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Angela Koch’s Inspirational Rise to CEO of U.S. Money Reserve

From a mother and college dropout to CEO of U.S. Reserve, Angela Koch’s rise is inspirational. More people need to know about her journey, and Forbes gave Koch a platform to speak her truth.

She doesn’t hold back. Her employee-first mentality, the three lessons that guide her through life, and odd end jobs prepared her for this role. She is the first female CEO in the precious metals industry, and she shows Forbes she can hang with the competition by doing things her way.

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Her child and ex-husband’s career persuaded Koch to pitch in. She grabbed whatever job she could find, sometimes working two or three jobs at once.

Types of jobs Koch took include a Jewish foundation, pharmacies, electrical companies, and a process control company. At every job, Koch wanted to learn how the company operated from top to bottom.

By learning how each company functioned, Koch developed a knack for learning and processing data. She could take data, translate it, and send the translation through customer service. The experience built through her previous jobs was very useful at U.S. Money Reserve. Koch started at the bottom.

She used her data processing skills to translate data at U.S. Money Reserve and sent the information through customer service and the company. This led her to career advancement, eventually landing the CEO spot.

What was Koch’s motivation? Three essential tips keep her in line. First, she knows her strengths and owns her weaknesses. She never tries to be someone she isn’t. Second, Koch cares about balance, so she views life as a basket, making sure it remains balanced. Last, she never looks back on her decision after saying it because it makes her look bad.

What decision did she make? Koch doesn’t like the ‘selling machine’ approach to sales. She feels the money is coming in regardless, so she chose to nurture employees and customers. First, she expects her employees to learn about the products, learn about the data, and learn about the customer’s needs.

Koch expects them to take this information and take risks to drive the business forward without her supervision, and she’s proud of it. By placing employees first, retention rate increases along with more opportunities for career advancement. In turn, it makes the company grow.

The U.S. Money Reserve cannot thank Forbes enough for highlighting our CEO Angela Koch. If readers don’t know by now, the U.S. Money Reserve is the largest private establishment that caters to gold, silver, and platinum legal tender products.

All products are government minted and government issued and made with pure metal. In case readers are indecisive, guru staff hand-selected by Phillip K. Diehl can assist in every step of the process.

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Customers can gain insight by talking to coin researchers, numismatics, and compliance. For more general questions, customers communicate to account executives, inventory, shipping, and online ordering reps. Over 500,000 satisfied customers appreciate the U.S. Money Reserve for adding diversity to their financial portfolio. The customers make us proud to say the phrase “America’s Gold Authority.”

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Kevin Plank

Earlier this year, President Donald Trump launched verbal attacks against the city of Baltimore. He denigrated the city, especially Rep. Elijah E. Cummings’ district, as being a “rodent infested mess.” This attack did not sit well with many- including Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank.

Apparel and footwear brand Under Armour is headquartered in Baltimore. Kevin Plank started the company, ran it from his grandmother’s basement, and built it up into the multi-billion-dollar brand that it is today. The city has been the base for Under Armour for 21 years, and it is where Kevin Plank grew to billionaire status.

Just as the city has been good to Under Armour, the company has been good to the city. Under Armour is responsible for providing nearly 1,900 jobs in Baltimore, which makes the company one of the city’s largest employers.

When the President launched the attack via Twitter, Kevin Plank joined others in condemning the attacks. However, he did so without mentioning Trump. Instead, he shared a video on Instagram that highlighted everyday life in the city.

The narration of the video encourages viewers to rise up together. It calls for unity, and it ends with the message, “Imagine what happens when we decide we will do more for Baltimore.” The hashtag link included with the video is for the company’s #WeWill campaign, which promotes the idea that sports can change the world in positive ways.

The attack on Baltimore is not the first time that Kevin Plank has stood up against Trump. After the President failed to condemn white supremacists in the wake of violent protests in Charlottesville, VA during which Heather Heyer was murdered in a deliberate car attack by a neo-Nazi, the Under Armour CEO was one of three businessmen who left the White House’s Manufacturing Jobs Initiative in protest.

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Repetition Is Vital To Success: Darien Dash

Throughout the entertainment, media, marketing, and technology industries, Darien Dash is a known name. He was Born in New York; and is greatly inspired by his step-father Cecil Homes. Growing up, Darien Dash mentions that seeing his step-dad play a major part at a record company gave him inspiration. Seeing this sparked the entrepreneurial side of him at an early age.

