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Why Choose Bruno Fagali To Handle Your Case

If you’re involved in a legal conflict, it is imperative to find a good lawyer that can hlep you. It is important to have a reliable and reputable attorney by your side.

Bruno Fagali is a powerful attorney and one of the most reliable around. Based in Brazil, Bruno Fagali has advised and rendered excellent legal services to big companies, corporations, entrepreneurs and others who want the best representation in Brazil.

Bruno Fagali makes sure he knows exactly what his client’s expectations are, and then addresses the issue appropriately. He has access to the right resources and legal information to help address each case he handles. Clients are impressed with the way Bruno Fagali approaches legal issues and the outcome he obtains for them.

Bruno Fagali is committed to delivering only the best possible outcome in every case he handles and continues to meet the needs of his clients. He evaluates each case, finds out what the client’s goal is, and has a discussion with the client on how to handle the matter.


Bruno Fagali combines his knowledge of the law and experience in the field to deliver legal solution that is efficient and effective.


How Betsy DeVos Has Contributed Towards Reforming The American Educational System

Betsy DeVos is a renowned businesswoman, educational activist, and a philanthropist. Currently, she serves as the secretary of education in the United States. She is also the chairwoman of Windquest Group where she specializes in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. She has a bachelor’s degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the years, she has broadly supported reforms in the United States education system both in ideas and financing. She is the chairwoman of American Federation for Children. Under her leadership, over one million children are now attending school outside their Zip codes. As a member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, she has managed to link adult mentors in churches with at-risk elementary children for guidance in a weekly basis. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

Interview with the Philanthropy

In an interview with the Philanthropy, DeVos shared information about her interests and participation in educational reforms and school choice. DeVos is excited to see private schools implementing the voucher systems. According to DeVos, educational-choice programs are increasingly gaining momentum, and the number of students in the programs grew by about 40,000 in just a year. A survey they have conducted shows that a majority of Latinos enjoy the educational choice system. Being a prominent supporter and activists of school choice programs, she is happy to see people increasingly accepting that traditional public schools were failing. DeVos’ interest in educational reforms began way back when her kids were in school. Betsy and her husband visited the school severally and began to think about how to improve the learning environment. After her husband was elected into the Michigan State Board of Education, Betsy established a foundation that could fund low-income children. In the 1990s she served on boards of Children First America and American Education Reform Council.

Major Accomplishments and a Glimpse of the Future

During her tenure, she worked hard to expand educational choice through campaigning for vouchers and tax credits. Betsy Devos launched Great Lakes Educational Projects, which was aimed at promoting education by expanding charter schools in Michigan. After years of striving to see educational reforms, Betsy is now seeing some rewards for her hard work. She is excited to see that Florida has implemented the educational choice program, which is currently enjoyed by over 50,000 students. Louisiana and Indiana are also among her success milestones as they have passed educational choice programs that have the potential to serve over one million students annually. Betsy is also proud to have engaged Democrats to ensure that school reforms remain non-partisan. Betsy believes that the future of education system in America would be brighter. She is currently focused on school choices to end the tradition of restricting students to attend schools within their Zip codes. With the increase in technological advancements, she believes that digital learning would be better than the current system, which she describes as dull. Homeschooling is another opportunity that should be explored to better the American education system. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Julie Zuckerberg is the Definition of Great Recruiters

Julie Zuckerberg is a successful business recruiter who focuses on hiring the perfect person to fill key roles at Duetsche Bank. Her success did not come easy, nor did it occur overnight. She started with a desire to attend City University of New York-Brooklyn where she focused on philosophy. That comes in handy, along with her great psychological discipline, for her chosen line of work. She later attended New York Law School to study law. Some of her greatest career lessons were obtained from this school.


The first step to become one of the best recruiters is to understand how to communicate well with others. Once Zuckerberg found her footing in that area, there was no stopping her talent from shining through on a daily basis.


Zuckerberg began her career with Hudson in November of 2002, and remained there for five years. She successfully hired paralegals, case managers and support staff. Upon leaving her position with Hudson, she went to Citi Global Functions as executive recruiter. She was a well-accomplished recruiter of executive positions by the time she moved to a different branch, Citi Global.


In 2013, Zuckerberg moved on as hire recruiting lead and corporate vice-president of New York Life Insurance Company. All of this experience led her to Duetsche Bank, where she was named as executive recruitment lead. She has been at the company for three years and has carved a name for herself as one of the best executive recruiters in the nation. One of the reasons she is so successful is that she has learned to show caring and respect for those she works with, and that takes a person a long way in their career.


