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How IC Systems’ activities have influenced the world around it.

Background information on IC Systems.

Ruth and Jack Erickson were the founders of IC Systems (1938). It has its headquarters on the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. It is an outstanding accounts receivable company. It is known for its quality services based on strong ethics and honesty. Due to this, the company has passed on to the third generation of Erickson family.

The company has worked hard to be the best innovative accounts receivable company. It was the first to replace typewriter with computers. They still have a distinct trait of incorporating the recent compliance levels such as TCPA, CFPB and 501(r) among others into their systems. That is the way they keep their reputation as the safest collection agency.

Values that have sustained IC Systems

The company is built on values that have maintained it in the collection industry. The values are: treating people around the company respectably, integrity- being careful to do the right thing, good performance -competence in delivering high-quality results, pride- owning the activities they are involved in and how they do them and innovation -creativity in coming up with better ways of working. Being a company with a firm ethical background, IC Systems has won the 2013, 2014 and 2015 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics. The company itself motivates its workers to uphold these values by electing one worker in each department for the Core Value Award.

IC Systems role in improving lives in the community.

IC Systems engages in philanthropic activities as a way of giving back to the community. It has created a team known as the Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) to organize its charitable activities (formed in 1981). Annually, the group engages in creating donation events, managing various community activities and involving its employees in the philanthropic efforts.

Apart from being philanthropic, the company owns the responsibility of taking care of the community by encouraging people to embrace sustainable practices. Specifically, it promotes the use of renewable energy sources to neutralize carbon emission into the environment. It also has taken it as its responsibility to encourage people to consider how they use land and manage infrastructure in the community.

Knowing The Investment and Credit Worlds: Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas has made a career out of knowing the business he is in and is not afraid to take a chance. He has worked hard over the years to get where he is and makes sure that his clients are happy. He has always wanted to be a part of the finance and credit industries. He has been working as a financial advisor for top companies for more than twenty-five years. He has worked for Goldman Sachs in the United States and now has his own firm in London England. Here are some tips that can help young investors on their way in the financial world.

The first thing to keep in mind is that youth allows a person to take an occasional risk with money. The payoff can be rewarding and people who begin investments later in life tend to be more practical and cautious when it comes to making investments.

The second thing to keep in mind is compound interest. This is the interest made on interest when someone invests money. An example of how this works can be like a young person that invests two thousand dollars per year for ten years at a growth rate of ten percent per year. When the person turns sixty-five the investment will have grown to over half a million dollars. That is impressive, to say the least.

The third step to keep in mind is how to spend your money. Good habits now will be fruitful later on when it comes to retirement. By sticking to a budget a person can be responsible with money and have a little fun too.

The final tip is that being responsible now will improve the quality of life down the line. An example is a military member that invests in a Roth IRA or Thrift Savings Plan. Investing early is the key to success for accounts like this.

Advisors like Chris Linkas are there to help people when it comes to the markets and investing. With these tips and Chris’ help, a person can navigate the complex financial markets with confidence to spare.

Jeff Aronin Is Helping His Patients To Eliminate The Obstacles That Is Getting In The Way Of Their Good Health

Jeff Aronin and his company Paragon Biosciences are improving the world of healthcare by working to create important medicines that will improve the lives of people who suffer with diseases that are not paid enough attention to. He is also a passionate philanthropist who works to make his community a better place, and in order to do this he started up the Aronin Family Foundation. Through the foundation and on his own, he has worked to help children and educate regular, everyday people. Some of the organizations that have benefited from his donations are AIPAC, the Jewish United Fund, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, Chicago Parks Foundation, and too many others to mention. Jeff Aronin has also personally supported Susan G. Komen, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Liver Life Challenge, Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Jeff Aronin knows that one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of patients and healthcare workers is the amount of diseases and other illnesses that simply do not have effective treatments available. These are rare diseases that affect less that 200,000 people, and are either being ignored or treated in ways that are just not working. He was inspired to startup his company, Paragon Biosciences, because he was frustrated by the fact that many patients were getting looked over because they suffer from conditions that only a small amount of other people did as well. This inspired him to get to work on discovering real-world solutions that would help this population out.


Jeff Aronin has won a variety of honors and awards during his working life and some of these include the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award, the Weizmann Leadership Award, the Humanitarian Award from the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, the Rovner Award from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, and many others. As a successful entrepreneur and physician who has been a part of or the sole factor for the creation of many different pharmaceutical companies, he is hoping to make the world a better place. If there is someone who can accomplish this, it is definitely Jeff Aronin.