According to Crunchbase, Darien would excel in his studies as a youth and eventually attend college in Southern California. During his freshmen year at the university, he would create a record company with his cousin. In less than a year of it’s inception, the company would reach a six-figure income. Darien Dash now spends most of his time assisting clients through his company, The Movement Management Firm. The goal of this company is to aid clients with marketing strategies and financial guidance. TMMF serves clients in various industries such as cannabis, entertainment, sports, and marketing.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Darien Dash says that repetition has played a huge part in his success. What he means by this is repeating successful formulas from the past has helped him in the present. Dash strongly believes in repeating what works; and eliminating what does not. If there was any advice that Darien would give to his younger self, it would be “trees don’t grow in the sky.” This is his way of reminding himself to stay grounded at all times. In a recent interview, he states that it can be easy to lose grasp of things when you’re at the height of success; but this is also the most important time to remain grounded. He adds to that, celebrating your successes is important, but keeping the hunger and passion is just as important.

The CEO strongly advises business owners to pay close attention to their finances; and audit consistently. He states that although this should be done monthly, most companies neglect this important business rule. In addition to this, Darien clarifies that both business and personal income statements be checked often. When receiving large amounts of capital, it’s easy to be comfortable; and that’s when things can get out of control.

Randal Nardone and The Ecstatic Achievement of Being Part of Forbes’ Billionaire’s List

It’s not a farfetched idea to say that entrepreneurs are dreamers. Those who indulge in risky investment transactions with large but uncertain payoffs dream of a better product, a better home, a better way of doing things. They are the dreamers that the world needs, and it is because of them that we enjoy the most wonderful products today. One of these fascinating successful business leaders who dream big today is Randal Nardone, the Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, which is considered as one of the biggest asset managers in the business world, mostly specializing in alternative properties.

The Forbes List of Billionaires

You are no billionaire if you’ve probably not been part of Forbes’ Billionaire’s List. Which is why Randal Nardone is an official billionaire now, right after being part of the Forbes List, which he holds in 2007 in Rank No. 557. The position is an overwhelming achievement for Mr. Nardone, considering the way that he was able to acquire such level of success. It may also have helped that he only got his formal education at University of Connecticut, with a Bachelor of Arts, as well as a Doctor of Jurisprudence at Boston University.

With such talent in finance and legal background, Randal Nardone has become a man that gave his professional career a boost by becoming an executive at ThacherProffitt and Wood, and also stints at BlackRock Financial, but it was really when he co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 that he hit the jackpot. It was during his investment ways for such project that he was able to get the level of success that he enjoys today. With other billionaire partners like Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz, he is able to make sure that Fortress Investment Group stays relevant enough that he could maintain his ranking still at the Billionaire’s list.

The Career at Fortress Investment

Randal Nardone is right now acting as the Interim CEO , and his amazing work with such position involves acting out as the company’s CEO, and engaging with all the activities that are given as responsibilities for such an executive. Being the co-founder and principal of the company also means that he is responsible in making sure that the company sustains its reputation of a large investment company operating with ethical standards.

James Dondero and Solicitude


James Dondero isn’t the type of person who ever lets little obstacles negatively impact the way that he feels. He’s been a consummate professional who has been 100 percent devoted to flourishing in his career since day one. Jim Dondero was a pupil at the University of Virginia with all of the ambition and drive in the world.

Signing up for classes at the school was something that meant everything to him. He graduated from the East Coast college with a true thirst to make the best out of his career. That tenacity worked out wonderfully for him as well. Recruiters realized that Jim Dondero wasn’t a joke. Read This Article to learn more.

They realized that he was someone who was poised for pure achievement. He managed to get rare jobs with companies that had major presences in the United States. He snagged a job with American Express. He snagged a job with JP Morgan. Financial savvy isn’t something that’s at all foreign to him. Find More Information Here.

James Dondero has long had an entrepreneurial spirit. That explains why he and Mark Okada made a huge move in the nineties. They set up Highland Capital Management. The company’s operations started in Los Angeles, a sizable Southern California metropolis. The pair did the firm a favor by relocating it all the way to Dallas, Texas not long after its launching, however. They were a couple of investment banking aficionados who had major objectives in mind.

