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Many Customers are Singing Praises to Securus Technologies and Their Unique Approach in Way of Making the Environment for the Inmate Population Safter

Many persons and correctional facilities, as well as law enforcement agencies, are quite familiar with the company Securus Technologies. The company, is, unquestionably, the leader, pertinent to providing the civil and criminal justice environment with safe, unique technological solutions. The company provides the law enforcement community and the correctional environment with technological resources relative to investigations, public safety, issues and concerns inside of the corrections environment, and monitoring. The objective of the company is: prevention of future crimes and assisting in solving the crimes which exist; inclusive of crimes amongst inmates.


So what has happened as a result of this evolving unique niche problem-solving technology? There has been a great deal of praise provided, to Securus, from personnel, within the environments of jails and prisons. This endearing praise has come from every part of the nation—meaning inside of the United States. Emails and letters have come forth from prison personnel and law enforcement investigators, who are put to the task, of solving crimes; and assuring that crimes do not occur. The technologies, provided by Securus, are instrumental in assuring the prison environment remains safer and, ideally, much better than if such technologies, were not provided.


The summary details of emails and correspondence from happy customers, of the company, have been provided within the content of the article. Naturally, the precise location of the prison is not forthcoming, since innocent individuals could be put at risk.


The Chairman and CEO, of the company, Richard A. (Rick) Smith, is an engagingly positive individual. Mr. Smith, when interviewed, relayed the information, that, once weekly, the company is developing a new product offering, or service, which greatly assists persons, within the industries of law enforcement and corrections. The technological advances, provided by Securus Technologies, allows such individuals to solve crimes, and prevent new crimes from occurring.


He also supplied information that Securus had received thousands of emails and letters, relative to what the company creates; and how its technology is assisting society. The technologies, created by the company, keep the families of the inmate population, the inmates and parolees, safer. Rick indicates, that by assuring the service or product provides the user with a safe component, the company is attaining its objective, in way of assuring the world is made a safer place to live.


He further indicates that it is a terrific honor to properly protect and serve the correctional market as well as law enforcement personnel. The preceding said, the company has made it a point, within the article, to provide to the reader, what certain customers conveyed—relative to the products and services, offered by Securus Technologies. The selected comments of various customers follow, accordingly:


Customers Comment on How the Technologies Provided by Securus Technologies Greatly Improve Matters within the Correctional Environment and with Respect to the Investigations of Law Enforcement Agencies:


One individual indicated, due to the assistance, provided by Securus Technologies, that the information gleaned from phone conversations, conducted by a corrupt member of the prison staff, allowed the authorities to obtain a necessary search warrant. Once the search warrant was obtained, the follow-up, ended quite favorably. As a consequence, the corrupt individual was arrested, during the morning hours, with the associated crime being that of introducing contraband, inside of the correctional environment. As such, the investigators wished to express their gratitude to Securus Technologies, as a result of its involvement in the case. The authorities, further added, that they looked forward to working with Securus Technologies, as it pertained to other cases—in the future.


Another investigative-type of happy customer revealed that particular call-monitoring was performed, wherein, the subject of the call was that of alcohol use of the inmate. Further, this particular person was also selling drugs, and drugs were, according to the call information, inside of the correctional facility. The investigators, based on the information attained from the call, determined that there was probable use of a cellular device. The calls became more and more suggestive, as it pertained to criminal activity. There was information, as it pertained to the conversations, of a threatening nature, and considered highly suspicious. The threatening and suspicious conversations, involved transfer of funds, a former incident, involving gunshots, and that of a civilian, freely admitting to the sale of discounted prescription drugs. All of the above information, it is correct to state, was possible to attain, with the assistance of Securus Technologies–Information relative to further crime prevention and in way of solving an existing crime.


One customer says, in so many words, that they have relied on the technological solutions, provided by Securus Technologies, for many years. The customer said they were pleased that the company is so dedicated, in way of addressing the needs of the correctional environment, by making it a safer place. The progressive attitude of Securus Technologies, according to them, has had a profound effect in improving public safety, within that particular customer’s sector of the country and state. The assertive mindset, of Securus Technologies, in way of providing the best technologies, in the form of crime prevention and safety, is a particularly attractive feature, to this particular correctional institution.


Another customer mentioned that their facility was greatly awed by the fact that Securus was such a visionary, as to purpose. They added, too, that the company’s current projections and its creation of improved capacities will provide the area of law enforcement investigations, a great deal of measurable results. The evolving technologies, in other words, coming forth from the company, will play an instrumental role, in allowing law enforcement and the correctional facility staff, to attain better positioning, in the form of crime prevention; and keeping the correction’s environment substantially safer. The evolving technologies, offered by the company, in the form of investigative resources, and the associated capabilities, provided, greatly enhance, the investigative techniques, used by the law enforcement community.


