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Doe Deere: The Unicorn Queen of Hair Dyes

One of the untapped niche markets in the beauty industry is the ever growing demand for environmentally friendly products. It is a niche market that Doe Deere identified and strategically positioned her company, Lime Crime, to tap into. Since founding the company in 2008, Doe Deere has overseen the growth of the company from a small startup into a global brand with millions of customers around the world. As the creative director of Lime Crime, Doe Deere ensures that the hair hues, which the company specializes, are made using vegan raw materials. Lime Crime ensures that its production and supply process does not involve any animal cruelty. This new approach to manufacturing of hair dyes is reflective of Doe Deere’s visionary approach to product development at Lime Crime.

Championing for the Unapologetic Look

As the creative director of the company she founded, Doe Deere’s creativity has revolutionized the concept of the unapologetic look. She has propelled the company into a recognizable fashion brand by designing brightly colored hair dyes, which gives Lime Crime clients a luminous look. Her loyal clients fondly refer to her as the Unicorn Queen because of her commitment to turning them into fairies. Indeed, she designed a hair dye that is aptly named Unicorn Hair to pay homage to the mythical creature. The company’s hair dyes designed by Doe Deree leaves the clients’ with a vivid and bright glow that is unmatched in the industry. It is a bold and daring look that is aimed at reflecting the inner beauty of their clients. Doe Deree is dedicated to giving to her clients a retro and magical look that is expressive.

Her products reflect her overarching multicultural background. While she currently resides in the United States, Doe Deree was born in Russia. The hair dyes, lipsticks and lip glosses that she designs for her company are reflective of this culturally freeing nature of her life. Her designs are unshackled by any specific orthodoxy in the fashion industry like her own life. They borrow from her rich cultural diversity and project that richness to the world by going beyond the perceived ‘best look’ in the fashion industry. She is also a champion of women empowerment and frequently speaks in several forums aimed at opening up the economic space for women entrepreneurs.

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Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball Blogs for Learning

Sawyer Howitt is an expert racquetball player. He has done a lot during the time that he has played the game and that has helped him to be one of the best players on the court. He wants to do things that will help other people, though and knows that offering the type of skills that he has is one of the easiest ways for him to be able to make a difference on the court and in the lives of others. He wants people to have a chance at being as good as him at racquetball so that they will be able to master all of the different things that racquetball has to offer. When Sawyer Howitt first started playing racquetball, he knew that he was going to be great and he practiced the sport until he was able to offer his experiences to everyone who has not had a chance to get the same things as him.

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Despite the fact that Sawyer Howitt cannot play racquetball professionally, he still wants to help people with all of the things that they can learn about. He knows that this is one of the only ways that he can advance his career and that by doing this he will be able to help other people with the options that they need to improve their racquetball skills.

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Playing racquetball is not hard but it does take a long time to learn how to really master the game. If you are playing against someone who is experienced, it is important that you have the same or similar skill level for racquetball. Sawyer Howitt knows that this is something that he has to do to help people learn more about the sport. He always does what he can to help others get more out of the experience and to have the best racquetball game possible. He also knows that helping them practice will only lead to them getting better at the sport.


A Focus On Brad Reifler’s Impressive Career

Brad Reifler has worked for numerous companies in the United States. During his early career, the entrepreneur worked hard to climb the corporate ladder. In the process, he gained adequate leadership skills that would later help him to run his businesses, including Forefront Capital. This investment company has continued to provide innovative investment products and services to the clients.

Reifler is not new to entrepreneurship. The financial expert ventured into business in the early 1980s when he established his first company, Reifler Trading Company (RTC). This corporation focused on managing investor’s funds in discretionary accounts.

Later, it diversified its services to include dissemination of information, institutional research, and global derivative advisory. With the booming business of the 1990s, the company grew to become of one of the largest independent futures operations. However, Brad Reifler sold RTC to Refco in 2000.

Within the same period, Brad Reifler was transforming Pali Capital into a multi-million business. He founded the company in 1995. Pali Capital was a sell side broker-dealer that zeroed in on the equity market. Reifler used his extensive skills to develop world products. The executive focused on training the firms’ traders on how to combine their ideas with top research, credit analysis, and derivative structures.

This approach helped the traders to improve their skills, thus making profits from their investments. With the thriving business, Pali Capital generated over $1 billion in commission income and increased the number of its employees to 300. The company opened offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Crunchbase shows that after his success with the two companies, Brad Reifler founded his third company, Forefront Capital, in 2009. He served as the chief executive officer of the enterprise, managing the day-to-day business strategies of the corporation.

The new company has many subsidiaries. Through his visionary leadership, Brad Reifler has enabled the subsidiaries to attract top investment bankers, registered investment advisers, and experienced business leaders.

Moreover, Brad sits on the boards of several corporations, including Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Brad continues to offer innovative insights on how people can invest for their future. Renowned companies such as the Yahoo Finance and Market Watch have been publishing some of his investment strategies.

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George Soros: A World Class Philanthropist and Investor

George Soros is one of the foremost philanthropists in the world. For over four decades of professional experience in the world of business and the risky financial trades, George Soros has worked to develop fast income in a way that is not anticipated in the industry. For this reason, no one knows how to develop fast income to suit your basic needs in a manner that has been cultivated in the world of finance. George Soros has amassed a large amount of wealth through betting in the risky financial and currency trades. For this reason, his achievements in the industry have grown to develop fast income in a way that has never been realized in this industry. George Soros has always developed fast income to those who are in need of the money. For this reason, they end up working to attain the most sophisticated business capability. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, the Jewish community living in the country was under pressure to be extinct from the face of the earth. Working at a Jewish community to develop fast income has not been his accelerated business opportunity since he was a child. Because he was a sharp child, George Soros developed his activities in a manner that develops his incorporated business deals. George Soros also worked hard to secure false identities to have his family secure an income in the industry. For this reason, no one knew about the innovation capabilities that must be dated to develop fast income. If you are willing to achieve the best in the industry, be sure to develop your intentions to those who want the money from other people.