Zuckerberg lives in the Manhattan area of New York. Exercise, to include running, is one of her favorite past times. It helps keep her fit and energized, which are key to her success on the job. You might also run into her at a museum as she walks through the great works of art. Art has a calming effect on her, and even executives need to take a little time to relax.


You can find her on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. She uses these sites for work, but also enjoys the more laid-back atmosphere for her personal life. One of her favorite parts of social networking is the ability to share family photos with others. She enjoys technology in all forms, and learning the latest advancements helps her stay on the ball with work and daily life.


Zuckerberg is a very busy woman, so it is difficult for her to carve out time for her personal life. When she does find time to do things away from the office, you might find her in a fine restaurant enjoying her love of unique and tasty cuisine.


She is a well-rounded individual who is a talented photographer and pet owner. Zuckerberg takes great pride in everything she does, as witnessed by her strong work ethic, devoted family life and love of all things pet. Julie excels in nearly everything she tries, and that makes for a great private and business life.


Duda Melzer, the Family Entrepreneur

Family backgrounds play a significant role towards shaping career choices of many people. More likely than not, individuals brought up in entrepreneurial backgrounds end up becoming entrepreneurs as well. The transition is mainly uncalled for, as many learn the art of doing business at a tender age while still at school hence creating an interest that they find easy to pursue when they are of age. Duda Melzer Mary is amongst these people.

Raised from an entrepreneurial family background, Duda Melzer is the grandson of RBS Group founder Mauricio Sirotsky. He did not side step from the family tradition of business and had hence become an enviable figure in the business fraternity in Brazil. Presently, Duda heads RBS Group as both the president and chairman of the Board of Directors. Also, he has founded e.Bricks Digital, a subsidiary of RBS that invests in the digital sector business development in Brazil and the United States, more info can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

In a report by economia, Duda Melzer is a holder of both a degree in Business Administration from Pontifical Catholic University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Since then, he has a name and reputation through career success. Besides, Melzer is a director of the Mercosul Biennial, an international art show and also owns the largest wine shop in Latin America. He cruised his career as a Senior Financial Analyst at Delphi in 2002. Later on, he became the Director General of Box Top Media and then switched to Family Communication Network.

It was not until 2012 that Duda Melzer became chairman of the RBS Group and later in 2015 as Chair of the Board. He attributes his career success to John Davis an American professor at Harvard and also his family’s business specialist. Also, acknowledges the entrepreneurial efforts of Jim Collins and Ram Charan. He claims to have a strong belief in the flourishing of family-based businesses integrated with professional expertise, referring to his own, RBS that has been operational for 60 years.

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George Soros Makes a Motivated Return to his Political Giving Endeavors

Billionaire and longtime supporter of the liberal causes, George Soros, have made a name for himself when it comes to making oversized political donations. During the 2004 general elections, he spent a whopping $27 million in a move to oust President George W. Bush. After the failed attempt, Soros dialed back his political contributions only to reemerge as the top funder, especially of Democratic politics in the 2016 general elections. In fact, records from the Federal Election Commission revealed that he committed over $25 million to support Hillary Clinton among other Democratic candidates and their causes.

Soros had made plans to attend his first Democratic convention to watch Hillary Clinton, his candidate of choice, accept the nomination to be the Democratic Party’s presidential flag bearer. Nonetheless, one of his associates revealed that Soros later canceled the plans in a bid to keep a close watch on the European economic situation. Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser, claimed that although Soros has consistently donated funds to the Democratic causes in other years, the 2016 general elections presented unmatched political stakes.

Read more about George’s life story at

Close associates of Soros cited that the billionaire appeared to be more politically motivated and engaged last year than in other years. They attributed this situation to a mix of his fear for Clinton’s GOP counterpart, Donald Trump, and faith in Hillary Clinton. His willingness to give generously in a bid to defeat Donald Trump was clearly visible by looking at the Democratic finance circles. Soros also donated money to PACs such as End Citizens United, which backs candidates like Hillary Clinton, who promise to push and support campaign finance reforms.

George Soros Philanthropy and Background

Hungarian-born George Soros boasts of a net worth of $25.2 billion according to real time Forbes reports. After fleeing the communist-invaded Hungary, he moved to England where he worked as a waiter and railway porter in an attempt to put himself through school at the London School of Economics. Upon moving to the United States, Soros found his ground on Wall Street, which propelled him to establishing his hedge fund firm that later changed the name to Quantum Fund. In 1992, Soros not only shorted the British pound but also reaped a lot of profit. In fact, he got recognition for breaking the Bank of England.