One customer stated that he was greatly encouraged by the reports provided by Securus Technologies. He happily mentioned the fact, that the data provided, in report format, allowed his agency to act, using a positive, pro-active approach, in the form of monitoring solutions, and in preventing the introduction of contraband, into the correctional establishment.


Yet, another pleased client, provided information to Securus, wherein he was greatly pleased with the niche investigative technological tools, provided to them. He said that such technological enhancements, had greatly assisted his staff, in properly going forth with their criminal investigation, particularly as it pertained to harassment, within the correctional facility. He said, too, such niche technological resources, provided by the company, allowed his staff to handle the potentiality of threats to the overall security of the correctional institution; as well as to the community, where the prison is located.


One investigator stated, that during the course of his investigation, he made a call to Securus Technologies, as it pertains to the covert alert feature, pertinent to a technological tool. In doing so, he mentioned that, with the assistance of the technological staff, at Securus, he and his investigative team were able to, successfully, make full use of the feature; and as a consequence, take their suspect into custody.


One investigator said that he had recently listened in on a call made to an inmate from that of another inmate. He additionally, heard a mother and two siblings, on the outside. What he heard, listening to the siblings, was quite revealing. The preceding revelation, came about, using a technological solution, provided by Securus Technologies. The older sibling was instructing the younger sibling, who, by the way, had never been involved, legally, in any trouble, what to say, when questioned, with regard to a shooting that had occurred recently. The investigator said, as a result, the information he heard would be quite useful and significant, in way of solving a case.


Another customer, had glowing remarks with regard to the LBS software, offered by Securus Technologies. The software is used in connection with the resources of law enforcement—in this particular instance—the Sheriff’s Department. In making use of the software, the Sheriff’s Department was able to recover over millions in the form of drugs, cash and illegal assets. Undoubtedly, the client stated, without the software, provided by Securus Technologies, their job, in the recovery of the latter mentioned items, would have been a great deal more trying, and with respect to certain circumstances—not possible at all.


Another professional, within the field of law enforcement, stated that using the LBS Services, singularly, was enough reason to maintain a relationship with Securus Technologies. He suggested, that in his opinion, the LBS technology, used in connection with Investigator Pro, makes Securus, a viable leader, in way of a phone provider, within the jail environment and to the industry of law enforcement.


The Doors of Securus are Always Open to Clients and Potential Clients:


The company remains dedicated to its customer-base, as well as to persons and parties interested in learning more about its unique technological correctional facility and investigative resources. The officials, at Securus Technologies, offer, an open invitation, to all interested parties, to pay a visit to its Technology Center, located in Dallas, Texas. The center will provide the visitor with a presentation about its technologies and how it is such technologies and resources are assistive in way of crime prevention and solving crimes.


Information about Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies’ home is in Dallas Texas. The company is pleased to provide service to over three-thousand, four-hundred fifty law enforcement, safety and correctional agencies, scattered throughout the country, as well as one-million, two-hundred thousand inmates. The company is very dedicated to serving law enforcement and the correctional environments. This unique connection comes by way of providing, the customer, with services and technologies such as emergency response solutions, incident management technologies, bio-metric analysis, public data, and information management services; self-services for inmates, and monitoring services and products.


All of the technologies, of the company, have proven to make the world, as a whole, a safer environment, in which to work and reside. Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters®.


An individual, agency or institution, wishing to attain further information, as it pertains to the company’s full offering of criminal justice and civil justice technologies and solutions is encouraged to pay a visit to the company site—


Other sites of interest include:

The Unique Service Offing Provided By Cotemar

Cotemar is one of five major oil companies around the world. Unlike other major oil companies, this corporation only operates in Mexico. It was founded in 1979. Despite having partners across the United States and Europe, the company has no plans of expanding its operations beyond Mexico. Its headquarters are in Monterrey.

Over the years, Cotemar has been able to grow rapidly due to the new oil wells in Mexico and the world’s increasing appetite for crude oil. Currently, Cotemar has employed over 7,000 workers. They vary from highly trained professionals to casual workers. Its customer base has also grown to over 1,100 users, earning the company revenues of over $600 million every month.

The services offered by Cotemar falls under three broad categories. The first category involves providing construction, maintenance, modernization, and engineering services. Through these services, the company ensures that its clients’ facilities are up to date, efficient, and safe to both the environment and the people working on them. It mainly deals with processing centers in offshore installations, platforms, prefabrication and assembly, and commissioning of service lines and equipment.