George Soros evaded the Nazi Occupation by securing false identities from the local authorities. He also used that channel to secure false identities for other Jewish families in the country. Because of his accelerated business capabilities, George Soros has always been part of the solution to those who are in need of business and financial services. George Soros worked hard and graduated with the highest honors from high school. Because the country did not allow Jewish students to proceed to college, they intended to develop an animated business solution from other people who were accepting business solutions. George Soros is also considered as one of the most prominent businesses dualist in the country.

George Soros went with his family to the United Kingdom. Because this was a new country, people never knew how business run as a way of developing fast income. If you are willing to achieve the best deals, be sure to accept facilitated business innovations in a manner that is not paralleled in this industry. George Soros attended the London School of Business. Learn more on Biography about George

Human Rights in Tumultuous Times

America’s atmosphere is in a state of severe tension, exacerbated by the fear mongering of figureheads on both sides of the spectrum. During 2012, no one could have expected to see today’s paradigm shift. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Obama had just carried the nation out of a crushing jobs crisis, pulled soldiers out of Iraq, and revolutionized American healthcare. Welfare offered human rights in place of past privileges. Fast forward to 2016 and it may have been too much change, performed too quickly.

Maybe the change really was unsustainable, as some republicans argue, a catch-22, demonizing welfare-repealing republicans. The nation will never know. This sharp slope of liberalization shocked rural America’s sense of identity, creating the perfect storm that paved the way to an unforeseen leader: Donald Trump, Commander in Chief. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

Truth be told, this situation was long-coming. Unclear immigration laws and differing presidential viewpoints on immigrant impact befuddled clarity. As an example, consider the arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin on October 18th, 2007. In a style reminiscent of midnight Soviet-era gulag round-ups, two journalists were arrested and thrown into the back of a van. The reason? Lacey says “writing”.

Decades of indecision regarding immigration have led us into this human rights abyss. Our leaders had countless chances to reform or enforce, yet president after president, they chose to do nothing. Now the America is stuck in a quagmire, and citizen/immigrant alike are worse off because of this bureaucratic failure.

So where do human rights factor in? America’s landscape in this day and age is host to a variety of diverse groups with the intention of human rights protection, the ACLU, SPLC, and Frontera Fund, to name a few. The latter of these groups was started by Larkin and Michael with 3.7 million awarded to them in a civil rights lawsuit stemming from the arrest.

The Frontera Fund “will support groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights”.

America has been a long-time bastion of press freedom, since the colonial days. Although the press is inherently different from the days of America’s revolution, the fundamental rights of our constitution are not to be infringed. Humans rights groups like the Frontera Fund ensure that freedom.

Lori Senecal: Success Made, Not Born

Recently, Lori Senecal has decided to leave her role as Global CEO of CP+B, only remaining in the seat long enough to warm it for her successor who will take it over at the beginning of 2018.Those of us who know her, know she has earned her retirement. But for the rest of us, now would be a good time do briefly go over her assent.

When Lori Senecal was in school, she was more of an introvert, sticking to her gymnastics and becoming a coach shortly after leaving school. Lori was quick to question that career path however and enrolled in a business degree at Montreal’s Mc Gill University.

Immediately after graduation, however, she was all but dumped into a whole new world one of gratuitous human interaction and daily public speaking. Any introvert will tell you that is their worst nightmare. She overcame this fear with preparation and, as a direct result of facing that fear, Lori came out stronger, to quote the woman herself “If you go in the direction of your fear, chances are you will grow and become more confident and better for it”.

According to Adweek, it was her preparation that directed her colleagues to offer her a promotion to account management for the Canadian Coca-cola account in Toronto. This did not last long as the president of the Toronto branch suggested that she pursue bigger goals, this sparked her movement to the New York office, where she met her future husband. Within three years of movement to the office, she became president of it.

Three years after becoming president of the New York office Lori was called on by the CEO of the company to succeed the founders of the Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners despite that they were already looking at different successors. Despite this Nadal, the CEO from earlier had insisted she replace them when they left. This is the position is the position she has held until this very year, and the last one she is holding before her well-earned retirement at the end of this year.

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Solving Cold Cases Using the Securus Technologies Phone System

My job is solving cold cases in our city that all leads have dried up on and we are not seeing any more progress in closing out the case or getting the suspect in custody. As time passes, evidence begins to disappear and eyewitness memory begins to fade. As time passes, resources to close the case become harder to come by.


One of the things we do to drum up interest in the case is to run segments on television shows spotlighting a suspect or trying to jog the memory of anyone who was at or around the scene of the crime, regardless how long ago the crime occurred. This seems to have marginal results, but all this was about to change thanks to the help of Securus Technologies.


Our jail had an older inmate call system in place, and we just got a face-life with a new phone system from Securus Technologies that was a game-changer. I was eager to get trained on the new phone system and LBS software because we had a telecast coming up and I wanted to see if the inmates were getting the word about what was on television. As soon as the telecast aired, the system picked up on chatter between a family member who was in jail and the suspect we had been trying to observe this month.


During the call, the inmate was warning the suspect in a coded conversation what not to do or say while the heat was on him, and how he could stay under the radar. We discovered during that call that the inmate told the suspect to make sure the evidence they were hiding was not disturbed until he got out of jail. That little call opened the flood gates for us and gave us a reason to search a new location where we uncovered the evidence the suspect desperately wanted us to never find.