Apart from funding political causes, George Soros is an acclaimed philanthropist who has donated more than $12 billion to date. Through his funding, he has supported a wide range of organizations and individuals who fight for transparency, freedom of expression, accountable government, as well as societies that promote equality and justice. Soros has also supported various groups that represent the people of Roma such as LGBTI people, sex workers and drug users. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.


Levenson’s Do Good Institute Makes Philanthropy Stronger With a Little Business Sense

Having given up his stake in the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, Bruce Levenson became more invested in his philanthropic efforts. This led to him seeding his new foundation, the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. It’s changing quite a few things about traditional higher education and campus life.

Levenson founded the Do Good Institute ( with the intention of getting undergraduate students more invested in taking part in charitable causes. This means getting into the habit of volunteering their time, but also in developing a more firm understanding of the inner workings of philanthropic organizations. With his initiative, Levenson intends to get those students with an entrepreneurial spirit driving their careers to understand the business savvy needed to help such organizations stand out from the competition and succeed in affecting the change they see as essential. Having spent a great deal of time in philanthropy himself, Levenson has seen the most successful organizations operate like businesses do. With this initiative, he hopes to give those enterprising undergrads the tools they need to set up their organizations and strive for success with the odds in their favor.

After seven years and several organizations up and running from those affiliated with the initiative, Levenson sees a bright future for the Do Good Institute. With courses becoming more present online and campus life seeing less students being engaged, Levenson hopes that this initiative will give young people the necessary incentive to be more present in the physical world while at the same time introducing an element that may combat some of the negatives that accompany the digitization of higher education.

About Bruce Levenson:

Bruce Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group, a business information company with more than 40 years in operation. He was a former owner and governor of the basketball team the Atlanta Hawks, read more on

Levenson is a longtime sponsor of the Holocaust Memorial Museum. He’s served as President of the I Have a Dream Foundation. Together with Karen, his wife, Levenson founded the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership headquartered at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Akhil Reddy; Bringing Innovativeness to Dentistry

Dr. Akhil Reddy is a dentist located mainly in Fort Worth, TX. He also has offices in Carrollton, TX, Corpus Christ, TX, and five other places. The good doctor has over nine years of experience practicing dentistry. His specialty is general dentistry.

His Education

Dr. Akhil is a graduate of the University of the Pacific. He graduated with a B.S. in Biology. Later on, he attended the Arthur A. Dugoni school of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific. Currently, he is on the Board of directors for the alumni association of the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry.

His Main Interests

Dr. Akhil’s interests include the management of the business side of dentistry, marketing, and operations. According to White Pages, he does this through MB2 Dental. It is a company, which is designed to helped dentists manage their dental practices.

More about MB2 Dental

Running a dental practice successfully entails more than just having years of experience. You will also need to have great business skills if your practice is to succeed.

Due to the busy schedule of dealing with clients, you may not have enough time to handle the backend processes required to keep your practice profitable. That is where a partner like Mb2 Dental comes in.

Dentists, who understand what dentists need to run their practices efficiently, run the company. That is why they are your best bet at enjoying success in your private practice. A dentist who after experiencing hardships running his own practice, decided to assist others in avoiding the same problems founded the company.

Dr. Akhil, who has contributed his years of experience to the company to make a successful company, owns part of the company. To become part of the network, you must meet certain conditions. After that, you can begin to enjoy the services of the firm, which will help you practice run more efficiently than it currently is.

The Services Offered at MB2 Dental

One of the services that you can get at the firm is human resource management. By offering services such as employee payroll management, it ensures that there are never any problems with overpaying or the underpayment of employees.

Another service offered is marketing services. For your practice to succeed, it has to reach the right eyeballs. If you are facing problems with low customer numbers, the company will help you. Besides that, they are good at assisting you with procurement.

They have access to a wide network of suppliers. They will avail it to you so that you can access the best dental equipment at the most affordable prices.

Learn more about MB2 Dental:

Mikhail Blagosklonny Develops Oncotarget for Cancer Research and Treatment

Cancer remains the number one life-threatening disease in the world. With it comes an emotional, financial and physical challenge for both the infected and affected. It takes more than just a family to fight the disease. Currently, approximately 6.7 million people lose their lives to cancer every year. That is why scientists and physicians have heavily invested in cancer research centers and journals with the objective of finding treatment. Cancer Treatment involves growth regulation in the body cells. A good example of such journals is the Oncotarget.


Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal on research covering all scopes of oncology. After its establishment in 2010, Impact Journals took the role of publishing it. The chief editors of the journal are prominent scientists; Mikhail Blagosklonny, an oncologist and lead researcher at Roswell Research Center for Cancer and Andrei V. Gudkov. The journal plays a vital role in the dissemination of cancer-related information to the community. With its weekly publications, most people can be reached.