Additionally, Cotemar provides its clients with a broad range of specialized and marine support boats. These ships are designed to serve the various offshore needs of oil companies such as transportation of personnel, food, and light materials. The company has tow ships and barges to help client transport large structures. Cotemar has specialized fire-fighting vessels that are operated by specially trained crew. Oil factories have a high risk of fire incidences.

In the open seas, workers in oil facilities are miles away from any grocery stores or restaurant. This means that there must be a continuous supply of food if the workers have to stay healthy and longer at their workstations. Cotemar provides food and lodgings on all its platforms and the boats that it operates. In addition, the corporation provides additional food and accommodation. These services do not only include food preparation and comfortable living quarters, but also washing clothes, ironing, and cleaning of common areas. The company only hires the best chefs and dedicated cleaners to ensure that its services are the best in the industry.

Cotemar partners with other professional companies such as Dynamic Positioning Systems to boost the quality of its services. For instance, this particular partnership ensures that the firm can handle platform inspection and rehabilitate process lines on the sea-bottom. This operation is highly risky. This way, they use ships fitted with specialized diving equipment.

Locating Superior Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted living facilities can be found in many places across the country. Those who are looking to retire or looking to help a loved one pick out the right space for their retirement needs will have many places to choose from. Picking out the right kind of assisted living facility will take careful investigation and consideration of multiple facts. Any given person needs to think about factors such as their medical needs, the amount of space they want to have in their retirement years and the kind of amenities that are right for their needs. In doing so, many people are pleased to find that they can pick the right kind of assisted living facility for their needs or the needs of their loved one.


The Manse On Marsh


A facility such as the Manse on Marsh has much to offer residents. Those who are looking for a facility that lets them choose from various kinds of living arrangements will also find it here. All living arrangements should be thought about. Someone may be retiring with a spouse. In that case, a larger residence such as those offered at the Manse on Marsh can be quite ideal. Another person may be a single person and may not need as much space. They can also find what they need her as well, enabling them to have a private space that allows them to relax while still being part of the community.


The Importance Of Location


Another factor that many people who are retiring will want to take in account when they are going to retire is the location of the facility. The Manse on Marsh is located in California, an area where people are able to find easy access to amenities such as the beaches of the Pacific Ocean and the many public parks in the region. It is also easy in such a location to get access to several nearby cities. This can be a prime consideration for those who wish to remain part of urban life and want to spend time in larger city with lots of cultural attractions. But don’t believe the hype, check out Yelp reviews, or see what the Facebook reviewers are saying.

Securus Video Visitation App helps Inmates and their Families to Stay Connected

Secures Visitation App is designed exclusively for inmates. This technology is implemented within many correctional facilities all throughout the country. The Visitation App allows inmates and their loved ones to keep in touch during their incarceration. The technology utilizes a terminal and a mobile phone to send and receive video images.


Securus came up with the Visitation App back in 2011. The app works by allowing an inmate to use a video terminal that is located within a prison facility. The terminal sends out video images to a person’s smartphone that has the app installed. This technology was created by Securus to help families to stay together through an inmate’s time behind bars.


Once a loved one downloads this app, they can then use it to keep in touch with a jailed family member. An individual can simply make a call instead of traveling out to a facility. This is a great alternative for family and visitations because it helps poorer families who are dealing with transportation issues to stay in touch with inmates. I know this is a really good idea.


The app’s developers at Securus also wants to reduce the recidivism rate for inmates. They know that one of the best ways to do this is by keeping inmates in touch with their family members.


Inmates that have consistent access to their families will usually conduct themselves in a good manner while behind bars. I can’t deny that this is an excellent idea. Also, they will less likely to return back to prison once they are out.


Securus Visitation App is available at Google Play and iStore. You can download the app for free and once they are approved they can then contact the facility where a loved one is being held. I personally recommend this app for anyone that has a loved one behind bars. Video visitation technology is changing the way that inmates and their families stay connected while they are serving out their time.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Michael Zomber Has Long Had A Passion For Collecting


Michael Zomber has appeared on TV a few times to discuss his passions as well as some of the deep history he has knowledge of. He is an accomplished author today, and has published several of his own novels, including Son of Kentucky and Shogun Iemitsu, one of his newest works. This shows his obvious interest in the era of samurais as well as his passion for history as a whole and the importance of things that happened in the past.