Telereal and Graham Edwards take Part in the CPS Policy Making

Graham Edwards has long held the position since the founding of Telereal in 2001. Telereal at present is managing assets that have 59.2 million sq. ft., which it was able to get when Edwards instigated the acquisition of BT or British Telecom. With his good business sense, he was likewise able to seal the purchase of Trillium – who at that time owned numerous properties through its subsidiaries. The merger of Telereal and Trillium made the company one of the leading firms in property procurement in the United Kingdom.


Telereal Trillium has contributed substantially in the development of properties in UK, and is responsible for building one percent of the total homes that are occupied and owned by UK’s workers. Currently, Telereal Trillium has an asset outlay worth £6 billion.


Due to his excellent business and leadership aptitudes, Graham Edwards was appointed by the Center for Policy Studies to be its Housing Policy Group Chairman, and became a Research Fellow of the Center. One of his primary tasks at the Center for Policy Studies is to work closely with the entity’s in-house specialists to generate required guidelines to promote faster construction and ownership of homes.


The Center for Policy Studies is a research institute which advocates British policies that have something to do with inception of social programs to effect main alterations on key policies to mitigate public services, support communities, and the pressure exerted on the independence of the British.


To address the social issues mentioned above, The Center for Policy Studies publicly introduced is New Generation Program that encompasses first-hand policies represented by new individuals for the following Brexit season. For the time being, the Center will be laying out the basic concepts for the required policies before the UK’s intended withdrawal from the EU.


As part of its strategies, the CPS has presented four core programs which will cover the people’s life and future. These programs are: cost of living and tax, business and enterprise, planning and housing, and welfare. The main goal for the cited programs is to cultivate rules and guidelines which will give the British an authentic feeling of ownership and a sound control of their individual lives.

Perry Mandera Has A Generous Heart And A Giving Soul

Perry Mandera has dedicated his life to his family, church, charities, the United States Marine Core and the transportation industry. He had served numerous transportation industries by the age of 23. He began a business in 1980 but sold it five years later to pursue politics. He spent four years serving the Chicago Republican Party as a committeeman. He has been recognized for his physical and financial contributions to his community. His philanthropy has benefited veterans, cancer research and cancer prevention.


Perry Mandera donated transportation services to help with the 2013 efforts for disaster relief necessary due to the destruction caused by the tornado. The businesses and residents in Washington, Illinois benefited because of his generosity. He additionally donated forty trucks filled with food and supplies for the people devastated by Hurricane Katrina. These items went to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi. Perry Mandera was there when the devastating wildfires ravaged California. Those who lost their belongings and their homes were given supplies. He founded Custom Companies to help the people in the most desperate need.


When Custom Companies was founded, Perry Mandera stated the core values of the company were to give back to the community. He has never wavered from this decision. He sets an example to help people take the right actions. He takes pride in the wide variety of charities supported by his company. He has provided assistance for over 100 children’s sports teams in Chicago. His greatest passion is helping the children from disadvantaged neighborhoods and underprivileged families. Special attention is given to neglected and abused children because of Perry Mandera.


Perry Mandera participates in outreach opportunities during his free time. He has coached youth basketball, football and baseball teams. He also funds and manages boxers. One of these boxers competed in Barcelona, Spain for the 1992 Olympics. Another Irish boxer became famous and was a competitor in the 2004 Olympics. He helps entrepreneurs, sponsors and organizes activities for the church, and helps plan community events. Perry Mandera married in 1989 and is raising two children. He enjoys the time he spends with his family.

Glen Wakeman: Pointers to Success

Glen Wakeman is a successful businessman who founded Nova Four and Launchpad Holdings. He has a unique approach to doing business, citing five different points in becoming a successful businessman. He also believes that his ideas would turn into reality if he could explain it better to others, making them understand what he wanted to showcase. He is creating a sophisticated outline about his plans, showing it to other people to let them know what his plans are, and he is ready to answer all questions regarding the business strategy that he would like to take. Combined with his five pointers to success, this way of thinking has made Glen Wakeman a businessman with a vision.