The quest to find treatment for cancer is massively gaining support from private and public sectors. Individuals are adopting modern research methods and ideas to treat diseases. With Oncotarget being a top scientific journal, most physicians embark on it for research. Families and patients refer to Oncotarget for educative reasons. Oncotarget has made remarkable gains discernible by educative articles on the symptoms and treatment of cancer.


Recently, an innovative research by Oncotarget showed that e-cigarettes have adverse effects on smoker’s gums. Additionally, Oncotarget has published new research on cervical cancer and drugs being the causative agents for weight loss in cancer patients. Oncotarget further explains the possibilities of a strong modern element that can be utilized in the treatment of cancer. The new researchers play an essential role in tackling cancer. They also offer an innovative platform for the research and treatment of e-cigarette. Most researchers illuminate the possibility of misconception in conformism. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

Mikhail Blagosklonny

Mikhail Blagosklonny serves as the chief editor of Oncotarget, a multidisciplinary conventional journal freely accessible. Under his leadership, Oncotarget publishes articles online with the aim of educating the community on cancer awareness, research, and treatment. Each article is readily available for printing upon demand. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

MB2 Dental ordered to pay $8.5 Million in False Dental Insurance Claims

Every year, the federal and state governments lose billions of dollars from false insurance claims. Most of these claims are made by practitioners that haven’t offered the services that they claim to offer.

This year, in the state of Texas alone, more than 21 practices have been taken to task to explain some of the claims that they have made with all of them being ordered to repay the money that they have embezzled. According to White Pages, MB2 Dental is among the practices that the state has ordered to make a payment.

MB2 is a dental services company that serves more than 19 affiliated practices. The company was created to help their practices handle the business side of the practice. The services which they offer include helping the company make their insurance claims, getting the right staff to assist at the practice and many other related services.

The Northern Texas State Attorney claims that the claims that MB2 Dental made were made between 2009 and 2014. He further states that upon investigation, it was discovered that most of the claims were not related to any offered services.

The Attorney stated that this was the first step towards making sure that the taxpayers do not lose money through these fraudulent means.

He stated that the organization was found guilty of having used wrong Medicaid provider numbers and violating the anti-kickback law. The claims that were made by the company were mainly related to pediatric practices.

In addition to the total amount that will be paid by the practice, the main management team of the company which includes Drs. Christopher Villanueva, Trung Minh Tang, Mauricio Dardano, Gabriel Shahwan and Akhil Reddy will each be expected to pay an additional $250,000 as personal liability in the claims. Learn more about MB2 Dental:

The head of marketing for the company, Frank Villanueva will also be expected to pay $100000 which will go towards the resolution of the same case.

The company agreed to pay the settlement to demonstrate their good will and also their commitment to protect the Medicaid program. Frank reiterated the commitment of the company to deal with programs that are family friendly.

He stated that the company has learned from the many mistakes that happened and hoped that they would not be repeated in the future.

The claims were filed by a former employee at the practice, acting as a whistleblower. The attorney hoped that in future, more people would be committed towards the protection of the Medicaid program.

How EOS Lip Balm Took Over the Market

EOS lip balm is the product of choice in the market. It is selling over one million units in a week and has a global market outreach. The company has a net worth of $ 250 million and still growing. They sell lip balms of different flavors such as honeydew, pomegranate raspberry, grapefruit, cherry, and mint among others. The products are marketed in all stores including Wallmart, Walgreens, Target and even beauty shops throughout the world. Famous celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera have been spotted using the product.

EOS is splashed all over fashion and beauty magazines. According to the Fast Company interview, EOS was started to address the skin care needs of the consumers and offer varieties. It concentrates on oral care where it has realized high sales. The lip balm company specializes in organic and natural products, which are the most preferred by consumers.

An extensive consumer research helped EOS come up with solutions that meet the requirements of the beauty industry. From the research, it was found that women preferred lip balms that do not require hand application as it is considered unhygienic.

EOS created a product that was unique and different from others in the market. The product engages all the five senses as it feels good on the hands, have great colors on the orb, different flavors and smallest and make an incredible clicking sound when closing. The lip balm is priced at $3 ( to compete well with other products on all drugstores.

The organic ingredients concept came about to address needs of women with reactions with the products already in the market. The aim of EOS lip balm is to create an emotional connection with its users. The company uses social media and endorsements marketing strategy, targeting millennial generations (women of 25 – 35 years) who are the largest users. In just seven years, the product has become a household brand