Jim Dondero resides and works in Dallas as of now. Heading things for Highland Capital Management isn’t ever simple. It can often even be pretty demanding. That doesn’t dissuade him as far as his community efforts go. He puts a lot of care into local non-profits. He likes to give groups that have tangible causes substantial donations. James Dondero has never ever been someone who behaves greedily.


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Tim Ioannides Supports a New Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in modern times, but for a while, most treatments only consisted of invasive surgeries or unpleasant chemotherapy. However, some new research has shown that vaccinations might be a surprisingly effective way of dealing with skin cancer. According to Dr. Tim Ionnaides, renowned medical dermatologist, a fascinating case involving a 100 year old woman with squamous cell skin tumors shows how vaccines can treat skin cancer.

Dr. Anna Nichols, dermatologist and skin cancer specialist, got the patient’s permission to try using HPV vaccinations. The HPV vaccine is a type of vaccination that has previously been used to prevent cervical cancer. There has recently been a large number of HPV vaccine patients reporting that their preexisting skin cancers were reduced after using the vaccine to prevent HPV. Since the vaccine does not have side effects, the elderly patient agreed to try it.

Tim Ioannides started with a few experimental injections of the vaccine, and her doctors were pleased to report the skin tumor was shrinking. After six injections spread over the course of a year, the tumors had vanished altogether. Dr. Ionnaides explains that the vaccine seems to be effective because the human papilloma virus affects the body’s production of skin cells and causes overgrowth of these cells.

Doctors theorize that the vaccine’s ability to inhibit skin cell overgrowth may also be affecting the mechanism that causes skin cancer to develop. The exact way that the vaccine is curing skin cancer is not fully understood yet, but doctors hope to do more in depth research and treatment trials. They hope that they may one day use this valuable information to cure cancer.

Tim Ioannides’s: Youtube.

Maarten De Jeu Has Profound Advice On Areas That Are Important To Those Working In The Corporate Development Field:

Maarten de Jeu knows a great many things about the field of corporate development and the respected business advisor, and founder of SVM Business Advisory, recently spoke candidly about some of his suggestions for those who work in the corporate development field. The work that Maarten de Jeu has done in this field is extensive and he has an elite list of clients that he has worked with over the years. Beyond leading his SVM Business Advisory since its 2012 creation, he has also done important corporate development work with well-known operations such as TVDK Management Consultants and the respected Aviva firm. The work that Maarten did with these firms served to further add to his impressive wealth of knowledge in international business as well as providing him with further points of professional experience. He now continues to pass his knowledge on to his clients through his SVM Business Advisory. With SVM, Maarten de Jeu serves some of the world’s business leaders and helps them in areas such as corporate development. In terms of his tips that he has for those working in the corporate development field, Maarten has three key points. 


Innovation sits at the top of the list provided by Maarten de Jeu in terms of tips for those working in corporate development. He points out the fact that every industry out there has an inherent need for innovative thinking and innovation in general. Innovating in the area of corporate development is a great way to consider new models for doing business and thinking outside of the box on how a business can be grown. A big part of innovation within the scope of corporate development should include the ability to acquire firms that can bring new things into a business model. Learn more: 


Another point that Maarten de Jeu emphasizes is the importance of building strong relationships as a component of corporate development. Building relationships is such an important part of the business world in general and doing so in the area of corporate development is no exception. Successful professionals within the sphere of corporate development can demonstrate strong confidence but they are also able to inspire other individuals as well.


Staying on top of the game and remaining current at all times is a third point that is made by Maarten de Jeu in terms of the field of corporate development. It is necessary to succeed in any corporate endeavor to stay well aware of all recent trends in your industry as well as having a strong reputation of where your business’s competitors are currently.


Following these sound principles is a recipe for success that has been utilized by Maarten de Jeu over his career. He highly recommends these concepts for others that are working toward high levels of achievement in the field of corporate development.

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Highland Capital Management Mark Okada Is Leaving Role


It wasn’t exactly shocking news to learn from Highland Capital Management that their co-founder Mark Okada was stepping down from his role as the co-founder of the firm. He had been telegraphing that exact move for some time. That being said, it was still with sadness that some took the news.

Mark Okada had teamed up with James Dondero back in 1993 to start to form the Highland Capital Management firm. The two believed and still believe that with their knowledge of alternative credit markets that they could create something that investors could latch on to. The pair was right in that assumption as they were able to build up something that today is very powerful and influential.