Michael Zomber also has a strong passion for collecting antique weapons and armors. He owns a huge collection of guns and different weaponry that come from all different time periods throughout history that he has been collecting for decades. He is always ready to show off his collection and share his interest with those that want to know more. With all of his years studying the history and antiques, he has become an authority on much of his collection and other works.

He has also written a number of novels, particularly based on Samurai and the Japanese era. He even owns his own studio that produces small films. It is through his gift of storytelling that he is able to connect with people and share his love of history. He has been on the history channel to discuss some of his collection and the many historic books he has written, and today he is recognized as an expert in the field on an international scale.

The film company Michael Zomber has started up with his wife, as per to Facebook, is known as Renascent Films. Even though much of his work is on the history of old wars and battles, Michael Zomber is anti-war, and his film studio is dedicated to advocating for peace.
Michael has no plans of stopping his collecting habits nor will he leave his love of history or the samurai culture. Everyone can look forward to the new stuff he puts out in the future as well as the unique and rare antique items from history that he can find.  Find Michael’s books for yourself on Barnes & Noble.


Toys For Boys Founder Danilo Diaz Granados Curates An Amazing Event For His Clients


What more could a man in Miami, Florida want than a day spent with their contemporaries exploring the best in cuisine, transport, accommodation, and artworks? The Toys For Boys brand has been one of the top luxury lifestyle options for Latino men in Miami since it was founded by Danilo Diaz Granados in 2013, with July 2016 seeing the latest luxury day provided for the affluent customers of the brand spending an amazing day exploring the best Florida has to offer in luxury.

Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum was the site of the initial meeting between the men and Danilo Diaz Granados, who enjoyed a gourmet breakfast in the sales center of the building before taking a tour of the luxury accommodation offered in the building; this was just the first step on a day the men will never forget, which continued with a helicopter ride taking the group to the world renowned Palm Beach Race Track where each man was given the chance to race a luxury vehicle around the track.

Danilo Diaz Granados and his hand selected group of men then returned to Miami by helicopter where they enjoyed a Dom Perignon champagne reception and a sunset river cruise from Miami’s River Yacht Club. Each and every step of this luxurious day was spent enjoying every aspect of the luxury lifestyle options available to these men that were organized by Danilo Diaz Granados and his team at Toys For Boys.

The understanding of luxury and affluence is something Danilo Diaz Granados has spent his career looking to source the highest quality investments available to all Miami and beyond. Granados has embarked upon a new position with FCP Investments in recent months as he looks to source the best investments for all to enjoy using the skills he developed at Babson College, according to LinkedIn.


Going From Law to The World of Business

Sam Tabar is a finance expert who has built his career helping people and companies get to the next level. Over the course of his career, he has done a great job of learning the intricate world of finance from the ground up. There are few people who have his knowledge base in so many areas. If you want to start taking your talents to the next level in this area, it is important that you understand how to do so. There are a lot of people looking to the future with unease about the overall economic scene. Instead of worrying about the future, it is important that you start to think with a long term mindset. Sam Tabar knows how to prepare for a variety of economic events, and you should as well.

Working in the world of finance is never easy. There are a lot of people who are looking towards the future and are starting to wonder aloud about whether they will be able to save and invest for retirement. If you are someone who is looking for extra help in this area, Sam Tabar is a great resource. He has done a great job over the years of helping other people in their journey to get better financially. There are many people who go to him for help and advice. Although the advice that he gives is not difficult to follow, it can be hard for some people who are not used to saving and investing. Cutting down your lifestyle is often the best way to invest for your future.

Final Thoughts

Sam Tabar is one of the most well-known people in the world of finance today. He is working in a variety of areas, and he enjoys helping other people in this area of business. There are a lot of people who are looking for additional help in this area of their life. Finance is not a hard area to succeed in if you are willing to make sacrifices to get there. He knows how to take the next step, and he can help you get there as well.

Kyle Bass Will Speak At This Year’s New Establishment Summit

The New Establishment Summit is known in many countries for its ability to bring together industry leaders from a multitude of economic strongholds. This year’s Summit will be held in San Francisco on October 19th and 20th. It will feature speakers from some of the most vetted organizations on the planet. The CEO of will be there, as will the Vice President of Apple. But perhaps the most interesting speaker at this year’s event is Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager based out of Austin Texas.

