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Daniel Taub delivers lecture on the lessons from the Balfour Declaration

As the British Government marked the Balfour Declaration, Ambassador Daniel Taub gave the 2017 Isaiah Berlin Lecture on the lessons learned from the declaration. Daniel Taub was expressing his support for the reestablishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Taub delivered a wide-ranging lecture full of a wide range of diplomatic and literary sources in front of a packed auditorium among them Lord Balfour who is the great, great nephew of Arthur Balfour.

Daniel Taub described the redemptive atmosphere in the Palestine at the time of declaration referring to the documents in Israel’s national library. The records include the date of declaration and the song to mark the occasion known as Hava Nagila.

As the current Director of Strategy for r the Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild) Foundation, Ambassador Taub shared some behind the scenes insights into the background of the Declaration.

He was given access to the Rothschild archives, and that was where he got the insights. Daniel Taub also focused on some unusual characters who were involved in the declaration. One of them according to Taub was Walter, the second Lord Rothschild. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Taub described Walter as an extraordinary eccentric but a brilliant scientist. Daniel Taub also quoted the romantic correspondence between James de Rothschild and his wife Dorothy during the lecture.

Taub noted that Dorothy’s diplomatic act to introduce Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann to British circles while still, a teenager proved that even eccentric zoologists and teenage girls found a role to play in the story of Israel.

Daniel also added that Chaim Weizmann’s chemical discoveries played a role in the progress of the state of Israel. Ambassador Taub pointed out the most significant lesson from the declaration. It was that the history was not carved into stone but remained open to everyone to influence and shape it.

Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain in 1962 and attended Oxford College, London University College, and Harvard University.

In 1989, Daniel Taub moved to Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces as a combat medic. Daniel Taub worked in the Israel’s Foreign Ministry from 1991 and moved to the United Kingdom as the Israeli Ambassador.

One of the greatest achievements of the diplomat is that he successfully managed to highlight the issues that affect the Middle East region to the world. He used his time in London to make the world know what Israel stood for.

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Attorney Karl Heideck Praises Car Seat Law In Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck, an attorney based in Philadelphia, wrote up a brief article about the new car seat laws in Pennsylvania. The new law took effect about a year ago and it states that children under 2-years-old must be seated in a car seat. The seat must be faced towards the rear of the car.

Heideck has encouraged parents in the state to become familiar with the law, so they can purchase and use car seats that comply with it. Furthermore, Heideck praised the new laws, especially since research shows that infants and toddlers’ spines, bones and heads are protected when the car seats face to the rear of the vehicle. Read more about newest car seat laws.


About Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an attorney who is based in Philadelphia, PA. He specializes in risk management, litigation and compliance. Karl Heideck has an impressive work history, such as participating in complicated cases involving securities fraud and banking litigation. Karl Heideck has also worked on cases that were tied to the banking crisis of 2008. These cases involved liquidity, risk management and acquisitions. As you can see, he is highly skilled and has been practicing law for over 10 years in the Philadelphia area.

Furthermore, he specializes in legal research, intellectual law, legal writing, employment law, commercial litigation and corporate law.

As for education, Temple University Beasley School of Law is where Karl Heideck attended. He graduated there in 2009 with his Juris Doctor. Prior to that, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in English. He received his BA from Swarthmore College in 2003.

Not only does he offer his legal services to those in the Philadelphia area, but he has clients and have served clients throughout other parts of the state. He has also worked with clients in other areas of the country. He is well-known in the legal community and he enjoys sharing tips for success with other lawyers.

If you are interested in learning more about Karl Heideck or you believe you can benefit from using his services, then feel free to check out his website. If you have any questions for him, he’ll be more than happy to answer them.