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Fabletics – Taking on Amazon

How many companies you know that are taking on retail giants like Amazon. For Fabletics, the fashion and women sportswear brand, Amazon is not a huge threat to its products anymore because the company has streamlined an innovative model that Amazon may love to replicate one day. Those who know Fabletics are aware that the company started mainly as a subscription based company that attracted a lot of attention by offering online deals to its members that were too good to pass away. Often these deals are half the price of the similar clothing brand of a competitor. As the subscription catalog continued to introduce more deals, the number of customers also skyrocketed.


However, Kate Hudson’s company, did not stop as it kept on innovating itself by announcing the opening of physical store fronts in several iconic locations throughout the United States. As if $250 Million sales were not enough in the first three years, the company has plans for 75 to 100 major store openings in the next three to five years.


The integration of online and offline channels is likely to suit the brand as it has loyal customers who would love to try clothing at a nearby store. The technique is not new as nearly 69 percent of Americans analyze offers online before going to the shop to buy it. However, few companies have used the reverse showroom concept to their advantage. In fact, it seems that Fabletics have nailed it because almost 25 percent to 50 percent of customers that walk in the Fabletics stores already know what they are going to buy. A majority of these customers are members who get the information and deals, online. Similarly, the company is taking advantage of the phenomenon by attracting hordes of walk-in customers who also like to become members. As such, nearly one fourth of walk-in customers become subscribers.


The innovation has succeeded because Fabletics also provides one-to-one personalized service to customers in the store. Numerous value-added services takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level. As customers buy their clothes or even try a new set of clothing, it automatically updates their online portal. The technology helps the management to provide future offers based on the history of shopping and customer preference. In the future, Fabletics may even try robots, which can deliver clothing in the changing room saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.


The combination of effective online marketing and the ability to offer customer a chance to try the new products before buying enables Fabletics to stay ahead of its competitors. In fact, the membership is free for everyone. The only catch is the $49.95 monthly fee that is charged if the customer does not buy anything within a calendar month. Despite the fee, members continue to rave about the great offers that Fabletics continue to bestow on its customers.

How Oncotarget Excels in Covering Biomedical Research Topics

Oncotarget is the leading online journal that covers oncology topics. The journal invites articles from diverse writers. The word Oncotarget was derived from oncology, which is the study of cellular functions. Oncology goes beyond the study of molecules, aging, and cancer therapies. It covers topics such as microbes, neurons, and lymphocytes. Oncotarget is an archive of multidisciplinary journals. Users can access all journals published on the directory free of charge. These journals are usually published every week. Oncotarget issues can also be printed on request.

Since 2010, Impact Journals have always published the reading materials. Oncotarget’s materials on are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. They are tagged under ISSN 1949-2553 and OCLC no. 408119940.


Oncotarget’s mission is to avail scientific resources to people who require them for research or other educational purposes. The online journal frequently releases journals written by expert researchers. The language used in the publications is comprehensible. Oncotarget’s journals also target readers from all parts of the world.

Oncotarget also focuses on eliminating the border differences that exist between specialties. The directory links diverse biomedical science fields and offers readers a comprehensive way of navigating through the fields. Biomedical science is a broad area of research. Topics are linked on Oncotarget to educate readers on applications of clinical and basic science. This knowledge can be used in finding an effective treatment for diseases.


The repository attributes its success to editors and researchers who publish articles weekly. It boasts contributions from renowned scientists who have been instrumental in progressing science as a field. The repository’s contributors on believe that medical studies lead to the eradication of diseases hence longevity in humans. The repository has managed to expand its coverage beyond oncological topics.

Chief Editors of the repository are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. These editors ensure that all informative materials submitted are written in English. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a medical scholar whose hypothesis on aging and cancer has been referenced severally in research publications. According to him, cancer patients can live longer if they are treated with rapamycin. He currently serves as an oncology lecturer at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He furthers the research on cancer and creation of therapies for managing cancer. Andrei V. Gudkov, whose research publications are also relevant in biomedical studies, also works at the institution.