Kyle Bass is a billionaire. He is originally from Argentina, though he manages Hayman Capital Management in America. Bass jumped onto the international financial stage in 2008 when he successfully short-sold against America’s sub-prime mortgage industry and made a fortune as September’s collapse came. This landslide victory isn’t all that remarkable when one considers that Bass used to work for Bear-Stearns, one of the top five investment banks on Wall Street prior the collapse. After Kyle Bass ceased to work for this bank, a tip came across the airwaves pertaining to them which ended up gutting their stock and forcing J.P. Morgan-Chase to buy them out by the end of the week. Kyle Bass had intimate knowledge of banking practices which led to the collapse in 2008, and in a way pushed over one of the initiating dominoes that resulted in eventual implosion.

Kyle Bass also runs CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This is a front organization whose aim it is to manipulate pharmaceutical stock such that Bass can short-sell his holdings. Meanwhile, the companies who lose out because of it must cut R&D funding to escape bankruptcy, meaning the sick people who CAD ostensibly helps are left to stagnate medically. Meanwhile, Kyle Bass’ personal wealth increases.

The last thing that is very disturbing about Bass is his relationship to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. By all accounts, the woman is a socialist despot. Worse, she’s bad with money. De Kirchner has led Argentina into two separate defaults. It only took her thirteen years to do as much, which is historically bad leadership. Yet Bass never criticizes her. Taken in conjunction with his past dealings, these items are making many uneasy about the New Establishment’s ideas of ethics, given their selection of Bass as a speaker.

Making A Million Dollars May Be More Simple Than You Expect, Says Jim Hunt Of VTA Publications

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications recently made a very interesting claim that could yield some exceptional results. Jim wants to make a million dollars for his mother with a starting investment of only $1,000. His idea is to invest in a way that will continuously compound the investment. Over time, ten such investments will exponentially increase that money into over $1,000,000. It’s easy to see how. $1,000 doubled is $2,000, which becomes $4,000, which is soon $8,000, $16,000, $32,000, $64,000, $128,000, $256,000, $512,000, and finally $1,024,000. The key is choosing the right investments. This involves careful study of the market, and that can require some real expertise–some real learning.

To that effect, an established enterprise Jim Hunt regularly uses to help provide solutions is VTA Publications. This organization is expert at the provision of learning material for long distance students looking to better themselves in non-fiction realms of finance and economics. The courses provided are informed by entrepreneurial pioneers like Jim Hunt who understand the financial world inside and out, and are able to bring that knowledge to the mainstream such that everyone can share in the bounty. In addition to coursework and the provision of a veritable lexicon containing financial secrets designed for riches, VTA also functions as a booker. High-profile speakers can be brought in for seminars and conventions; and those who are booked are the type that definitely understand how to make money grow, and have done so in their own lives. Guys like Mr. Hunt, who is going to be using to show the world how easy it is to make a little money go a long way.

Investment strategy is difficult, but there is a real learning curve which can be grasped and profited from. The only thing required is time, patience, and the willingness to take a chance. But with Mr. Hunt’s proprietary method, that chance is much less risky than it may have been before VTA came around to reveal such information in 2012. Today is an exciting time for investors around the globe. Between the internet and PayPal, the next billionaire broker could start out in a camper trailer.  Read more about Mr. Hunt, and how he can make you a millionaire, on CrunchBase.

A Crystalline Encounter in Film

Crystal Hunt, a Chinese martial arts film produced and developed in 1991, stars sensational action performer Donnie Yen and is a riveting action thriller set in a world of crime and danger. Yen takes on the role of the skilled protagonist and battles a slew of criminally minded individuals in order to save the day and win some hearts in the process. The film a standard one hour and twenty eight minutes and length and features the classic martial arts moves that Chinese cinema has been popular for.

Crystal Hunt, unlike other Chinese martial arts films, follows a well built and interesting story, which leads Yen on an adventure of thrilling stunts and remarkable camera work. Crystal Hunt was obviously created with the action enthusiast in mind and includes a number of mind-blowing action segments which Donnie Yen successfully performs without any apparent flaws. The camera work and lighting in Crystal Hunt is high quality and more professional then other Chinese produced, making it an excellent choice for late night movie goers who want to spend some time sitting on their couch at home and enjoying a relaxing popcorn flick.

The film should not be mistaken for famed actress Crystal Hunt, who is a golden star actress mainly known for her work on television on One Life to Live. Hunt’s career has taken her to many different avenues in the entertainment industry such as of course her work on television but also through beauty pageantry when she was a child and supporting roles in major Hollywood productions such as the recent Magic Mike XXL, or her famed turn as Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live.

Overall, Crystal Hunt is an inspiring martial arts classic which hails from a period of time when martial arts films were dominating the film industry. While the movie does include many stunts that are similar within other films of the genre it does star a young Donnie Yen and is definitely worth a viewing if you have the time.