During the end of the 21st century’s first decade, OSI was still operating many plants across the world from its Metropolis headquarter. Its growth in China and Europe continue with an increase in its products like Sausages, pizza, hamburger to name but a few.

In its diversification procedure, OSI Industries continued its investment in Japan through JOC Foods. There way the company diversified in Europe and China went simultaneously with the increase in the number of its product. In 2011, it opened a dry sausage plant in Western Jordan, Utah and for frozen items in Geneva in 2012. Another major step is the acquisition of Baho Foods in Europe, which took place in 2016. The Dutch-based company has other branches in Germany and specializes in meat and other food products. The contract was aimed at boosting the company’s supply in the European market. To accomplish its mission, OSI acquired Flagship Europe, which was later named creative Foods Europe in 2018. These European deals led to the opening of an office Gersthofen, Germany to serve as the regional office to the branches.

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JD.Com Continues To Build One of The Globe’s Largest Retail Operations

JD.Com Continues To Build One of The Globe’s Largest Retail Operations

By revenue, JD.Com is the largest company in the field of e-commerce in China. The company is a member of the Fortune 500. JD.Com owns and operates an online website along with several mobile applications applicable for e-commerce. The company is on a mission to create foot pints in all the states of the globe through its thoughtful, user-friendly and customer oriented business module. JD.Com employs over a thousand employees who help in marketing, development and online support as well as online sales.

Recent endeavors of J.D.Com

JD has recently partnered with Central Group to launch a new e-commerce platform. Central croup is a leading retail conglomerate in Thailand. JD.Com has been plotting ways to further its reach in Southeast Asia and this collaboration the collaboration with the leading B2C e-commerce business in Vietnam, tiki and the establishment of yet another platform in Indonesia is set to do just that. The product of this collaboration is the JD CENTRAL e-commerce platform which was launched on 28th September 2018. The platform, which offers direct sales as well as models for the marketplace was opened for testing on the 18th of June which also happens to be the date of the anniversary of JD.Com.

The excellent reception from the users led to its official launch. The site offers a variety of categories which includes fashion, electronics, home appliances, digital products, music, cosmetics, toiletries, books and many more which basically covers all there is to offer. Users can access the site via mobile phones with FMCG and computers. In other news, JD.Com and San Miguel, a leading citrus organization located in the Southern Hemisphere also came together and launched a new e-commerce portal under JD.Com. This is part of the company’s mission to boost the fruit and vegetable market industry in that specific country. Apart from Sam Miguel, JD has also gotten more than 18 other companies in the fruit and vegetable industry to sign the corporate agreement aimed at boosting the industry. These companies include Wonderful Citrus and Zespri among several others. Through this agreement, JD also intends to expand its presence in this industry globally.

Ara Chackerian Talks About The Necessity Of Ending The Stigma Of Depression

Ara Chackerian created TMS Solutions when he discovered the benefits that transcranial magnetic stimulation was having for many patients who were using it. TMS is a new treatment for depression that has shown to be effective on patients who do not respond well enough to medication that is not widely in use across the United States. As an entrepreneur in healthcare, he already was familiar with outpatient services that radiology and pharmacy and decided to try this hand at psychiatry as well.


After looking at the results in depth he saw that the treatment could have an immense amount of potential to become a regularly sought after method of treatment if more people were able to access it. After having the opportunity to speak with one of the doctors at the forefront of the treatment, Ara Chackerian saw potential and began work on his business venture which has 7 locations around San Francisco. Depression can be a serious condition and he believes that people need options in their treatment.  You can checkout for more info.


Depression can easily lead to suicidal thoughts and the topic isn’t discussed freely enough. Ara Chackerian wants the world to lift the stigma around depression and suicide so people are more willing to seek treatment for it. With thousands of people in the United States taking their lives every year, something clearly needs to be done to help. The topic is seen as taboo to many and many of those suffering from mental illness are afraid to reach out for help out of fear of being judged. While the recent passing of several celebrities such as Anthony Bourdain, Robin Williams, and Kate Spade was absolutely tragic, it opened up many people to talk about what they are going through themselves. To see more you can visit


While Ara Chackerian is able to help people with his entrepreneurship ventures, he also enjoys giving back to the world with philanthropy. The organizations that he is working with are located in Nicaragua, Armenia, and the United States. Education is important to Ara Chackerian who has a BS in marketing from Florida State and he hopes to be able to expand access to people around the world. For more details you can visit


Whitney Wolfe’s Rise with Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is a women with a passion that sets her apart from the male competition. She previously worked for Tinder, where she had a heavily involvement in building the platform. Unfortunately, following a sexual misconduct scandal, she left to pursue her own solo ambitions. Whitney Wolfe had the idea for a new dating app platform, and through a series of lucky breaks, it was lunched just years later. The success and longevity of her career is further elaborated in a pair of online articles.

In a recent Forbes article, Whitney Wolfe discusses how see went form Tinder to creating her own dating app service. It all began when she partnered with Andrey Andreev, and he immendiently saw the potential in a female-centric app service. However, the game changer came during one of their regular meet-ups. The idea of women making the first move in contacting an individual. This was basically unheard of in the modern dating scene, and perfectly fit the brand she was trying sell. Soon after, Bumble launched with high fanfare. See more of Whitney Wolfe at Business Insider.

Bumble has become ever increasingly popular in the time since its launch. In a another Forbes article, they describe how quickly Whitney Wolfe’s Fortune has risen with Bumble. The company is mostly run by female workers who share the vision of an alternative female-centric app service. Bumble has even expanded their capabilities to include a function to locate friends called BFF, and a professional function for networking. The apps’s unique female appeal is how it stands out from the competition.

Whitney Wolfe is a beacon of hope for women in the business industry. She proves that passion and drive is all it takes to compete toe-to-toe with her male counterparts. Her history at Tinder, and experiences during the fallout are what culminated in Bumble. The app has grown to over 5 million users in just the few years its been active. Whitney Wolfe doesn’t want to stop here. She wants to continue refining the service, and make it into a true safe heaven for women. There is a clear audience for this kind of app service.

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