James Dondero commented on the departure of his co-founder and friend Mark Okada from Highland Capital Management. He said that he applauded the efforts of Okada to help him build out this firm. He pointed to the fact that Highland Capital has been able to weather various economic storms over the years and still always came out ahead. That is not something that every firm can say. Dondero says that this would not have been possible without the help of Okada.

Highland provides a number of industry leading benefits to promote employee success and wellbeing, and has been recognized by Pensions & Investments as one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management”.

The team has been working hard to make sure that everyone is up to speed on the responsibilities that Okada usually handles by himself. They wanted to ensure that senior officials could take over where Okada left off as he was headed out the door so that there would be as little disruption as possible during this time. Go Here for more information.

Highland Capital Management has definitely benefited from having such an intelligent and thoughtful individual at the helm all these years, but they also are happy that he has found other passions that he wants to explore. They are interested in seeing where this next leg in his life journey will take him. We will all wait with anticipation to see how it goes. Visit This Page for additional information.


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The Rare Days Off of Jose Auriemo Neto of JHSF

Jose Auriemo Neto, the CEO and chairman of the Brazilian real estate developer JHSF, has led his company to expand not only throughout Brazil but also into Uruguay and the U.S. He first made it big for JHSF in the mid to late 2000s by taking it into the luxury retail sector. Their first luxury mall project was the massive luxury mall complex, Parque Cidade Jardim. The resulting largest construction project in the history of the company included the full relocation of 70 families and the construction of a cable-stayed bridge over a nearby river.

Today it contains not only 180 stores, but also residential buildings, commercial buildings, and academies. The stores boast such top international brands as Hermes, Pucci, Valentino, Red Valentino, and Jimmy Choo. It ended up being such a huge success that since that time luxury shopping complexes have been built in every major Brazilian city. Jose and his wife Mariana have two children. In his rare days off, he likes to spend time with his family and to golf.

Jose is the son of Fabio Auriemo the co-founder and former CEO of JHSF. Jose officially began working for JHSF in 1993. In 1997 he founded JHSF’s child company Parkbem, a small chain of parking lots. The following year he successfully secured the rights for JHSF to build its first retail store which would be called Shopping Santa Cruz. It was around the same time that they began the Cidade Jardim project that Fabio retired with Jose assuming the top position. Jose says that most weeks he will work all seven days from about 7 a.m. until about 9 a.m.

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U.S. Money Reserve Is Thriving With Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service

U.S. Money Reserve, Inc. wants consumers to buy with confidence when they make a gold purchase. Hundreds of thousands of customers have already placed one or more orders with the Reserve over the last 10 years.

With its award-winning marketing in place, the company reaches many new and repeat shoppers across the country every day.

When they call in, these customers can expect to receive an exceptional level of service. Angela Koch, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, goes to great lengths to reach this goal. She ensures that the customer experience is positive and informative every time the phone rings.

The company is a national online retail source for precious metal coins. The U.S. government minted coins are available in gold, platinum or silver.

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There are individual coins, coin sets and limited edition sets. U.S. Money Reserve offers a gold buying kit for new customers who want to learn more about buying precious metals.

The kit is free for the asking on the firm’s website. Customers who call in will be greeted by a knowledgeable, friendly representative. Training is extremely important to Angela Koch. Employees at U.S. Money Reserve receive extensive industry training, so that they are fully prepared to assist their customers.

Angela Koch believes that investing the necessary time and money for the purpose of training will more than pay for itself in ROI. It is her goal that the staff learn and understand the importance of building a relationship with a customer. They accomplish this in a number of ways that help to put the caller at ease.

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They learn the art of conversational skills such as asking questions to better get to know their potential customers in a highly professional manner. They are earning the trust of the customers, and ultimately the customer is getting closer to making an educated decision.

Angela Koch is the first female CEO in this industry, and she has brought her own leadership style to the organization. She did not finish college and came into the workforce after marrying and having a child. It was her determination and a great deal of on-the-job training that forged her ahead in her career.

Angela Koch took a series of jobs that taught her what it takes to build business and drive sales, and she is applying her proven theory each day at U.S. Money Reserve. She oversees all facets of the firm’s operations.

The organization is one of the largest distributors in the retail precious metal market. The corporate headquarters of U.S. Money Reserve is in Austin, Texas.

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