Being in the financial industry for more than two decades, it is undeniable that Glen Wakeman is an expert when it comes to money matters. He has an experience being a financial service executive, chief executive officer, a board member, a business owner, and a mentor. He has assisted hundreds of small business owners on becoming successful, and he would always remind them about his five pointers to success. Each tip would help them improve their business, and it would also allow them to create great relationships with their clients and business partners. For Glen Wakeman, networks are a vital factor in a company’s success, and by following his pointers, business people are guaranteed that their business would prosper. Glen Wakeman enumerated the five pointers to success as follows: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


Each of these pointers would allow an individual to develop some of the traits and characteristics that are already present in the company and its employees. Leadership, for example, would enable the company to brace the changes happening around them, making them adaptable to every new concept that is being felt throughout the society. Human capital focuses on the strategy and tactics of the company, and how they see their role in the future. Execution would allow the integration of people and technology, and how this combination would help the business prosper. Risk management allows the business to minimize disruptions, and finally – governance, which allows the business to create and construct dissent.

Neuroscientist Jorge Mall Studies on Human Brain

Jorge Mall the director and president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education has a distinguished history of research about how human brain works and its effects on decision making. In 1994 he graduated from a Federal Unit of Rio De Janeiro, a medical school. He also pursued a Neurology residency career from the same institution. Jorge Mall specializes in the neural basis of moral cognition and human behavior. The cognitive neuroscience specialty has led to his prowess in studying how our sense of altruism and morality is affected by the physiology of our brain. The study was conducted in 2006 by the neuroscientist, and his colleague Jordan Craftsman. It was a dramatic example of how the brain can be a compass of morality. The research was based with the evaluation on the participant’s minds, in an incident where asked two options to either donate money for charity or keep the money. The study result showed that being unselfish brought happiness in the human sense.


The results of the research made by the team showed that when the volunteers chose charity other than selfishness, a primitive part of their brain was activated. That portion of the brain is associated with functions that make a response to sex or food(romaleke). According to the findings, the experiment showed that morality and altruism was not a moral faculty based on superiority, but instead associated with parts of our brains that are hardwired to pleasure responses. Jorge Moll according to this experiment, explains that when we provide to others, the pleasure response makes us feel incredible.


The neural and hardwired part of our brain results in the ethical decisions we make, according to the exploration of Jorge Moll’s research in the role of the brain in morality. The concept also defined the ability of numerous species to make ethical choices by making a sacrifice of their interest. An experiment on rats showed that if given food and it sees its neighbor being subjected to an electric shock, the rat will refuse to eat. Other related scientifically studies state that it was evolutionary progress for a human to show empathy by recognizing the internal state of another creature.

Freedom Checks: An Unmatched Discovery by Matt Madiali

Freedom Checks: An Unmatched Discovery by Matt Madiali

The internet has become a bait trap that aims at reaping off people their dearly sought investments. As though it has a broad understanding of investors’ needs, the insatiable crave for quick money by schemers have evolved to intuitively device spams that will trap and swindle established business. Therefore, the internet is one area that any investor has eschewed. However, within the internet lie bumper opportunities that remain unexploited due to the fear of swizzling. Freedom check offers a vivid illustration of lucrative opportunity that locked out many investors who treated as a pipe dream which was too good to be true. Check at to know more.

What are freedom checks?

Even though the name “freedom checks” seem enticing, it describes a legitimate investment verified by a team of financial gurus from Banyan Hill. As a geologist by the name Matt Badiali, was undertaking a project that entailed global traveling, he met CEOs from numerous companies that were dealing with the production, synthesis, storage, and transportation of gas and oil. It was this encounter that the veteran resource analyst Matt, discovered 568 companies that through limited partnerships can issue freedom checks. The US-based companies are to offer 90% of their gain to investors. This will fat pay what Badiali terms as freedom checks.

What makes freedom checks legitimate?

Unlike other scams, “Freedom Checks” was an investment. Its declaration was done in an investment newsletter. The companies are not giving free money. However, they are promising to enrich investors with a ton of cash by what they sell to you. Read this article at

Freedom check sets to give Americans their dream

With this discovery, America is set to gain energy independence in the recent future. Matt Badiali has based his findings on the drop of oil importation in the US. With the increase in the production of natural gas and oil, the companies in the US are at a central position to make a massive profit. According to Matt Badili’s estimate, the income will facilitate the companies to pay $34.6 billion to their loyal investors in one year.


The journey to success needs a solid foundation built through intuitive understanding about the market and investment. Matt Badiali gets all the tribute for this amazing discovery that revives the desire of America to have their independence. When investments opportunities arise, especially on the internet, only devoted researchers can benefit. Conclusively, Matt Badiali is a revered business professional who utilizes his wealth of investment knowledge in guiding entrepreneurs. Learn more:

Roberto Santiago: The Brazilian Mall Tycoon

Roberto Santiago is known as a mall tycoon, building one of the largest malls in the state of Paraiba. Before he became a business tycoon, Roberto Santiago’s job was to write for newspapers and other newsletters. Writing has been an excellent source of income for him, and he managed to save a lot of money during his career. With the introduction of the internet, Roberto Santiago started to write online and gained a lot of followers because of the quality of the articles that he writes. One day, as he was walking around the city center, he noticed an advertisement about a lot that is being put up on sale. He developed an interest in buying the lot, and he started talking with the owner to haggle for the right price. The transaction was completed in 1987, and the lot was formally transferred under his name.

Roberto Santiago has so many things in mind regarding the development of the property, but he ultimately decided to transform the lot into a shopping mall. He used the money that he saved in the bank and hired the best contractor in the city that would give him the best deals. The construction of the mall took two years, and it was finally opened to the public in 1989. Roberto Santiago named the mall as Manaira Shopping, and it changed the local population’s way of life. Manaira Shopping was named as one of the best shopping malls in the country, and it is being visited today by thousands of people, be it a tourist or a local.

Manaira Shopping has a lot of amenities inside. There are thousands of shops to choose from, and there is a dedicated entertainment center inside the mall providing world-class entertainment to patrons, including a bowling alley, a cinema complex, and a concert hall on the mall’s rooftop. Manaira Shopping also boasts one of the largest food courts in the country, home to authentic cuisines coming from different countries across the world. Roberto Santiago never expected that the mall he created would become a symbol of his city’s economic performance. Manaira Shopping went under several expansions, and today, the mall is occupying a huge lot with other developments surrounding it, including a residential complex and a commercial business center.

Roberto Santiago thanked everyone who has patronized his mall for years, and recently, he unveiled his plans for Manaira Mall. According to his timeline, Manaira Mall would still undergo several expansions and renovations. Roberto Santiago also added that there would be a new mall built near the location of Manaira Mall, and he is also traveling across the country to find out where he could develop his next property.

Why Dr. Saad Saad Is a Legend?

Dr. Saad Saad is one of the most passionate and inspiring physicians you will ever find on earth. Saad, who is now seventy-two years old, has found love in pediatric, general, and thoracic surgery. The good doctor, in his long and industrious career, has done things that only a few people in the world would try.



Innovation and Dr. Saad are one and the same. Saad, while dispensing his duties found that pediatric surgery was a risky endeavor thanks to all the medieval tools in use. Saad also discovered that medical procedures during his formative years were subject to debate as they put the lives of patients’ in danger.



The surgeon, sad and angry, decided to do something worthwhile. The creative Saad, after a gruesome research exercise, was able to come up with two inventions, developments he holds patents to, today. Saad’s first development is a catheter that works using an electromagnet.



Recall, catheters are tubes that go deep into the body. Unfortunately, the device might land in the wrong place leave alone injure vital organs if you do not use x-ray images. Although helpful, too much exposure to the x-rays is harmful to your health and might result in radioactive poisoning.



Saad was lucky enough to come up with a catheter that relies on electromagnetic waves for positioning. The invention that is still useful to-date has raised the bar for pediatric surgery and any other internal organ procedures.



Mr. Saad, thanks to his forward thinking, was also able to come up with an endoscope fitted with suction capabilities. Dr. Saad, new to the industry found body fluid pile up a hurdle, especially, during examination and treatment. The pipes and vacuums in use at the time were quite bulky, something Saad disliked from the get-go. Luckily, his brilliant mind helped develop an advanced endoscope that automatically clears the excess fluid on areas under examination.



Did you know that Dr. Saad Saad is one of the most respected pediatric surgeons in the U.S.? Saad, from the very beginning, has found it worthwhile to treat patients without endangering their lives further. The surgeon has gone ahead to offer clients stellar services, a reflection of his kind heart.



Doctor Saad Saad, the general and thoracic surgeon has, in turn, commanded a significant market presence, making him operate from Toms River, Eatontown, and Forked River all in the name of meeting the consumer demand.



Saad’s outstanding performance in medicine has not gone unnoticed. Institutions around the world have graced the doctor with the Patients’ Choice Award and the Compassionate Doctor Recognition award, a testament to Saad Saad’s greatness.



As they say, passion beats talent, and it is because of Saad’s love for people that he has been able to uplift the planet. The alumnus of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American College of Surgeons, umdnj-Nj, Medical University of Sc, UMDNJ, Cairo U Med Hosp, and the University of Cairo has had one hell of a career, an undertaking befitting a man of his stature. Learn more: